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World Wildlife Day Essay Speech Quotes Status Story History & Celebration Date

World Wildlife Day Essay Speech Quotes Status Story History & Celebration Date

World Wildlife Day Essay

Definition/ Introduction

World Wildlife Day is a holiday established by the United Nations. The holiday is a day to honor the various forms of wildlife that populate the world and the importance of conserving the many animals and species that live around the planet. This is held on March 3 every year.

Important Points About Our Wildlife

Number of Endangered SpeciesThere are close to about 40,000 different species in our wildlife that are endangered and are at risk of extinction.
The Threat of ExploitationExploitation refers to cases where animals are hunted down and plants are trimmed as a means of gathering resources.
The Risk of Habitat DegradationHabitat degradation often entails problems where the air quality and water in an area changes, thus causing animals to have to move elsewhere to potentially dangerous spots.
Is Climate Change a Threat?Climate change may be a real concern given that many habitats change as a result of hunting and other risky activities.

Origin Of World Wildlife Day

The United Nations created World Wildlife Day to celebrate the diverse and beautiful forms of wildlife that can be found around the entire world. It was also established to raise awareness of many concerns that harm the wildlife including illegal foresting and harmful forms of animal trade.

History Behind World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is a relatively new holiday as it was first held in 2014. It was established under a proclamation by the United Nations General Assembly. The holiday was created to support the need to improve the state of the planet’s wildlife. This includes working to improve how wildlife around different parts of the world is supported and treated.

The event is focused on educating people around the world about the importance of this planet’s wildlife. This also includes a strong emphasis on understanding the contributions that the world’s wildlife has on its ecology, genetics, economy and culture. There is especially a focus on understanding how to protect the wildlife and to keep it from being at risk of substantial harm in the future.

Story for World Wildlife Day

The world’s wildlife is vast with millions of animal species and plant forms all over. The wildlife is especially beautiful for how many of these animal species and other unique lifeforms will interact with each other and rely on one another for their survival. However, the wildlife that permeates the world has been in danger over the years from various criminal actions and from those who are trying to invade various natural lands.

World Wildlife day brings about attention to the need to conserve the world’s wildlife and to protect it from future harm. the holiday focuses on the value of the world’s wildlife and how important it is to society in terms of the many animals and other life forms that are all around. The holiday certainly helps people to get a clear understanding of what makes the world’s wildlife so important.

1.        NameWorld Wildlife Day
2.        OriginUnited Nations
3.        First Celebration Date2014
4.        Celebration TypeInternational
5.        Kind OfSocial issue day
6.        Date TypeFixed
7.        Celebrated annually on March 3

How Is World Wildlife Day Celebrated?

  • World Wildlife Day is celebrated with different meetings around the world. These are held by various national governments to find ways to conserve their wildlife regions.
  • Schools around the world hold various special events where children are taught about the value of wildlife and how it works in society. Children use this holiday to learn about how animals act in the wild and how important they are.
  • People often visit different zoos, nature preserves and wildlife sites around this day. They visit such places to learn about the many animals and other lifeforms found around the world.

New Celebration Ideas

  • Participants can hold special charity drives to help raise funds to support zoo functions. This includes support for zoos that are looking to create safe habitats for their animals.
  • Special tours of parks and preserves with animals may be held. These include events where people can visit up close with animals to learn more about how they live.
  • Support for cracking down on wildlife crimes may also be included. This includes helping people to become aware of problems relating to killing off forests, trading various animal parts and so forth.

Need For the Celebration

  • Our wildlife is important to our ecosystems. Animals need to function by providing the planet with spaces to grow foods and to fertilize different land masses.
  • Our plants are critical for controlling pollution and other environmental threats. These plants are also important for feeding people all around the world.

Impact of Society

  • The holiday helps people to learn about how animals operate in the wild. They will understand what causes different animals to stay healthy and to be functional.
  • People will also become interested in various plants. They will be interested in learning how they function in the wild and how they can be grown in various places.

Response of Society

  • More than a hundred countries celebrate World Wildlife Day on March 3. They often hold educational events, seminars and other special promotional events.
  • These countries have also helped with supporting more local wildlife habitats. They are supporting laws for promoting healthier habitats for our wildlife in many regions around the world.
People learn about various forms of wildlife during World Wildlife Day.Some parts of the world don’t have access to many forms of wildlife.
People will discover the economic value of animals and other forms of wildlife.Some assume that the economic values of animals come from how they are used for foods that people can consume.
The concept of protecting the wildlife is an international one that all can agree upon.Whether people in all countries want to support environmental protection activities is unclear.
Children will learn that animals are more than just cute or interesting-looking species.Some people may feel that not all animals are created equal.
Crimes against wildlife like burning down forests or poaching animals for various resources are cracked down upon.In some cultures, such activities like poaching are the only things people can do to make money.
Wildlife refuges are becoming popular destinations for people to visit.Some animals could be stressed through activities at these wildlife refuges.
Participants in this holiday will discover more things about animals than they knew in the past.Not all people are motivated to see what makes different animals unique from others.
People will especially learn about how to keep the environment safe for the wildlife to grow.Not all forms of wildlife can benefit from some protective measures.


The efforts of World Wildlife Day are important to helping people understand what makes different forms of wildlife so important. By promoting World Wildlife Day, the UN is doing its part to allow people to understand more about the environment, how animals thrive in it and what people can go in general to protect the planet. This is important as the wildlife that permeates the world is more important than what many like to believe.


Speech On World Wildlife Day

We often don’t think about our wildlife when it comes to understanding what we can do to protect our planet. However, our wildlife is more important to us all than what we like to believe it is.

Our planet is being impacted by a variety of different threats from many forms. Pollution is impacting the wildlife to where it is being driven out of its protected areas. It is forcing our wildlife to move into regions that it is not familiar with.

Criminal activities like trimming down forests or poaching animals have especially become concerning. In particular, such activities as these are causing the wildlife population to dwindle while difficult and dangerous habits are being promoted.

More importantly, our way of life could be harmed if we don’t protect our wildlife. Our wildlife is necessary for providing the air with clean oxygen, allowing us to grow more things from the ground and to get enough food from all kinds of sources. By preserving our wildlife, we will be protecting ourselves and keeping us from being at a significant risk of harm based on many outside threats that might become dangerous over time.

We need to work hard to protect our planet and to keep it safe for all generations. It is our united goal to ensure that the planet is safe from harm and that we all understand what we can do to improve how well the planet responds to various crises. As we become more aware of the planet around us and what it has to offer, we will eventually begin to be supportive of it and therefore capable of offering enough help to the planet when it needs that help the most.


Quotes & Status On World Wildlife Day


While animals can easily survive in the world, it is up to the rest of us to help those animals to survive in general.


Wildlife can do more to teach us about the world around us and what makes it special when compared with anything else.


The existence of our wildlife is important to the survival of not only animals and plants but to the people who rely on them.


We must learn to conserve our wildlife if we are to stay protected and safe without any substantial forms of harm.


The greatest part of nature is that it is a point about the world that will always look great and unique.


Our wildlife should not be shot with guns. It should be shot with cameras to take in the beauty of the world.


It is up to people to speak up for our wildlife as it is an entity that cannot speak for itself.



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