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World Vegan Day (WVD) Essay Quotes Status Speech

World Vegan Day (WVD) Essay Quotes Status Speech Story History Date Celebration Ideas

World Vegan Day (WVD) Essay


World Vegan Day (WVD) is celebrated around the globe on 1st of November by people who’re classified as “strict veterinarians.” On this day those people join their efforts to spread the word about animal rights and promote the benefits of a vegan diet. Let’s learn more about what happens on this day and how it came into being.

World Vegan Day (WVD) Essay

Origin Of  World Vegan Day (WVD)

The roots of this day go back to The Vegan Society of UK, which is world’s oldest society of vegans. It was the golden jubilee of this society that later became known as World Vegan Day.

World Vegan Day’s History 

WVD’s history began in 1944 when Mr. Dorothy Watson founded The Vegan Society with some fellow strict vegiterians. Together these people started the very first major movement towards animal rights and also found a new word to represent themselves in the process. Watson suggested that rather than a lengthy phrase like “non-dairy vegetarians” they needed a more concise term to define themselves. They settled down on “vegan”, and that way the society became known as The Vegan Society.

Since its foundation this society has achieved many big things in Britain, some of which are given in the table below:

Number of vegans present in Britain (in 2016)542,000
Number of Britons who consume  meat-free food products4/10 (38%)
Number of Britons who consume free-from food products2/10 (20%)
Value of UK’s meat-free food market (in 2014)£657 million
Percentage of vegetarian food products in UK market (in 2013)12%

Story behind World Vegan Day (WVD)

In 1994 when it was time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Vegan Society, its President and Chairman Mr. Louise Wallis decided to celebrate it by establishing an international day around the topic. Since he didn’t remember the exact date of society’s founding in November of 1944, he decided to celebrate it on 1st of November as it coincided with Halloween and Day of the Dead, the times of celebration around the globe.

NameWorld Vegan Day
OriginThe Vegan Society, UK
First Celebration DateNovember 1, 1994
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind ofSocial Issue
Date TypeFix
World Vegan Day Celebration DateNovember 1, 2016
November 1, 2017
November 1, 2018
November 1, 2019
November 1, 2020

How it is celebrated?

  • Many animal rights advocates plant memorial trees or post some memorial posters outside to raise awareness about animal rights and educate people about the benefits of vegan diet.
  • Some of them also hold potluck events and other such events on the day. This is especially seen by the societies working in this field – they organize exhibitions, cooking shows, fashion shows and much more on the day around this topic.

New Celebration Ideas

  • Ditch your dairy products for one day. While it can be a tough thing to become strict vegetarian (or vegan) for your life, ditching it for one day shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Discuss about vegetarian diet among your non-vegetarian friends and make them aware of its benefits. If you can get even a few people on-board to become vegetarians, it can be the best way to celebrate WVD.

Purpose of Celebration

There’re a large number of benefits that come with a vegan diet and lifestyle. WVD aims to promote those benefits among people so they can enjoy them and animals can also enjoy a longer life span free from exploitation.

Impact on society of World vegan Day

WVD increases the affection of our societies towards animals. It reminds people about the tremendous exploitation that animals are exposed to for feeding our needs. This fosters among people a sense of sympathy towards animals.

Response of Society

If seen from the perspective of diet, there’re two major groups of the societies: Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians. There’re further divisions under this groups like vegans who don’t even consume dairy products and other vegetarians who’re not that strict and consume dairy products, but in general two major groups of people emerge when seen from diet perspective, which are known as veg and non-veg, respectively.

Now, each of these groups sees the event in a different light. While vegetarians understand and accept the idea of this day readily, non-vegetarians tend to take a critical approach towards it for some reasons that you’ll learn below. However, in last few years as our societies have advanced there has been a shift of mindset among non-vegetarians as well. Now more and more people are adopting a vegetarian lifestyle and as a result they’re accepting the cause behind WVD from an open mind.

