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World Nature Day Essay Speech Quotes Status Story History & Celebration Date

World Nature Day Essay Speech Quotes Status Story History & Celebration Date

World Nature Day Essay


It’s an unarguable fact that much more than any other species in the world it’s human who has harmed nature the most. In search of “quality of life” and “modernization” we’ve often overlooked the balance of nature, which has resulted in environments that’re polluted for our own living. Today things have worsened so much that some of our most popular cities in the world have become too polluted to live.When men realized this mistake, it started taking steps to preserve the balance that it had traditionally spoiled. World Nature Day (WND) is one such step towards preserving nature. It’s celebrated on 3rd of October every year to raise awareness towards preserving the balance of nature.

Nature Day Essay

Origin Of Nature Day

World Nature Day was first celebrated by World Nature Organization (WNO), which is an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) focused on protecting the environment.  The organization was established by emerging African countries, countries surrounding the Caribbean and countries surrounding Pacific Ocean; all of whom are threatened the most by climate change. First World Nature Day was celebrated by the organization on October 3, 2010. Since then it’s being celebrated every year on the same date.

History Of Nature Day 

The history of WND began with the formation of WNO. Emerging and developing countries that’re threatened the most by environmental changes decided to join forces and formed a Preparatory Commission for setting up World Nature Organization in 2010. The commission laid out a strategic plan called WNO-Treaty to set up WNO.

In March 2013 WNO opened its office in Geneva, Switzerland. The WNO-Treaty was first opened for signatures on November 1,2013 and it entered into force on May 1, 2014, thus officially establishing the WNO. Later some other countries (i.e. Republic of Chad) also joined the organization and the concept of IGO became more popular and supported around the world.

In short, the history of WND’s parent organization WNO looks something like this:

Name of OrganizationWorld Nature Organization
Nature of OrganizationIntergovernmental
Founding CountriesAfrican countries
Countries surrounding Pacific ocean
Countries surrounding the Caribbean
HeadquartersGeneva, Switzerland
Founded in2010
In effect from2014

Story Behind Nature Day

While environmental change has now started affecting almost all countries in the world, it’s well known that countries that’ve been suffering the most from it are smaller ones. As a result, it was crucial for them to start taking steps towards preserving nature. By establishing WNO as an international organization and WND  as an international event what those countries have tried to do is raising awareness towards this noble cause on a global scale and notifying the bigger countries about the effect that climate change is having on their lives. It also shows that they’re committed towards improving quality of life but not at the cost of nature.

Name World Nature Day
OriginWorld Nature Organization
First Celebration DateOctober 3, 2010
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind OfImportant Day aimed at Nature Conservation
Date TypeFix
Nature Day Celebration DatesOctober 3,2016
October 3, 2017
October 3, 2018
October 3, 2019
October 3, 2020

How it is celebrated?

  • In some schools teachers and students plant trees to celebrate WND. In this era of forests being eliminated by this is perhaps the most common yet most effective way of giving back what we’ve snatched from the nature.
  • Some organizations and NGOs try to raise public awareness about the benefits of nature on the day by taking out rallies and distributing pamphlets etc. This is also a nice way of making an impact towards preserving the nature.

New Celebration Ideas

While schools and organizations celebrate WND in their own ways, you as an individual can also try to add something to the nature on this day by following any (or all) of the celebration ideas given below:

  1. Turn off all your light bulbs, laptops or any other sources of heat and greenhouse emission when they’re not in use. If possible, try to avoid using all of them for an hour.
  2. Save water. Instead of using buckets try using thin whole showers to take bath for avoiding water wastage.
  3. Avoid food wastage – cook as much as you need and if it still remains then feed birds or other animals with it.

Purpose of Celebration

Pollution and climate change have become universal problems for almost every country in the world. Therefore, it’s critical to have such events to continuously remind people about saving the earth from such deteriorating environmental conditions.

Impact on Society

The event brings people from all walks of life together to work on the larger cause of preserving nature. As a result, this often blurs the lines of distinction that’ve been created between different religions, castes and tribes.

Response of Society

While this event is taken enthusiastically by the people of urban societies who’re aware of deteriorating environmental conditions, it’s not even known by the people in remote areas of the world. There’s a need of educating them about the event and the environment in general.

Pros and Cons

Raises awareness about preserving natureActivities promoted by the event may cause minor delays in growth
Increases the number of treesMay give a major blow to mass production in future
Benefits the environment in many other waysMay cause minor economic slowdown in countries
Gives people from different social standards a cause to work togetherSome activities promoted by the event conflict with other good practices (i.e. water saving with cleanliness)
Makes earth better not just for humans but also for other speciesSome technologies promoted during the event (i.e. renewable energy) are too costly
Helps in preserving natural beautySometimes nature may not be the best resource to rely on (i.e. relying on solar energy to power homes during rainy days)
Non-renewable sources of energy will last longer if we pursue the activities promoted by this eventSometimes preserving the environment can add extra hurdle to an otherwise easy job (i.e. using hand pumps rather than water motor to save energy)
Provides cleaner air to breatheSome renewable energy sources promoted during the event have a higher degree of risk


The condition of our environment is continuously deteriorating, which is a major concern. In such a situation it’s important to raise awareness about the issue. World Nature Day aims to do the same. While there’re no traditions or customs associated with this day and every organization or school celebrates it in its own ways, the aim of celebration remains same: raising awareness towards environmental protection. All of us should try hard to achieve this goal and make it a part of our lives not just for this one day but for all remaining days of the year as well.


Nature Day Speech

Speech On Nature Day

According to latest data published in March 2016, the earth at reached record CO2 levels last year. During the year CO2 levels increased by 3.06 million parts per million (ppm) and continued to grow throughout the year. Such a sustainable increase was last seen around 11 millenium ago, which is a very depressing statistic. Preserving the environment is no longer something that can be done in future – it has become an immediate requirement.

Scientists already know a lot about future climate change. For example, at a Senate hearing they had warned that cities like Florida, New Orleans and many others may not even exist in future if global warming and climate change continue from the same pace. And some slightly minor (but not too minor) impact of the condition has already started appearing in India as well, where more than 1,500 people died due to “heat wave” in 2015.

Originally nature was a very balanced system of pretty much everything. Neither it had anything in excess, nor it had anything less than required. It was a perfectly balanced system. There was nothing to waste, as something that was useless to one kind of species was useful to some other kinds of species. The waste that we see today was caused by humans, and the imbalance that we face today has also been caused by humans.

Therefore, we need to act right now and do as much environment friendly efforts as we can to add some balance to the nature that we spoiled due to our tryst with modernization. It’s our responsibility, and we should certainly not move behind from it if we want to ensure our survival in future.


Nature Day Stauts Quotes

Quotes & Status On Nature Day

Look into nature and you’ll find answer to every question on your mind.


There’s music for everyone in earth, only if you want to listen to it.


Those who love nature can observe the beauty in every part of life.


Nature never does anything in hurry, yet it gets everything done in a better way.


Nature has provided us with enough resources to supply our needs… but not enough to supply our greed.


Nature is the most balanced system ever.


Trees and stones can teach you a lot. They can teach you what you can’t learn from books.


The home to everyone’s home is nature.


Intellectual, spiritual, physical and mental… all types of satisfactions begin from some part of nature.


Walk with nature and you’ll receive far more than you seek. Walk against the nature and you’ll end up with far less than you had desired.


Those who understand the nature won’t have trouble in understanding anything.


Nature is an endless supply of beauty… only if you can see.


Time spent with nature is one of the best investments that anyone can make.


The silence of nature is pleasant and real. It’s something that you can feel with close eyes.


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