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World (International) Laughter Day Quotes Themes

World (International) Laughter Day Quotes Themes 2017

It is often said that a person cannot stay fit and active only by consuming medicines. Pharmaceutical drugs and pills play a vital role in boosting the overall health condition of an individual, when he or she falls ill. But the best way to keep away mental and physical sickness is by enhancing your overall immunity. There is only one medicine that can make this possible. That is laughter. Physicians, both from past and present times, have commented that a person who laughs a lot has less chances of falling ill.

World (International) Laughter Day Quotes Slogan Theme 2017

Apart from keeping your body fit, laughing will also eliminate stress and depression from your mind. Thus, many researchers are working on the positive effects of Laughter in human body. Keeping this in mind, the popularity of laughter yoga and laughter clubs is on the rise.

Origin of International Laughter Day

The first person to work on this concept was none other than Mumbai-based physician, Dr. Madan Kataria. He is popularly known as the person who conceptualized and implemented the concept of Laughter Yoga. It is due to his efforts that the world came to know about the positive effects of Laughter Yoga. He was the first person to set up a laughter club only with 5 members in Mumbai.

Dr. Kataria then work towards spreading the word, and on the 10th of January, 1998, he was successful in laying the foundation of a concept that is now known as the World Laughter Day. The tradition that started on this day in Mumbai has spread to other parts of the planet. This has given rise to the International Laughter Day or the World Laughter Day. This day is celebrated with pomp, grandeur and a lot of laughter on the first Sunday of every May, on an annual basis. In the year 2017, it was celebrated on 7th of May and in 2018, it will be celebrated on the 6th of the same month.

History and Story of the day

During his long careers as a physician, Dr. Kataria has always stressed on the importance of healthy living without the use of medicines. Though he was sanguine that laughter had immense positive qualities, he did not have a way of bringing it in front of the common people. Then he started reading about researches and studies done on laughter. During this, he came to know about how an American reporter, Norman Cousins, suffering from a degenerative sickness, used laughter treatment to regain health, while doctors had already said that he will die soon. It had influenced Kataria and he took up matters in his hands and started a laughter club in his hometown. On the 13th of March, 1995, he, along with four other individuals started a laughter club where they exchanged jokes and laughed their heart out. Soon the popularity of this club grew; the number of its members touched a mark of 50.

If anyone laughs at a poor joke in front of you, you will also start to laugh even if you are not amused by it. This human trait was identified by Dr. Kataria, and he wanted people to join these laughing groups as there were enough stimuli for all. To amplify this stimulus every member in these groups were asked to tell funny jokes. But they faced a problem when people started to run out of hilarious gags. As the amount of stimuli was no longer there, the rate of attendance started to fall. To make the members laugh again, the doctor implemented the use hand gestures, and made funny noises as well. The other members also did the same, and in no time they were laughing without any reason. This method showed fruitful results, and this became the foundation of the laughter club concept.

Importance of laughter in life

  1. Reduces immunosuppressant hormones – The body secrets various kinds of hormones. Some are good while others have negative effects. If there is an imbalance in production of these hormones, an individual can suffer from stress and anxiety. In case the level of this particular hormone increase in the system, an individual can experience heightened stress and anxiety. Laughing will trigger the production of a happy hormone that has the potential to counter this situation.
  2. Produces endorphins –The main reason why we have a feeling of joy and experience a happy mood is due to the secretion of Endorphins. It has been seen that the human brain triggers the secretion of more endorphins when a person laughs, thereby producing more of this hormone.
  3. Increases the overall immunity – In case you think that you have a low immunity, then you need to laugh more to develop it. The production of WBCs or T-cells gets a boost from laughing. So laugh more if you want to keep sickness and diseases at bay.
  4. Natural form of exercise – In case you think that laughing will only increase your personality, you are mistaking. It has been proven that it is a good exercise that has positive effects on the entire body. Apart from keeping the mind fresh, it will curtail the ageing signs.
  5. Burns calories – Studies have shown that a person who laughs for at least 15 minutes each day tend to burn almost 40 calories without even moving a muscle. As you drop unused calories, your health starts to improve drastically, thereby keeping obesity at bay.
  6. Prevents chances of cancer – IFN or Interferon-gamma is a special hormone that assists in production and maintenance of T-cells, B-cells, immunoglobulin and NK cells. All these are closely related with keeping a balance in cell growth. Laughing producers IFN and thereby creates a preventive wall against cancer.
  7. Keeps blood pressure under check – When a person laughs, the internal pressure in heart arteries rise and fall rhythmically. While laughing, the heart will send more blood thought arteries and veins, thereby eliminating the chances of any blockage. It will in turn assist the person in staying away from high or low blood pressure.
  8. Improves memory power – If you want to keep your brain fit, active and keep dementia away, then you must laugh significantly. Laughing has a positive effect on neurotransmitter production. These play a vital role in improving the overall brain function and aid the memory process.
  9. Increases oxygenation of blood – Your heart beats faster when you are laughing, and it pumps more blood at that time. The more you laugh the more active your heart becomes, which allows its muscles to contract and expand accordingly. As this function increases, the pumps more oxygen and releases it to the blood stream that it turn reached the brains.
  10. Social perks of laughter – People who laugh are perceived as friendly individuals with a sweet disposition. Others like to get acquainted with such individuals. If you are grumpy, you will find it hard to make friends. So, laughter will assist in developing your social side. People love to talk to and be with an individual who laughs and makes other smile as well. Individuals who laugh have fewer problems in bonding with others, and are less likely to get involved in conflicts.
  11. Boosting the longevity of the person – As there are so many positive effects of laughter on the human body and mind, it is safe to say that a person who laughs more will live for a longer span.

