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Teachers Day Essay Speech Quotes 2018

Teachers Day Essay, Speech Quotes 2018

There’s no denying how essential a role of a teacher happens to be in everyone’s life. No matter how the parents go the whole nine yards, a child always needs a friend, philosopher, and guide encompassed in a single role, safely termed as ‘teacher’. Teacher’s day is celebrated on September 5 every year on the birthday of the second President of India, known as Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. To know about the history, importance, and benefits of the gala day, one must keep reading on.

Name of the Celebration DayTeacher’s Day
Date of CelebrationSeptember 5 (every year)
Primary AimTo convey the love and respect of students to the teachers
Founder of the DayDr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Place of CelebrationSchools (Mainly)


An Introduction to Teacher’s Day – The History

What had only been termed as thebirthday of the second President of India is now safely termed as the Teacher’s day. The history behind the day is quite interesting. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, one day, was approached by a couple of students and friends to let them celebrate his birthday. During the presidential tenure of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the incident had taken place. And to their request, Radhakrishnan insisted on celebrating his birthday as the teacher’s day.And that’s how the day came into being as the day of the teachers.

Importance of Teacher’s Day

The day which is cherished as the Teacher’s day is also the birthday of the famous Indian philosopher and statesman Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teacher’s day is celebrated among everyone, which also happens to be a great way of remembering this legendary personality and his contributions. Apart from honoring the legend Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Teacher’s day is also celebrated among students to convey their respect and love towards their respective teachers.

Teacher’s day isn’t just an occasion, but it is a mode of expression that students get the pleasure of showing their gratefulness towards their favoriteteachers. The auspicious day is also utilized by the students to pay tribute and respect to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan for the philosophical works he has contributed with the inclusion of journals as well as multiple articles such as theological, educational, social, cultural, philosophical as well as ethical.

What’s more interesting is, teacher’s day isn’t a holiday, and instead, it happens to be one such occasion where students get the license of doing and performing something terrific to make their teachers feel special. The day, apart from being the birth anniversary of the second Indian President, also happens to be the day of contributions of the teachers and admiring the sincere efforts for building the foundation of India.

How to Celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Come what may the parents ensure to give the quality study to their children, a teacher’s role in anyone’s life is simply irreplaceable.Hence, indulging in the fun activities on Teacher’s day is apparently every student’s rule of thumb to make the teachers happy and feel special. The unpatrolled contribution of a teacher is nowhere replaceable, but with the token of love that students show on the day becomes a mandatory thing for every teacher to experience. Below is the list of activities that students do in order to make the Teacher’s day a more special one.

  1. Live band performances are held which involve the school band. This happens to be a terrific idea of celebrating teacher’s day brilliantly.
  2. Children can also dress up as teachers and then perform mimicking them in all positive manners. But children nevertheless must never end up disappointing teachers with disrespects in any way. As a matter of fact, the harmless fun can be enjoyed by everyone and this will exactly be the sole idea of celebrating teacher’s day.
  3. One can even encourage children to organizesome dance competitions. The students who are interested in dancing will also get the wonderful opportunity of grabbing the deal to impress their teachers on this day.
  4. The dramatic activities can also be performed which put up the scenarios in the classrooms. This can also be an interesting way of entertainment. And this will be a brilliant way to have a good interaction with the teachers.
  5. On teacher’s day, students can also organize indoor or outdoor games for their teachers. Games such as football, a scrabble contest, and carom competitions might be the choice.
  6. Children can also arrange informal chatting services and engage in flowing discussions. This would help them clarify the thoughts of academics too alongside rectifying the negative traits as well.
  7. The thanksgiving session can also be the concern which would also upsurge their speech and even organize parties for their dear teachers.
  8. In case if the school permits, children can arrange a picnic for their teacherswith the inclusion of other classes too.
  9. They can decorate the school for their teachers.

Benefits of Celebrating Teacher’sDay

Teacher’s day is of massive importance when it comes to the historical significance of teachers in the culture. As the day is of massive significance with the inclusion of the philosophical origins, the benefits of celebrating this auspicious day are in plenty. While today’s academic system involves acute problems of the shortage in the range of facilities given to the teachers, there’s a diminishing interest among the community of students to partake in teaching as a profession.

There’s no denying how teachers face challenges of adequate salaries, and this happens to be the core cause why the teaching profession isn’t that much booming nowadays, especially in the remote areas. So, with the help of the celebrations occurring on teacher’s day, it becomes easier for students to get in touch with the multiple importance and responsibilities that a teacher has on his or her shoulder. In a nutshell, celebrating teacher’s day can even upsurge the bonding between a student and a teacher too, which would only provide the world with a scenario of development.


While the teaching profession is gradually becoming irrelevant in today’s space-age technological world, it has become mandatory to shed lights about the responsibilities of teachers. Thus, celebrating teachers day in a whole can create the everlasting inspiration for the students and help them ensure that teachers do receive a handsome amount of salaries and are accessed to a large audience.


Quotes Status & Slogan On World Teachers’ Day

Teachers are the most important elements in anyone’s life as they can guide us, support us and inspire us to achieve new heights of success in life.


The guidance and support of a teacher is critical to excel in life.


The profession that teaches all other professions is the profession of teaching.


The highest privilege is to be a teacher, and the best blessing is to have a teacher.


One day with a great teacher is better than 1000 days of diligent studies.


The mind of teachers leaves a significant impact on every child’s life.


Great students who can create an image of themselves in the world are taught by great teachers.


Teachers help everyone gain knowledge and stand behind their students when they face problems. These’re divine jobs.


Teachers can open the doors, but if you want to learn, you should enter yourself.


Great teachers live forever in the minds and hearts of their students.


Teachers can inspire hope and develop a tryst for learning in their students.


Teachers affect the whole world – they can’t tell the scope of their influence.


The way to walk on is shown by teachers; the way to fight with problems is taught by teachers.


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