Pros and Cons

Promotes well-being of all species on the planetStudies suggest that if animal slaughter is completely stopped, it’ll lead to a boom in the population of animals
Vegan diet, which is promoted by the event, makes weight loss easierExcessive weight loss may backfire, resulting in an unwanted weight gain
Vegans tend to be at reduced risk of serious illness (i.e. Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes etc.)Vegan diet has been known to lack some vital nutrients (i.e. omega 3 fatty acids, folate and Vitamin B-12), which exposes people to other heath issues (i.e. osteoporosis, lack of muscle mass etc.)
Veganism makes environment more sustainable because producing animal protein requires 100 times more water than grain proteinBasing your diet entirely on environment protection can deteriorate your health
Vegan diet helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levelsA strictly vegan diet may sometimes interfere with other medical conditions of your body (i.e. omega 3 fatty acids, primarily found in animal products, are considered good for cholesterol patients)
Rise in the popularity of veganism has resulted in production of a whole lot of vegan food productsRelying completely on vegan diet may cause problems when you need to dine out
Adopting the diet leads to a better overall health, and this has been confirmed by many notable people (i.e. Former US President Mr. Bill Clinton, Hollywood Actress Alicia Silverstone etc.)It’s also a fact that adopting the diet is no surefire way of improving your health, which makes this massive lifestyle change uncalled for at least to a certain level
Protects people from all other side-effects of non-veg diet (need of a strong digestion system, toxicity etc.)Adopting a veg diet requires a lot of consciousness


While Vegan Diet has its own share of problems, none of them are unsolvable. Nutrients not available in vegan products can be obtained with the help of health supplements available in market, which can result in better overall health. Plus, going vegan also makes you a participant in the club of people who’re conscious towards animal rights. After all, they’re also species who deserve a life free of exploitation like humans.


Speech On World Vegan Day (WVD)

Speech On World Vegan Day (WVD)

Statistics say that more than 56 million farmed animals are killed every year for human consumption. And that’s just one part of the story – it doesn’t even include those fishes and other sea creatures who die in so much volume that their bodies are counted in “tonnes” rather than numbers. I don’t think that there can be any other bigger precedent of human’s selfish nature than this one.

But there’s also a slightly less unfortunate part of the story: all humans are not selfish! Just as all fingers of the hand don’t tend to be equal, all humans also don’t tend to be selfish in nature. There’re those who consume animal products and encourage their slaughter in process, and then there’re many others who fight for animal rights through events like World Vegan Day.

If we see from a critical lens, there’s no philosophy that justifies or emphasizes the lives of humans over that of animals. They deserve an exploitation-free life as much as we do. Therefore, there should certainly be a day to promote the rights of those animals. Plus, if consumed with consciousness, vegan diet and lifestyle can provide significant health benefits over a non-veg diet. Though it requires more consciousness than non-veg diet, it pays off well in the long run.

Therefore, we should continue to celebrate this day to promote both animal rights and a healthy human life. In fact, we should make the practices promoted on this day a part of our daily lives. Even if we don’t adopt a strictly vegetarian diet that doesn’t include even dairy products, we should at least stay away from meat, eggs and fashion products that’re made by exploiting animals in some ways. Adopting these measures isn’t too tough and by doing so we can make this planet better to live for everyone, including ourselves.


Quotes & Status On World Vegan Day (WVD)

Quotes & Status On World Vegan Day (WVD)

If you can’t help someone, you should at least not hurt them for your own benefits.


Only when you learn to respect everyone’s life, you learn the value of everyone’s life.


Wild animals don’t kill anyone for sport or enjoyment – it’s done only by men.


Animals are also born with emotions and a family, just like us.


Life is as important to every other creature as it’s to humans. Just as we love to live and are afraid of dying, they’re too.


Humans mess up the world much more than animals ever will.


Animals deserve an exploitation-free life and freedom as much as we do.


Be kind towards animals in reality – real kindness doesn’t seek anything in return.


All creatures fear violence and pain as much as you do. Before you hurt animals next time, put yourself in their shoes.


Men is the only creature that fancies the chance of a next life. All other creatures don’t even bother to think about it.


Each of your spiritual interests can be supported by animal life.


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