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World Mother’s Day Celebration Essay History 2019

World Mother’s Day Celebration Essay History Speech Quotes Theme 2019

The tussle for establishing the superiority of men and women is unending. Men may have more physical strength, but they cannot match up to the metal strength of women. Another aspect that offers a woman a higher position over men is her ability to give birth to a child. Being a mother is a tough task, and her struggle does not end with the birth of a child, rather it only begins. Thus, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to convey your regards, love and gratitude who will be by your side forever.

Mother Day Essay

Name of the DayInternational Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day
Date of celebration2nd Sunday in May (each year in India)
Where and when was it celebrated first?Boston, 1870
Who were the main proponents?Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis
How many nations celebrate Mother’s DayMore than 40 countries celebrate Mother’s Day officially

Date of celebration

There is no specific date for the celebration of Mother’s Day. In some countries, people get a public holiday, while in other nations, the government does not announce any holiday, but celebrates the occasion. Each country celebrates Mother’s Day according to its calendar. In India, Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of May. Thus, it is normally a holiday for all. People in USA celebrate it 3 weeks before official Easter Sunday.

History of the day

If you think that Mother’s Day is creation of the modern world, then it is time to shun the wrong notion. It has been around for centuries. Since the dawn of human civilization, people have realized the importance of Mother Nature and their birth mother. So, it is only normal that we see so many instances of celebration of Mother’s Day.

  1. Ancient accounts of Mother’s Day

According to ancient scriptures, people in Greece used to celebrate this day as well. The only difference was in the context of celebration. According to Greek mythology, Cronus and Rhea gave birth to the Gods. So, they used to worship Rhea who was their maternal goddess.

The Romans also had a similar tradition that was known as Hilaria. They worshiped Goddess Cybele. The mention of this tradition has been seen in texts, which date back to 250 B.C. Cybele was recognized as God mother, and the celebration lasted for three long days. People worshiped the Mother Goddess with offerings and flowers. It was also a tradition to organize parades, masquerades, and sporting events.

  1. History of Mothering Sunday

This tradition was rather popular in England during the 1600s. The 4th Sunday of Lent or the span of 40 days, before celebration of Easter Sunday was observed to celebrate the glory of Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. During this event, special prayer ceremonies were held in churches. People used to pay their respect to Virgin Mary, and children were encouraged to offer gifts or flowers to their own birth mothers. The objective was to highlight that people should love and respect their mothers as they respect God. Employers also allowed their maids and manservants to visit their native homes as well. Thus, the concept of holiday on the Mother’s Day was popularized. It was a custom to bring fruit cakes and flowers for the mothers. But with time, this tradition became obsolete.

  1. Mother’s Day celebration in Modern Times

If there you need to name any person or persons who are to be thanked for the popularity of Mother’s Day in modern times, then it has to be Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis. According to records, Julia was the first woman to present the idea of celebrating Mother’s Day. It happened in 1872 in the US. She was a poet, song writer as well as an activist, who placed forth the concept of celebrating a specific day for peace. She wanted the government to officially announce June 2 as Mother’s Day. After this, she raised a cry for the celebration of Mother’s Day annually, on 2nd Sunday of June. She celebrated Mother’s Day to honor her mother and all mothers in general in Boston for ten years at a stretch.

Another strong advocate who voiced her opinion in favor of Mother’s Day is Anna Jarvis. Julia was not successful in compelling the government to recognize the day officially. But Anna was persistent to get what she wanted. Ironically, she never had a family of her own as she chose to stay single all her life. Anna worked relentlessly to honor and pat tribute to the efforts and sacrifices of every mother in US. Thus, she has been conferred the title of Mother of Mother’s Day celebration. She shared a special bond her mother Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis. She passed away in 1905, and her daughter took the vow to complete her dream. President Woodrow took a decisive step and recognized 2nd Sunday of each May as the official day for Mother’s Day celebration. Thus, it became a public holiday in USA. Apart from this, her efforts urged the government to erect International Mother’s Day Shrine. It was supposed to be a symbol of Mother’s Day, apart from white carnation blossoms. Carnations were Anna’s mother’s favorite flowers.

Importance of celebrating the day

  1. Celebrating motherhood – Motherhood is priceless, and Mother’s Day offers the best opportunity for people to celebrate motherhood.
  2. Celebrating the bond between mother and child – There is no bond that is purer and holy than the one that exists between the mother and her child. There is an unseen link that keeps mothers attached with their children. Mother’s Day is the perfect platform for celebrating this link.

How to celebrate Mother’s Day?

  1. Respect and care for mothers – One must love and respect his/her mother every single day. It is the duty of each child to respect his/her mother. It is not a one-day affair. Mother’s day is just a day when you show her how important she is with tokens of appreciation.
  2. Gifts and flowers to start the day – Most people give distinctive gifts, flowers and chocolates to their others on this day. Special Mother’s Day greeting cards are available for those who are not good in the art of creating magic with words.
  3. Arrange special spa visits – Women deserve to get the royal treatment from time to time. But they overlook their needs to provide for others. Thus, booking an elaborate and luxurious spa visit for your mother is a perfect way to show you care.
  4. Go out for lunch and dinner – People have very less time in their hands. So, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for all to go out for lunches or dinners, and spend some quality time with each other.
  5. Mother’s Day poems – If you have talent for writing poems, then pen down your genuine feelings. Present it to your mother on Mother’s Day, and see how it makes her content beyond limit.
  6. Let her indulge in something she likes – Mothers sacrifice their desires and dreams to raise their children. So, it is the best day to give her the opportunity to indulge in things she likes. In fact, each family member must help the mother in daily chores, so that she can have enough time for herself.
  7. Create awareness among youngsters – Special programs are organized by schools to create awareness among children. They organize special song, drama and dance performances to highlight the importance of mothers in their lives.
  8. Special programs on media –Media channels also prepare special programs to highlight the importance of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Themes

Each year, a different theme is selected for Mother’s Day celebration. The selection of the theme is done in such a way that it highlights the traits of all mothers. The themes are associated with her vital role in children’s lives. The tradition started in 1990, and the theme was selected as “Footsteps of the Mother”. The very next year, it was “Apron Strings of the Mother.” It continued in similar fashion, and in 2015, 2016, and 2017, the themes were “Heart of the Mother,” “Hands of the Mother” and “Every Mother knows” respectively. The theme for 2018 will be announced soon.


The real reason for celebrating the day is to convey our love and gratitude towards our mothers. A mother will continue to sacrifice her desires to ensure a better future for her children. One must not wait for just one day to express his/her gratitude towards the mother. Each day should be celebrated as Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Celebration Quotes

  1. A child without a mother is someone who has not experienced the affectionate touch of God.
  2. “Mother” is the best creation of the Almighty. Mothers are the best gifts that God has offered all living creatures.
  3. A mother is ready to fight with the entire world to defend her children.
  4. A mother’s love for her descendants knows no bounds.
  5. Tenderness of the mother’s arms and strength of her determination will guide the child towards success.
  6. Motherhood is as rewarding as it is challenging.
  7. All the wealth in the world is not enough to reward any mother for her sacrifices and love.

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