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World Diabetes Day Essay Speech Quotes Status Date

World Diabetes Day Essay Speech Quotes Status Date Celebration Ideas Story History

World Diabetes Day Essay


World Diabetes Day is celebrated around the world on 14th of November to raise awareness about Type 2 Diabetes, its causes and how people can avoid it. It’s considered the largest global public awareness campaign centered around the disease.

World Diabetes Day Essay


The day originated as a result of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organization’s joint efforts to create a massive public awareness campaign for Diabetes. In 2006 UN also declared it an official UN Day to by passing a resolution.


Around early 1990s as diabetes cases grew from a steady pace around the world, it rang a warning bell for health organizations. Though IDF used to organize several campaigns centered around diabetes every year, the rise of disease at a global scale made it clear that there was need of a massive global campaign to combat it. So in 1991 IDF joined hands with WHO and both entities celebrated first World Diabetes Day (WDD) on November 14, 1991.


The date selected for the day also has a short story of itself. November 14 was chosen for the day because it was the birthday of Frederick Banting, Canadian scientist who was the first to use insulin on humans for treatment of Diabetes.

NameWorld Diabetes Day
OriginInternational Diabetes Federation and World Health Organization
First Celebration DateNovember 14, 1991
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind ofIMP Day
Date TypeFix
World Diabetes Day Celebration DateNovember 14, 2016
November 14, 2017
November 14, 2018
November 14, 2019
November 14, 2020

How it is celebrated?

IDF selects a new theme centered around a diabetic issue every year for the event. Once it’s selected, a wide range of activities are organized around the globe to celebrate WDD. Some of them include:

  • Media Coverage: Special programs are organized on TV and radio channels in which experts from medical field answer people’s questions regarding Diabetes. News and articles related to the event are also published by both print and online news outlets.
  • Diabetes Screening: Medical organizations take part in WDD by organizing free diabetes screening camps. Many of them organize these camps to check people for diabetes and provide reports free of cost.
  • Day offs: Organizations and educational institutions celebrate the day by providing a day off to people suffering from diabetes on this day. However, this practice is seen primarily in Western Countries only.

Some stats about its celebration include

New Celebration Ideas

You can take part in WDD by doing any of the following:

  • Educating people in your circle about how to prevent Type 2 Diabetes. You can easily do so by distributing material that can be downloaded for free from IDF’s website.
  • Using social media to share information about diabetes awareness. The resources for sharing on your profile can be downloaded from WDD’s official website.

Purpose of Celebration

WDD is celebrated to raise public awareness about Type 2 Diabetes to help people suffering from it manage it in a better way. Plus, the knowledge of how this disease transfers itself through generations is also shared during the day so people can learn how to secure their future generations from the disease.

Impact on society of World Diabetes Day

WDD creates a positive image of medical organizations among people when they organize free screening camps or indulge in public awareness campaigns related to diabetes. This is a very important thing in today’s era in which medical community is often seen with a lot of skepticism. Decreasing that skepticism is critical, because it holds people back from visiting the doctors unless it’s an absolute necessity, which results in unnecessary health complications. Therefore, WDD leaves a very good impact on society by diluting that skepticism to a certain level.

Response of Society

Since Diabetes has become a popular name in many societies, a day themed around it is taken with great deal of interest by the society. People curiously try to learn more about the day by discussing about it or searching it on the internet, which helps in increasing their knowledge about the disease.

Pros and Cons

Helps in spreading awareness about the causes of diabetesMany practices promoted during the day for preventing diabetes have their own limitations
Promotes usage of insulin and healthy diets for diabeticsInsulin can be helpful in treating diabetes temporarily, but it also has its own downsides
Encourages people to keep fighting against diabetes as they learn that they’re not alone in the fightExercise programs for weight loss may stop working when you start taking insulin, which is promoted heavily during the day by some organizations
Acts as a platform to unite the world against this deadly diseaseIt’s good to unite the world against this fight, but at the same time people should also be educated about the risks associated with insulin (i.e. elevated blood pressure levels)
Helps people learn more about how they can prevent disease from transferring itself into future generationsSince diabetes can cause itself both genetically and habitually, the likelihood of future generations getting it depends to a great deal on their own habits as well
Celebrities promoting the event through various campaigns helps in convincing people easilyConvincing people against the misleading facts (i.e. the pros of insulin without pointing out the cons) often leads to more harm than benefit
As people learn about the progress world is making in fighting with diabetes, it increases their willpower to fight with the disease more stronglyIt’s nice to have willpower to fight against such concerning diseases, but proper knowledge should also be combined with it
Marks a regular time when world focuses on this deadly disease, which helps in ensuring that we don’t lose our focus from itFocus regarding such critical concerns should be maintained regularly rather than annually


