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World Food Day Essay Speech Quotes Status History Story & Date Of Celebration

World Food Day Essay Speech Quotes Status History Story Date Of Celebration

World Food Day Essay 


Malnutrition and hunger are currently two major challenges for all developing and non-developed countries in the world. Despite active measures taken by the governments all around the globe billions of people remain at the risk of hunger. No surprise why so many efforts are made in that direction to ensure food for everyone and eradicate hunger. Word Food Day is another such step.

Origin of World Food Day

World Food Day originated at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United Nations in 1979. Since then WFD is celebrated around the world by all major organizations working in the field of Food Security. It’s sometimes also known as Food Engineers’ Day.

History Behind World Food Day

World Food Day’s story initially began with a UN conference called by then American President Franklin D. Roosevelt to discuss the issues of Food and Agriculture. Delegates from some 44 countries gathered at the conference, which was held in Virginia between May 18, 1943 and June 3, 1943. By the end of that conference countries that attended it had agreed to form a global organization to combat various issues related to food and agriculture. The organization was formed two years later in Quebec, Canada, and it was given  the name of World Food Organization. The goal behind this organization was to eradicate the problems of hunger and malnutrition by effectively managing world’s food chain.

Given below is FAO’s history at a glance:

Organization NameFood and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
Parent OrganizationUnited Nations (UN)
Founded inQuebec, Canada
Date of FoundationOctober 16, 1945
MissionTo eradicate hunger and manage food supply chain more effectively

Story of World Food Day

Though FAO had been established in 1945, the key point for celebration of this event came in 1979. That year Hungarian Food and Agriculture Minister Dr. Pál Romány played a crucial role in establishing this event as he suggested its idea  at 20th  session of FAO conference, where it was accepted by the member countries of FAO. The date selected for the event was October 16, the date of FAO’s anniversary.

Though it was established in 1979, it was first observed in 1981. Since then its celebration has spread to more than 150 countries regardless of whether they’re FAO members or not. FAO selects a new theme for the event every year. Since 1981 many themes have been selected, but majority of them revolve around agriculture because it’s the source of most food items that’re consumed around the globe.

NameWorld Food Day
OriginFood and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
First Celebration DateOctober 16, 1981
Celebration TypeNational  or international
Kind ofSocial Issue
Date TypeFix

World Food Day Celebration Dates

October 16, 2016

October 16, 2017
October 16, 2018


October 16, 2019


October 16, 2020

How it is celebrated?

  • Organizations around the world organize events and advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about hunger and malnutrition.
  • Perhaps the grandest celebrations of this event are seen in US. More than 450 organizations celebrate it in the country in their own ways. One way is World Food Day Teleconference, which brings together experts from the field of nutrition, agriculture, economics and many others to answer questions related to food and hunger. Another way are dinner or lunch events organized by various organizations.

New Celebration Ideas

  • Avoiding food wastage: Saving food is unarguably one of the best things that anyone can do to serve the cause of eradicating hunger and malnutrition. By saving we mean cooking as much as you need and avoiding wastage – not eating less!
  • Participate in local events: Take part in local events related to the topic. If no events are organized on the day in your area, organize one yourself and invite others to raise awareness.
  • Contribute to farmers: They produce the food of world, so it can also be a good idea to help them in some way if you can on this noble day. Donate some cash to any charity that’s working towards solving the problems of farmers, or if you know some farmers yourself then help them on this day.

Purpose Of Celebration

The aim behind this event remains to strengthen the political will for fighting with hunger and malnutrition. The only way to tackle these issues is to stand united, and this event tries to foster that unity among various governments and organizations across the world.

Impact On Society of World Food Day

The event raises awareness about the problems faced by underprivileged sections of society. So when other (usually higher) sections of society come to know about them, they try to help out the lower sections, which decreases the distance between both sections of society.

