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World Habitat Day Essay Speech Quotes Story History & Celebration Dates

World Habitat Day Essay Speech Quotes Story History & Celebration Dates

World Habitat Day Essay


World Habitat Day is a holiday that is held on the first Monday of October each year. This holiday was organized by the United Nations as an event that focuses on helping people around the world to receive the necessary shelter that they require for their lives. The event places a strong emphasis on support the poor and homeless by helping people to get the homes that they require and to make it easier for them to find such homes.

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Origin Of World Habitat Day

The United Nations established World Habitat Day as an event for the first Monday of October in 1985. The holiday was designed to help people learn more about how they can help people to get the shelter they demand. The United Nations uses this holiday to help end poverty housing and to improve solutions for giving people access to better homes.

History Of World Habitat Day

This particular holiday originated in 1985 as a means of answering the problem of there being too many homeless people around the world. These include people who are in poverty and live in substandard housing without the resources that they require.

The United Nations saw a need to help improve how shelters from all parts of the world are managed and how people can get access to the best possible homes for their lives. The UN created World Habitat Day to help people understand that they have a key responsibility to help with improving how communities around the world can be built to sustain healthy forms of shelter for all people in society.

Story Behind World Habitat Day

The important of World Habitat Day is that it focuses extensively on helping to improve how shelter is provided to people all around the world. The holiday entails an essential look at how people around the world can receive the assistance that they demand for shelter.

The greatest concern surrounding people around the world is that they are often not in shelters that are safe and suitable for them to live in. They are often stuck in situations where they are unable to get the protection they need from many problems. They might be exposed to harmful weather or diseases due to improper living conditions.

The need to establish better living conditions for people around the world is important. World Habitat Day helps make people around the world aware of how people need to receive the proper support in the form of healthy and suitable homes that they can stay protected in. By offering proper education and support to society, it will be easier for appropriate shelters and habitats to be established all around the world as a means of supporting people who need help the most.

Name World Habitat Day
OriginUnited Nations
First Celebration Date1985
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind OfSocial issue holiday
Date TypeFirst Monday of October

Upcoming World Habitat Day celebration dates

October 3, 2016
October 2, 2017
October 8, 2018
October 7, 2019
October 5, 2020

How Is It Celebrated?

World Habitat Day is celebrated as people will go out to find ways to resolve the ongoing property crisis that has long been impacting society. The holiday focuses on understanding what people can do to resolve the concerns that come with people not having shelter.

The holiday focuses on finding ways to establish safer and comfortable forms of shelter for all people. This includes looking into the construction of new low income housing spaces and helping governments with finding solutions on ongoing housing problems.

New Celebration Ideas

Many different celebration ideas may be considered:

  • Charitable organizations can participate in construction projects where low income housing properties are constructed to be made available to qualifying families.
  • Neighborhood and settlement restoration projects may also take place. These include events where people will clear out harmful areas and repair shelters.
  • People can also visit their local government offices to learn about what they can do to improve the living situations that many are currently in.

Purpose of the Celebration

This celebration is important as it helps society to take a closer look at what it is doing to improve housing conditions all around the world. The celebration focuses especially on improving how well people are able to live in different conditions that are supportive of them.

Key Statistics

People Without Adequate ShelterHabitat for Humanity states that about 1.6 billion people around the world do not have the proper shelter that they need. These include people who live in informal settlements.
Percentage of People in Urban AreasAround 70 percent of people in the world live in urban areas, thus increasing the potential for slums with poor living conditions to develop.
Children Who Are HomelessAbout a third of the 100 million people in the world who are homeless are children.
Who Needs Access To Housing?Around 3 billion people in the world will need access to improving housing in order to stay healthy and protected.

Impact of Society

The impact of society on World Habitat Day comes from how people will do their part to improve the future of society and to understand how their cities are planned. This includes a review of how cities are organized based on points like how homes are built, how communities are planned and so forth. The holiday particularly improves how people are able to build upon social communities by improving how well people are capable of keeping their societies healthy.

Response of Society

The holiday helps people understand what it takes to build homes and improve living conditions around the world.Some homes might be too difficult for people to construct for various reasons.
The event helps people who live in many of the most remote parts of the world.The resources needed to build homes may be tough to find in some places.
Participants will learn about how to plan communities during this event.Not all people who receive houses are able to afford what they might be able to support.
The event concentrates on finding ways to develop sustainable shelters and communities in places all around the world.Every country has its own specific standards on what to do with getting different properties ready.


World Habitat Day is an event that concentrates greatly on improving housing conditions all over the world. People who participate in World Habitat Day will find that it is easy for them to make a difference in society thanks to how they can assist in preparing shelters for people. The holiday helps people learn about how to build proper shelters, how to support people who need housing and what can be done to improve how society is organized. This can make a difference in many parts of the world where people are unable to get the proper housing services that they require.


World Habitat Day speech

Speech On World Habitat Day

The odds are very good you might take the shelter that you live in for granted. The fact is that there are plenty of people all around the world who are not as fortunate. These include people who live on poorly made properties that are run down and cannot be improved upon because they don’t have the money or resources for it.

In addition, there are many homeless people around the world who struggle every day to find shelter. These include people who work hard to try and keep their lives afloat but often struggle in the process of doing so.

Our urban areas are not perfect either. Many urban areas are ones that have difficult to maintain spaces that are only going to grow in size as time moves along. This can be problematic as it means that society will need to adapt itself to make it easier for it to grow and become more powerful.

We can all make a difference when it comes to figuring out how to make shelter available and sustainable. It is up to us to find ways to build new properties for those who are poor and need assistance. We also need to see how we can adjust our lives or our behaviors to ensure that our infrastructure and housing situations all around the world can be fixed properly.

World Habitat Day was established to encourage people to work hard to improve housing situations around the world. The event helps people to see what they can do in order to make society a stronger place that is capable of sheltering more people and giving everyone a chance to stay protected and safe from harm.


World Habitat Day Quotes status

Quotes & Status On World Habitat Day


Homes are important as they are extensions of who we are.


No matter where we go and what we do, home is always the best destination that we could ever have.


A great home is one that offers security to people and allows them to feel happy.


A home is where people can be themselves and feel comfortable about who they are and what their lives are like.


While the physical labor for building a house can be tough, it is the emotional and mental fiber of the human spirit that truly turns a house into a home.


Our homes are important as they are the places that keep us confident in our lives.


The best part of a home isn’t the new things that are in it or the technology that is there or so forth. Rather, it is the people who live in the home that make a real difference above all else.


It takes a great deal of effort to make a home enjoyable. Fortunately, it is easy for anyone to have a great home that is comfortable and worthwhile for the desires that all people might hold in their lives no matter what they are doing.


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