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World Tourism Day Slogans Origin History Importance

World Tourism Day Essay Origin History Importance Date Speech Quotes Slogans

World Tourism Day Essay

  1. Introduction of World tourism day
  2. Origin and History of world tourism day
  3. Importance of tourism
  4. Importance of Tourism in economy growth of a country
  5. How tourism day is celebrated?
  6. Impact on society of Tourism Day
  7. Pros & Cons
  8. Conclusion

Introduction of World tourism day

Tours and travelling for some people are just for pleasure, while for many other individuals, it is a huge business industry. Nothing can be more entertaining than taking a break from the regular routine life by travelling to an unknown place, meeting new people and spending some quality time. And this is why the World Tourism Day is celebrated. Every year this day is celebrated on 27th September. And this day has a really special significance internationally.

World Tourism Day Essay Origin History Importance Date Speech Quotes Slogans

Origin & History of world tourism day:

Well, speaking of origin of this day, the idea was formatted in the year 1979. This was formed in the 3rd session of UNWTO General Assembly and it is being celebrated from the year 1980. In the year 2003, the geographic order for hosting was decided and different themes were chosen for bringing focus on this particular issue. The UNWTO general secretary passes a message to the people all around the world for participating in this day.

The World Tourism Day signifies the anniversary of the day on which the statutes of the UNWTO aka the United Nations World Tourism organization was formatted. This has always been an opportunity for reflecting on the importance of tourism to the global well being.

1.        Name  World tourism Day
2.        Origin 3rd Session of UNWTO
3.        First Celebration Date 27th September 1980
4.        Celebration TypeWorld Wide
5.        Kind Of Event
6Celebration Frequency Annual
7Celebration Day Type         Fixed Day

Upcoming Dates of world tourism day



27th September
10201727th September
11201827th September
12201927th September
13202027th September

Importance of tourism

  • Tours and travels make us realize about the beauty and natural wealth that we have in different location of our planets. It makes us aware about the preservation of the natural energy resources for supplying power for vehicles and offices.
  • Tourism marks the sources of foreign exchanges earnings. It offers both opportunities for incomes of public and private sectors. This is one of the most influential types of industries. It also offers employment opportunities. This offers a lot of work opportunities to skilled, semi skilled and unskilled manpower.
  • Tourism helps in publicizing a country, its people and its culture to the world. It helps to introduce a whole new place that was unknown to the world. The skills, tradition, cultural beauty and hospitality are brought forward to the world.

Importance of Tourism in economy growth of a country

  • In the year 2013, a remarkable incident took place. With the help of the tourism, UK tourism industry generated more than $7.58 trillion. And this resulted in innumerable jobs and taxes flowing through the government for the betterment of the countries.
  • Tours and travels have helped in keeping the economy stable through the complete year. This is the reason, tourism has become so important, especially for the developing countries like India and its neighboring countries. It is a major part of their economy now.
  • With the number of tourists increasing every year, we are hoping to stabilize a major aspect of world economy through tourism. New travel destinations are formed that encourages people to visit the natural heritages of their own countries.

How tourism day is celebrated?

  • The World Tourism day has a unique way of celebrating it. This day is celebrated with a particular theme every year. This makes people aware about the tourism industry and how it is important to sustain a lot of people’s lives. For instance the theme of 2011 was the Tourism Liking Cultures and the theme of 2012 was Tourism and Energetic Sustainability.
  • The competitions also include photo competitions. The photos taken by different people, promote tourism, awards are presented, free entries and special discounts are offered to people.
  • One more interesting celebration idea that has come up recently in the world tourism day is the Twitter competition. The UNWTO is also offering invitations for visiting the online energy school which is a UNWTO initiated project.

Impact on society of World Tourism Day

  • The tourism industry has been one of the major components of the progressing world economy. This World Tourism day commemorates the contributions that the industry has made to the developmental goals of United Nations.
  • With the new themes and cultural events organized on this world tourism day, it helps people to merge and fuse with each other as human beings. The communication process is enhanced to a great extent.
  • With the different attractive and new tourist destinations, this industry has become one of the growing entertainment factors of millions of people. And people have become aware about this developing tourism industry because of celebration of World tourism day.

Pros and cons of tourism and tourism day

As we have stated the example of the year 2013, the response for promotion of tourism was immense and this helped in improving the world economy by celebrating World tourism day every year.


Speaking of cons, there are not as such direct negative impacts of the world tourism day, but it can be stated that only focusing on tourism might not be enough for enhancing the world economy.


With the competitions held every year, the new generations are made more aware about the natural wealth of different countries apart from technological advancements.


Tourism industry also enhanced the political and cultural aspect of a society. With the speech competitions for the children, it will be easier to promote nature and save the cultural heritages of different countries.




The essence of world tourism day has been increasing day by day and the economic development has been developing on leaps and bounds. The developed and industrialized countries have produced immense economic employments and benefits in different fields starting from the construction to the agricultural growth. This has now become a major player for international commerce and it is also the simultaneous contributor for economic progression in the developing countries. To help in preventing the cultural and natural heritages of different countries this has been a really important step. And these are important reasons to keep this celebration continued.


Speech On World Tourism Day

Today is the world tourism day that was established 36 years ago by the United Nations. This is a day for reflecting how tourism has helped in harnessing the greater good for each and every country on this planet. The world tourism day not only marks as a great new economic hope for a lot of countries, individuals and organizations, but at the same time, this has helped in the prevention of human beings from trafficking. While, initially a huge number of individuals were not able to see the connection of this day and the role they are playing for protecting the victims of trafficking. But overtime, a lot of companies were able to know how the business is affecting to save human lives.

The tourism industry needs development which includes more tourist destinations. The dynamics of World tourism day are going to turn tourism as a key socio-economic factor and we as human beings can make this possible. The events, the celebrations are the strengths and the immense participation shows how intensely people are looking forward towards the progress of this industry

It is us, who need to find innovative ways to get involved into this business. Tourism prevents nature, fuses culture and evolves a society. Travelling enhances the communications among different countries and removes the boundaries that we have in mind. It refreshes our mind, body and soul. The world tourism day is a movement that is started by us and we need to continue it for maintaining the mutual understanding and safe guarding our natural and cultural heritage. The day is not only just another public holiday; this is a day of observance. And on this day of observance, we promise to offer a better future for our next generation.


Quotes & Slogans On World Tourism Day

“If we are living without travelling, then we are half living, a traveler without wings is similar to a bird without wings”.


“You learn from travelling, experience and travel are the knowledge that no one can teach”


“Every time we travel, we become a part of a positive movement, a power for driving a positive attitude and change within the planet and the people. “


“We need to remember that the fool wanders and the wise men always opt for travelling”


“A nation’s culture is within the soul and heart of the people which can be only experienced by travelling to new places and meeting new people


“Be a traveler, not only a tourist, learn new things by meeting new people and check beyond something that is staring right at you”.


“While the traveler sees what he wants to see, the tourist can see only what he came to see”.


“The beauty of nature will leave you speechless once you start travelling, but it will make you a story teller once you finish travelling”


“It’s better to see something once than hear about it hundred times”.


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