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World Disability Day Speech Quotes Slogan Theme 2019

World Disability Day Speech (Disability Awareness Week) Quotes Slogan Theme 2017

World Disability Day is a particular day that promotes that equality of people with disability in society. On this occasion various facilities and amenities are being provided to them to bring betterment in their life. Also the diverse events take place where awareness and knowledge about the people with disabilities is shared. Their rights, well being, dignity and various other things are being discussed on this day of celebration. Different countries celebrate the day in different ways on this single day declared by the Union Nations. Despite being celebrated in different ways every year on this day a same theme is being followed by all the countries in the world. United Nations had given its nod to this day in the year 1992. Since then the celebration is going on following various themes across the globe.

World Disability Day Speech (Disability Awareness Week) Quotes Slogan

World Disability Day Origin (First Observed On)

United Nations’ General Assembly has declared that the year 1981 would be the International Year for Disabled Person. That was the first time when the occasion was celebrated throughout the year. The main motto of celebrating the occasion was to include as many as people to participate in the events and activities where disabled people can get better life.

World Disability Day History and Story

In 1976, United Nations’ General Assembly has declared about the international year for celebrating the courage and status of disabled people across the world. In that very year it was declared that in 1981 the entire world will celebrate this occasion throughout the year. The main theme of that event was ‘Full Participation and Equality’. The theme clearly shows everyone’s participation in these activities of awareness and knowledge.

As already said, that the main agenda of starting up this celebration was to make people know more about disabilities. Their participation in socio-economic activities is no less than a person without disability. Along with participation of all the people, they wanted to focus on the equality of these people as well. The UN has decided to provide proper rehabilitation, promotion and all sort of prevention to make much better life for them.

In the year 1992, the UN has declared a particular day to celebrate the same. Since then on 3rd December the World Disability Day is being celebrated worldwide.

Since 2012 the UN has started mandatory workforce participation of the differently-able people in everywhere. Disable people who are enjoying welfare benefits will also have to be included in government workforce. On 3rd December the same India too has launched a new program for the disabled people of the nation namely Accessible India Campaign. This campaign stated that all the disabled people will get job in government sector if they are eligible for the job.

Why it is celebrated

  • There are many reasons behind this day. The most important reason for celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the knick knacks of the physical and mental disabilities. Many people have myth about these disabilities and due to that people with any sort of inabilities are being abandoned from the society. To get rid of such myth the celebration started.
  • Along with this, another reason behind the day is celebrated is to check and analyse the implementation of the plans and schemes taken by the government in favour of the disabled people. Whether they are reaching the concerned people or not is also reviewed.
  • To provide and lend hands to the disabled people for rehabilitation, encouragement, make them aware of equalisation, reduce poverty level and many other facilities.
  • Basically it is very important to let normal people know about how they can help the disabled people to rise and grow more. In this World Disability Day every year UN tries to educate people about various types of disabilities and how we can sort them out. Also they make sure to let the differently able people know that they are equal in this society and also they have equal right on everything that are public.

How it is celebrated?

  • People from across the globe join hands and celebrate the day on 3rd The celebration takes place mainly to enhance the socio-economic status of the disabled people. Volunteers across the globe arrange painting exhibition, arts and crafts, music competition and many more activities. All the activities are for the disabled people only. By doing this the volunteers encourage their talent and knowledge.
  • In earlier times when there were very less provisions for such people many volunteers go out and protest against the same. Still there are countries or zones where people go out and protest against the issue so that more people can aware of such sensitive issue in society.
  • Along with rallies, protests, awareness programs many volunteer groups or organisations come up with new ideas such as street plays, flash mobs and many such activities that depict how disabled people are no different from the non-disabled people in the society.
  • Since 1998 UN has decided to start theme based celebration. Every year a common theme has been decided and all the countries have to follow that theme to celebrate the day.

What is disability awareness day and week 2017-18?

