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World Mental Health Day Essay Speech Quotes Status

World Mental Health Day Essay Speech Quotes Status Story History Celebration Date Ideas

World Mental Health Day Essay

Of all the factors that define a happy life, mental health is one of the most important factors. Imagine, you have a lot of money, you have good friends and you have a good family…but somewhere you are depressed…something deep down in you is haunting your happiness. Can you call that life a perfectly happy life? Not really! Because, unless you manage to uproot the factor which is pushing you into the abyss of depression and destroying the balance between your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, you will not really be happy.

1.    NameWorld Mental Health Day
2.    Origin/ First Celebrated ByWorld Federation for Mental Health (WFMH)
3.    First Celebration Date1992
4.    Celebration Area International
5.    Aim People Awareness
6.    Celebration Day TypeFix
7.    World Mental Health Day Celebration Dates
8.    10th Of October Annually Fix Date

World Mental Health Day Essay

What really is mental health?

Is there a definition by the books that you can follow? Not really. You may find definitions which say that mental health encompasses social, psychological and emotional well-being. That’s true but there is yet another factor – spiritual well-being. All these factors eventually affect how we think, what we believe, what we feel and of course, how we act.

On a daily basis, there are a number of things we do. We communicate with others, we work and handle stress and we make decisions. How we do these depends on how well-balanced our mental health is. Interestingly, mental health is not limited to adults only. Everyone – from a child to an old person – needs to maintain a proper mental health at every stage of life, be it childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

What events can affect mental health of a person?

There are several factors that can affect a person’s mental health. Here is a quick look into those factors:

FactorHow it affects mental health
Self-esteemIf a person’s self-esteem is hurt, if a person holds a negative self-image, if a person’s looks upon himself or herself as worthless, the likelihood of that person feeling depressed is way too high.
Feeling lovedIf a person doesn’t feel loved or accepted by family, friends and society, it can negatively impact a person’s mental health. Depressive and suicidal thoughts become prominent. Decision making goes haywire.
Some lossA person may lose his or her loved ones like some family member. This leads to extreme emotional pain and trauma. Adjusting and coping with such pain is extremely critical and can have negative mental effect for many years to follow. Sometimes professional help may become necessary to cope with such pain.
UnhappinessA person very often is not happy with several things. He or she may simply internalize that unhappiness and become depressed. Alternately, the person can actually go ahead and act out the unhappiness in form of bad behavior. Violence, aggression, abusive language usage, stealing, drug abuse, lying are common forms of acts of bad behavior. Sometimes, such behavior becomes persistent and may require professional intervention.
AbuseChildren often get abused during childhood either within the family or in school or in several other settings. Such abuse can be extremely painful leading to isolation, loss of self-confidence and even depression. Under such scenarios, children will grow a feeling of distrust and will have difficulty growing up. Chances of a happy life during adolescence and adulthood will be impaired.

So, a balanced mental health is very important for every person. On top of that, it is necessary to educate everyone about the need for the same. This is precisely what the World Mental Health Day aims for – to educate people about the need for maintaining a good mental health.

What is World Mental Health Day?

Organized and hosted every year on October 10 by World Federation of Mental Health, the World Mental Health Day is meant for spreading awareness among general people about mental health as a whole. It is designed to make people aware of the measures that can be taken to help people with mental health issues. It is all about driving the society into taking steps that can help people with mental health issues to live a life of dignity.

1992 was the year when the World Mental Health Day was first celebrated. However, there are certain countries in which the World Mental Health Day is actually a part of a week-long mental health awareness drive. For instance, this day is a part of Australia’s Mental Health Week and America’s Mental Illness Awareness Week.

World Federation of Mental Health was established back in 1948. As of today, the organization has contacts and members in over 150 countries worldwide.

The primary objectives of the organization are:

  • Emotional and mental disorders prevention.
  • Facilitating proper care and treatment for those who suffer from imbalanced mental health.
  • Promoting the need for maintaining proper mental health.

While these remain the broad objectives of the organization, the World Mental Health Day in particular focuses on organizing events. These events include a wide range of activities including advice from experts, conducting various programs that can quickly spread awareness about different mental illnesses and more.

The day also focuses on educating people about the factors that can negatively impact the mental health of children and adults and corrective measures that can be taken to rectify the matter.

It also educates people about the treatments that are available for curing mental disorders.

These are all organized in form of community workshops where thousands of volunteers participate. Anyone who is willing to participate can simply join the workshops as a volunteer. People are also welcome to make donations. Such donations are accepted through the website of World Federation of Mental Health.


Mental illness can affect anyone. The key to curing is caring and understanding. Clinical treatments and medical interventions are also there but they are used only when necessary. Coping with such people who suffer from mental disorders is not an easy task and it requires proper understanding of the options available to deal with people suffering from such problems. World Mental Health Day is the perfect stage for gathering information and knowledge.

Remember that mental health of anyone can be disturbed and there can be numerous reasons for that. It can be your loved one too who might get affected. So, get educated and help those who need it.


World Mental health Day Speech

World Mental Health Day Speech

Well, to speak about world mental health day, the very common thing that we know today is world health and peace. It is the most discussed and trending issue. But today we are not looking to delve deep into any political issue or incident related to world mental health. This day has been marked as the day of sufferings of the individuals who are the victims of mental disorder. But this fact is just a mere scrap of information that people know in the present day. It cannot be denied at all, that we, the citizens of developing and developed countries, have not taken mental illness to be a serious illness at all. In majority of cases what we do is, frown upon the mental health cases and neglect the patients.

So what are the key barriers that need to be overcome for addressing the mental health issues and address them more efficiently?

The mental health patients need to be dealt with more integrity and care.

The inadequate resources for mental health treatment are another reason why such patients are neglected. The mental illness can increase with the risk of being affected with cardiac problems, gastric illness and diabetes.

And finally we need to work on the lack of public mental health leadership so that the patients with any mental trauma or shock or any such disorder do not feel themselves as an outcast. We as family members need to evolve ourselves and instead of neglecting the situation, we need to be more attentive so that the patients do not feel ashamed about their condition.

On this day of World Mental health, we need to know that Mental illness is absolutely not to be ashamed of and it is 100% curable. But it is our behavior, our approach towards the patients that makes the illness more difficult to deal with. Love is one of the most important instruments to deal with mental illness. It has been observed that war and social trauma, disrespect from society, and not being accepted are the reasons people undergo extreme mental pressure. It’s we who can change this course of action and bring them back into normal life. We need to show our love and affection and that is going to make things easy for them.


World Mental Health Day Quotes Status

Quote & Status On World Mental Health Day 

“Actually the only thing we need is to change the culture of shutting up and make it absolutely ok to speak up about mental health issues and suicide”


“Mental health is a sickness that is just like diabetes, eye problems fever or any heart problem, we all need help”.


“To become healthy is a whole and mental health plays a very important role”.


“It’s really hard to imagine what it’s like to be afraid of your own mind”.


“The mind needs to be cared equally as the body, because we need to remember that one cannot stay healthy without the care of the other. “


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