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World Television Day Essay Speech & Slogan, Quotes

World Television Day Essay (Origin History Celebration Date ) Speech & Slogan, Quotes Advantages & Disadvantages Of Television

World Television Day Essay

  1. Introduction
  2. Origin & History of World Television Day
  3. History of Television
  4. Importance of television
  5. Past and present scenario of Television
  6. Disadvantages of television
  7. How the world television day is celebrated?
  8. Conclusion


Well, in the present world of smartphones, social media, computers, laptops and many other handy gadgets, TV has become a thing of a past. But that does not alter the fact that this was one of the primary sources of entertainment back in those days. And even in a lot of places till today, TV is a primary source of entertainment. The World Television Day is a remarkable day to celebrate and commemorate how TV played a major role in bringing up a change in technological aspect and how it revolutionized the world of entertainment. The day is celebrated on November 21st all over the world.

Origin and History of World Television Day

It was the United nations who first appreciated the usage and presen of TV in the lives of people. The day was 21st November 1996, when the UN proclaimed the first general assembly for a World Television day. Every state and its officials were invited to observe this day and also encourage the global exchange of TV programs that focused on the issues of peace, economic factors and also the world safety, social and cultural developments.

It was first acknowledged by the UN that TV can really be a medium which can be used for educating people about the different realities of the world, its issues and the real stories. This is undoubtedly one of the most influential forms of media for both communication and information dissemination.

1Name of Day World television day
2Origin/ First Celebrated By United Nations
3First Celebration Date21st November 1996 
4Type Of celebration Event 
5Aim (in one line) To commemorate the advancement of technology and one of the primitive modes of entertainment
6Celebration Frequency Annual
7Celebration Date Type Fix
8World Television Day Celebration Dates
92016 21st November
10201721st November 
11201821st November 
12201921st November 
13202021st November

History of Television 

Well speaking of history of television, it cannot be said to be the invention of a single individual. This was the result of hard work of many individuals in 19th and 20th century. The first television was demonstrated in 1927 in San Francisco on September 7th. The first design was created by Philo taylor Farnsworth, and the remarkable thing was he used to live in a house that itself didn’t have any electricity. He created an object that was able to capture moving images and the radio waves. The mechanical Tv then scanned the images by rotating system. Since Farnswarth created the device that captured images from the beam of electrons, it was stated as the first electronic television of history.And this is the TV that is used in our homes today. The first image that was shown on that electronic TV was a simple line and then a dollar was shown on the television because Farnsworth was asked by the investor “When are we going to see some dollars in it?”

SL NOFacts to know Brief details
1.First TV launch dateJanuary 26, 1926
2.Launch countryEngland
3.Who inventedJohn Logie baird
4.First color TV launch date1965
5.Country nameUSA
6.Who inventedPeter Carl Goldmark

Importance of television

  • Television is a major source of entertainment and relaxation. A huge number of people all over the countries, irrespective of cast, creed and religion can watch their favorite TV shows. There are innumerable TV channels available in different languages.
  • Television programs bring immense education value. There are programs for farmers, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, teachers, daily news and people of many other professions. And this is why a lot of people can know about various stuff through television.
  • TV is a great window for our society, apart from the educational and entertainment perspective, we can have a great knowledge about different programs like sports, fashions, cartoons for kids, animal and nature stories and many other various things going on in the world at present.

Past and present scenario of Television

After the invention of TV, there was no way for changing the channel and people had to go near it to change channels.A complete remote controlled way of changing channels that offers you the convenience of checking out different programs on different channels.
No scope of playing any games by connecting USB or data cables through internet provider or manually. Numbers of channels were less.The numbers of channels are more now and we can do a lot of interesting stuff like, going online, watch 3D TV.
Huge in shape and occupied a lot of space, and extremely heavy in weight.TV at present has become thinner in size and becoming more lightweight as time passes by.

Advantages of Television

  • With the presence of television, we can watch different news channels for knowing the present affairs that happen day to day life. And the regional channels also offer local news.
  • Our children can know about the moral lessons in a really funny way by watching the special episodes meant for the children. The dance, music and drama shows are a major medium of entertainment.
  • The Live Shows and latest trends caters to millions of people of different age can know a lot from the interviews and lifestyle of different eminent personalities, as our idols.

Disadvantages of television

  • Too much television causes our eyes to get tired and the noise makes our mind cluttered. A lot of television shows are indecent for children.
  • Television is a simple wastage of time for a lot of people because it becomes like an addiction and people just want to gaze at the TV screens without any reason even for the meaningless shows.
  • Television reduces the creativity of a mind and enhances idleness. Our sense organs get weakened and we lose the capability to think, create or imagine.

How the world television day is celebrated?

  • The world television day is not just any other day of public holiday. A lot of individuals and organizations come up for supporting this day. The news about World television day is spread through print, online, and broadcast media.
  • A lot of television and radio bloggers create editor’s columns write blogs and journalists come up with featured articles about the meaning of television and importance of it in their lives.
  • Educational institutions like schools and universities mark up this day for inviting guests and discussing the issues of communication, how television promotes cultural diversity, the links between democracy and television and the role of TV in political, social and economic developments.


Well, finally, we know that there are certain factors that are not really liked by a lot of people about television, but despite the disadvantages, it cannot be denied that TV serves as the common good. We believe that Television as a medium triggers the imagination of a huge number of people. It enhances curiosity, encourages education and also brings about different information about anything at your doorstep. TV was one of the prior modes of entertainment for us and it is till day a great gadget discovery that has a major impact on the lives of people of different countries.


World television Day Speech

Today is the world television day and this day was created by the United Nations in 1996. But this day is not a simple holiday; it is one of the most important days of science and technology. Undoubtedly, TV was one of the most remarkable discoveries of science. We can certainly see how TV has changed the way we view our lives and also the world around us. This is the day today where we appreciate the presence of TV in our life. It has been a tremendous influence, and a revolutionary tool that offers a lot more than just mere movable pictures.

In this day, we just want to ask ourselves what we would do without our so loved TV shows that made us laugh, cry and brought comfort to our lives. On a lot of occasions we would just love to keep watching our favorite TV shows. Without the invention of TV such happiness and usefulness of information was not possible.  No we don’t intend to take you to a ride on your memory lane of favorite TV shows. All we just want to convey today is, the presence of so many social media platforms, internet, smartphones and digital gadgets should not make us forget our first and primitive mode of entertainment.

The world television day was formatted to celebrate the presence of the most convenient medium of information and this can never be left aside just because of some newer and advanced pieces of technology. TV was not just a technological invention; it was an emotion that owned millions of hearts. For those who are looking to get involved in this day of celebration and have innovative ideas to honor this day are really welcome to send their thoughts. We want to remember this day as one of the most memorable days in this present technologically advanced era.


Quotes & Slogans On World Television

“Time is money as they say and this was never more appropriate than a world television show where ea minute is worth more than $200”.


“The best thing about television is that if something important is happening on the planet at any moment be it day or night, you are on to it in a flash”.


“The best thing about being an actor on television is you know exactly when you are going to finish and paint something in between”.



“ A huge number of people will tell you not to be a kid and throw the TV out of your window, you don’t need to be that kid anymore”.

“Sometimes the best vacation is chilling in your hotel room watching TV in your pajamas”.


“Sometimes new technology and new ways for communication can be really exciting; people are dying to make advancements in this field”


“The first time you are going to have a disposable income, the two things that you are going to care most are a TV set and a couch”.


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