After 1976 the UNGA has decided to call the year 1981 as Disability Awareness Year. In the year 1988, the UN has again picked up a new rule to celebrate the same. In the year 1988, the UN has started Disability Week for 7 long days. In these 7 days different countries have celebrated disability Day in different manner.

Rick Hansen from Motion World Tour had requested national committee to consider this Disability Weak worldwide. Following his request the National Committee has declared a particular dates to celebrate the same. This year in 2017, it has completed 30 years of celebration.

From 28th may 2017 to 3rd June 2017, the world has celebrated Disability Awareness Day. As said that each country follows a same theme to celebrate this awareness, this year’s theme was ‘We Need In’. It was a one week long celebration and programs that are conducted by the organisations to promote the position of disabled people.

World Disability Day Theme 2017-18

  1. In this year, 2017, the theme was declared as We Need In. This depicts the participation of all the people in need.
  2. In the year 2016, the theme was Achieving 17 Goals. This theme is set to show how these goals can be achieved to get a better future.
  3. In 2015, the theme was based on Inclusion Matters. That is people with all abilities and their participation towards making things better for disabled people.
  4. Sustainable Development was the theme for the year 2014. In this theme survival of the disabled people was focussed. How they can sustain their development was the core of the theme.
  5. In 2013 the theme was namely Break Barriers and Open Doors. That is the theme showed to break the restrictions and open every door for everyone for more development.
  6. In 2012 the theme was much similar like 2013. The theme namely Removing Barriers was set to let people know that each one has equal right in the society.
  7. In 2011 the theme was called together for a better world for all. This was to join hands and make a better world for all the people in the world.
  8. Keeping the Promise was the theme for 2010. It was about promise to bring happiness and equality for all.
  9. In 2009, the MDGs were included to make a better world for the people with disabilities across the world.
  10. In 2008, the theme was based on the rights of the disabled person. The theme was named Convention on the Right of the person with disability.
  11. In 2007, the theme was about the work and programs for the disabled person. Decent works for persons with disability was the theme name.
  12. E-accessibility showed access to the digital world. In the year 2006, the theme was finalised as E-accessibility.
  13. In 2005, the theme was Right of the disabled person. This is for their socio-economic rights.
  14. Nothing about us without us was the theme for year 2004.
  15. In the year 2003 the theme was Voice of Our Own. That is to voice against the wrong and support differently able people.
  16. In 2002 the theme namely independent living was to let people know about the individuality and independent life.
  17. Full participation was the theme for the year 2001. Also the theme showed equality.
  18. In 2000 the Information Technology was the core of the theme namely making IT work for all.
  19. In the year 1999 the theme was about taking good decisions in the new millennium.
  20. In 1998, the first year of theme was about arts, culture and independent living of the differently able people.


World Disability Day has taken giant steps towards the betterment of differently able people. India, on the contrary is little lacking on the programmes and scheme process. However there are many facilities that can be considered in support of the same. One of the art museums in India now has every facility for the differently able people. They can Braille, elevator, ramps and such are being installed so that all the people get access to the museum. Similar amenities were established in Kolkata metro railways so that disabled people can walk around smoothly in the station to catch trains.

World Disability Day Quotes And Slogans

Disability is not unnatural. It is extreme. It is tough situation for many people. It helps to find interesting facts about humans.


People say the Olympics where heroes are made, I say Paralympics where heroes come and win. Differently-abled Athletes are not disabled, they have super power to win over things that people with abilities can’t.


Having disability does not mean you are less than someone with no disability. Because disability is natural, it does not stop anyone to achieve anything in life.


People should be valued by their work and effort not by their physical disabilities.


Focussing on someone’s disability means you are neglecting the abilities that the person has. Once people with no disability will start accepting the beauty of the disabled people, they will start loving themselves more.


The biggest disappointment is society considers disabled people as non-human whereas differently able people get more disabled while trying to impress the same society.


Jesus was subjected himself to disability when he was crucified. His scars continued to be the sign of God’s solidarity with human.


If a man lacks eyes, it does not mean he lacks vision as well. Probably he can feel, see and realise many things than a person who does not lack eyes.


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