Response Of Society

The day is celebrated by various segments of society and all of them take it enthusiastically. They join the movement in unity and promote solutions for the problem on all platforms, be it offline or online. Last year when FAO had promoted the event  with #ZeroHunger hashtag people around the globe had organized both online and offline campaigns to spread the word about it.

Pros and Cons

Reminds people about the value of foodBeing obsessed with saving food can also lead to undernourishment
Encourages the better methods of modern food supply chainsPeople in rural areas still prefer local shops that follow the traditional (unhealthy in most cases) practices of food management
Makes people aware of the problems faced by lower sections of society so they can helpMany problems can’t be understood until someone steps into the shoes of an underprivileged person (i.e. deficiency of certain nutrients)
Food security, which is promoted heavily at this day, is a right of everyoneFood security bills created by the government and subsidies for that cause add to the burden of exchequer
Makes people aware of new technologies and methods that can be used to increase the life of food and its productionMany technologies used for increasing production are actually hazardous for health of consumers (i.e. genetically modified food)
Provides a time for periodic analysis of world’s nutrition situationResearch has shown that periodic analysis doesn’t always reflect the true situation of whole year. Frequent analysis is a better solution instead.
Also brings the attention of private sector towards food industryThe food industry still remains starved of investment from private sector
Encourages governments to focus more on agriculture in this age of industrializationIndustries are also crucial for economic strength of a country. Too much focus on agriculture may discourage them.


The problem of hunger is one of the worst problems being faced by billions of people. It’s imperative to solve this problem as early as possible, and World Food Day aims to encourage that spirit. Therefore, we should continue to celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and dedication to fight against these problems. The growth of economies relies significantly on the health of people, and in order to keep people healthy it’s a must to provide them enough food of high quality according to their lifestyles and body requirements. Hopefully measures taken on this day will take the world to the point of zero hunger.


Speech on World Food Day

Statistics say that one out of every nine people in this world are suffering from malnutrition. That comes down to a figure of 800 million people in the world. That’s more than double of USA’s population. Therefore, it’s the need of the hour to strengthen our fight for hunger and combat it with more dedication. World Food Day provides us an opportunity and a platform to strengthen that fight. Everyone should do whatever they can to take this fight forward.

While it’s true that majority of changes in the situation can be brought by businesses and governments only, the importance of every individual’s actions should also not be underestimated. If majority of people make it a goal to avoid food wastage and contribute something to charities working in the field of nutrition, enough steps can be taken to eradicate hunger and malnutrition.

Last, but certainly not the least, governments should keep their records updated and accurate. It has been seen in some countries that rather than removing malnutrition their statistics departments have chosen the route of presenting misleading statistics related to hunger. It doesn’t help anyone – the situation remains at the same level, and anyone who knows enough about global standards and reports can bring out the truth at any moment. So rather than misleading people with wrong statistics governments should work towards solving the problem itself. Media can also play a big role in keeping such governments on right track.

There’s a clear need of help from all quarters to solve this issue. Only then it’s possible to have a world that’s not undernourished or malnourished.


Quotes & status on World Food Day

Economics depends on health of people, and health of people depends on the health of food.


Food is basic necessity of life. Therefore, you should try to make it good.


Good food leads to good mood.


Simple food is almost always the best food.


Better eating leads to better thinking.


Peaceful world isn’t built with empty stomachs.


If we could go to space, we can also go to a hunger free world.


Hunger can make anyone a thief.


Food security isn’t about charity; it’s about justice and basic rights.


When hunger will disappear, the world will see greatest revolution of ideas ever.


Most people in this world suffer from malnutrition. Some due to lack of eating, some due to excess of eating.


Strength leaves when hunger rises. Therefore, to be strong we need to eat well.


The hunger in this world is getting ridiculous. There’re more nutritious things in a rich man’s shampoo than there are in a poor man’s plate.


Hunger is world’s biggest and oldest problem that exists despite the ways of being solved.


A sound mind begins with a sound diet.


With one third people rich and two third people hungry we can’t imagine a peaceful world.


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