Why is Laughter Day celebrated?

  1. Creating awareness among common people – It is not always that people start wondering about the positive effects of laughing in daily life. They need to be taught and trained to follow these steps. With the celebration of World Laughter Day, people will come to know about the concept, and acquire required knowledge.
  2. Providing a positive outlook towards life – If an individual laughs for a significant time, they will not encounter any health or mental issues. In that case, they will be able to sport a fit and positive attitude towards the society and other individuals. It will assist human beings in creating a better society as well. It also encourages them to follow positive paths to live a fit and active life.
  3. Establishing the popularity of laughter clubs – You will need access to proper laughter clubs to take part in Laughter Yoga. Though the laughter clubs were not very popular some decades ago, their importance has been highlighted in the recent times. Survey reports show that there are more than 6000 such laughter clubs in every continent.
  4. Promoting brotherhood among people – The foundation of the laughter clubs is a group activity. It stresses on the need of cooperation among all members. Thus, with the celebration of the World Laughter Day, the bond of brotherhood will increase.
  5. Endorsing world peace – Another importance of celebrating this day is it will attract the attention of masses towards the need of implementing world peace. Laughter is a happy emotion and it can be reciprocated with laughter alone. With participation of more countries in this celebration, many international crisis situations can be averted.
  6. Promoting friendship among individuals – Once the differences between two countries is eliminated, and enhanced cooperation is implemented by the celebration of World Laughter Day, a feeling of friendship will prevail among people, belonging to all sections of the society.

World Laughter Day activities

Several activities are organized by Laughter Clubs on this particular day. The main aim is to bring out more and more people and trigger them to actively participate in these activities. Many such clubs organize blood donation camps; they provide free sugar and blood pressure examinations, and other such events. To guarantee high percentage of participation, they also organize fun events like joke competition, collective laughter camps and marches, which highlight the need for implementing internal peace.


It is essential to create a better awareness among people so that they can take part in the celebration of World Laughter Day and know about the perks of bringing more laughter in their lives. Apart from private effort, the administration in each country should take proficient measures to bring an overall consciousness among its citizens.

Quotes And Slogan on Laughter Day

  1. If there is one defense mechanism that can assist in eliminating all battles and hostilities from the face of this earth, then it has to be laughter.
  2. The best gift that you can give to someone is a reason to laugh, and it also happens to be the best return gift of all times.
  3. A smile has the immense healing powers as it can repair wounded hearts as well.
  4. The best way to get a gush of sunshine on a gloomy day is by making a child laugh.
  5. Only a pessimistic person will forget about the importance of laughter while an optimist person will never abandon laughter’s side.
  6. Only a strong person can laugh about his pains. It shows that he has the potential to rise against all odds.
  7. Flowers are actually the representation of Earth’s laughter.
  8. A person who puts in effort to make his/her buddies laugh will deserve a place in the heaven.
  9. If you have a heart that is always in a jolly mood then you will not find it difficult to laugh at any situation.
  10. Taking matters with a pinch of salt will not only resolve the tension between the involved parties but will also strengthen the bonds of friendship.


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