Last year’s Diabetes statistics speak a lot the importance of this day. Have a look on them:

Total adults living with Diabetes415 million
Annual deaths from Diabetes5 million
Healthcare costs spent on Diabetes$670 billion
Percentage of global healthcare costs spent on Diabetes12%
Number of Diabetics expected in world by 2040More than 600 million

As you can see for yourself, Diabetes has become a major threat to human life. Therefore, it’s important to celebrate WDD to increase common men’s knowledge about this disease. However, at the same time it’s also imperative to educate people about the limitations and risks associated with insulin and other diabetes prevention mechanisms. Organizations that indulge in public awareness campaigns related to insulin’s usage on WDD should also advise people to avoid taking it unless it’s the only way remaining to control someone’s blood sugar levels. That way we can make the best use of this day to prevent to slow down the growth of Diabetes.


Speech On World Diabetes Day

Speech On World Diabetes Day

Numbers say that there’re more than 415 million diabetics in the world. That’s a lot more than the population of USA, and it doesn’t include those pre-diabetics who’re on the verge of falling prey to this disease. This makes diabetes a serious cause of concern for the world and a challenge that requires immediate attention. Therefore, we need to strengthen our fight against this disease as quickly as possible.

The reason due to which diabetes matters much more than any other disease is its severity. In extreme cases it can even break down the whole nervous system of its victim (a condition known as diabetic neuropathy in medical science), which can result in a whole lot of different problems depending on which nerves are damaged. In many cases this has also lead to death. What’s worst about Diabetes is its genetically transferable nature, which means that if you get it it during an early age then it may also transfer itself to your future children. Such a serious disease taking over the world like a storm is a serious threat.

Therefore, it’s imperative to stand up against this slow-killer as quickly as possible. Public awareness campaigns about the disease help in educating people on how they can avoid diabetes if they don’t have it, and also in how can they deal with it if they’ve got it. There’re many myths surrounding the disease that need to cleared out, and events like World Diabetes Day can help a lot in rationalizing them with facts. For example, the most common myth is that eating sugar leads to diabetes, which simply isn’t true. The fact is that eating sugar leads to diabetes only if it results in weight gain. There are many other myths like this, which need to be addressed if this world has to be made diabetes free.

Therefore, we should continue to celebrate World Diabetes Day to spread awareness about diabetes. It’s the only way to save world from this slow death.


Quotes & Status On World Diabetes Day

Quotes & Status On World Diabetes Day

Managing diabetes is an art, not science.


Diabetes feel sweet in the beginning, but it comes with a needle.


Winning may not always be everything, but it is when you’re fighting diabetes.


Obesity increases the risk of serious diseases like Type 2 Diabetes in children.


Insulin is misinterpreted as a cure for diabetes. It’s not – it’s just a treatment.


Some diseases come from genes, some come from our own habits. Diabetes can come from either of them.


Rather than dreaming we should stand up and pledge to make this world diabetes free.


Diabetes is probably the worst killer in the world – it keeps killing throughout the life without saying anything.


You’re not ill if you’ve diabetes – it’s just a lazy Pancreas sitting inside you.


A little bit of insulin helps the sugar go down.


Patience is the best friend for a diabetic.


The true test of your willpower comes when you become diabetic.


There’re more than 382 million people living with diabetes in this world, which is more than the population of USA.


A spoonful of insulin a day keeps diabetes away.


So you’ve got diabetes. Have you got insulin then?


Battling diabetes and emerging victor requires a lot of patience, willpower and discipline. Have you got them?


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