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World Arthritis Day Essay, Speech, Quotes & Status, History, Story & Date Of Celebration

World Arthritis Day Essay, Speech, Quotes & Status, History, Story & Date Of Celebration

World Arthritis Day Essay

Definition/ Introduction

Arthritis is a condition that impacts millions of people around the world. World Arthritis Day was created as a holiday that acknowledges the need to help those who suffer from arthritis and to understand what can be done to change how arthritis is treated.World Arthritis Day is on October 12 every year. The event focuses on a look at what can be done to treat arthritis and to promote a strong support network for those who are dealing with this difficult condition.

Facts About Arthritis

How many are impacted?Close to a quarter of people around the world are impacted by some form of arthritis each day.
Can the joints become a problem?Joint deformities often come about as a result of arthritis. Sometimes arthritis is triggered further by such physical issues.
What mental effects are there?Anxiety is a serious problem that can come about in those who have arthritis. This comes as people feel reserved about going places and doing things because their bodies don’t function as well as they should.
How long can arthritis last for?Arthritis can be a chronic condition that can last for one’s entire lifetime. This depends heavily on how well the body tolerates the condition.
What are people trying to avoid medications?While some medications might treat arthritis pains, they can cause unwanted side effects and fatigue. Even worse, they only mask the problems without actually treating the issue.
  • Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis can be noticed by the irritation that comes in one’s joints while trying to move them. Arthritis can develop particularly around the hands and other smaller joints at the start and can eventually move into other joints like the elbows or knees.

Inflammation and swelling are common signs of arthritis as well. These signs entail the body struggling to move properly and feel healthy. This can cause substantial damages if not managed well enough.

There are also times when arthritis may be seen through the bruising that can develop around the impacted joints. These bruises can make it harder for the skin to feel healthy and comfortable. This in turn can cause serious damages depending on how intense the condition is.

The greatest concern is that these signs might entail serious damages that can keep the body from feeling healthy. These damages can come about as the body struggles to feel healthy. The irritation can cause a burning sensation in some cases, thus making it harder for the body to feel comfortable and healthy for any purpose.

  • Arthritis Cure

Arthritis can be cured by working with a sensible therapy program. This includes working with exercises to help with managing the joints and by easing them into proper movements. Sometimes therapies might entail working hard to allow the joints to move back and forth as needed. This could help well when trying to ease the joints.

Underwater exercises are especially worthwhile for how they are easier for the body to manage. this comes from how the exercises do not cause any substantial amounts of pressure on the skin and should be easier for the body to tolerate.

Also, some supplements may help people to keep their joints healthy. Glucosamine supplements are popular in that they promote the body’s natural ability to produce collagen. This is needed to help with improving how flexible the joints may be and can keep tissues from being irritated. These supplements may be added alongside an exercise program.

Sometimes surgical treatments are needed for more significant forms of arthritis. These include conditions where particular tissues or joints have to be replaced. However, this solution is for those who have tried to use other treatment options and have not been successful in terms of getting these to work well enough. This can be problematic but it may be the last option to consider when it comes to an arthritis cure.

World Arthritis Day Essay

Origin Of World Arthritis Day 

World Arthritis Day was founded as an event which helps to increase awareness of arthritis and other rheumatoid and musculoskeletal diseases. The holiday influences public policies by prompting government workers and leaders to understand the steps that can be used to improve how well the body is able to respond to various pains.

History Behind World Arthritis Day 

World Arthritis Day was founded in 1996 by Arthritis and Rheumatism International. This was particularly supported by the European League Against Rheumatism as an event which focuses heavily on understanding the condition and seeing what can be done to support those who have this condition.

The holiday places a strong emphasis on understanding what can be done with regards to helping people see what can be done to keep this condition from being worse to others. It places a focus on looking for cures to the condition and understanding what should be done to ensure that the condition becomes less of a threat to those who have it.

Story Behind World Arthritis Day

Arthritis is a condition that can become extremely difficult to people all around the world. This comes as it makes it harder for people to freely move their bodies. World Arthritis Day was established as a day that helps people understand how arthritis develops and what can be done to support and help those who suffer from arthritis. This is to keep the condition from being harder to live with than necessary.

NameWorld Arthritis Day
OriginArthritis and Rheumatism International
First Celebration Date1996
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind OfSocial issue holiday to raise awareness
Date TypeFixed
Celebrated annually on October 12

How Is It Celebrated?

  • The holiday helps to promote new legislation to help with assisting people with arthritis to live healthier lives. These include legislations to promote the development of more accessible properties.
  • People will learn about how to perform various exercises for their arthritis relief needs on this holiday. These include activities to improve the overall functionality of the joints.
  • Participants also work to interact with others who have arthritis to establish stronger support groups. Much of this is to assist in the creation of a stronger system where people will have a clearer understanding of how to control their symptoms.

New Celebration Ideas

  • People with arthritis can engage in walking activities. These can be done to help with exercising their bodies and to improve their ranges of motion.
  • Children with juvenile arthritis may be supported by bringing them to different events. They can be brought to hiking trips and other physical activities that may be tailored to suit their movement needs.
  • People can also learn about natural treatment options for arthritis relating to dietary changes or how to work with appropriate exercises. These may be taught to help people learn how to manage arthritis without risking any serious problems.

Importance of the Celebration

  • People who suffer from arthritis will feel empowered. They will understand that they can get their problems treated well enough if they use the right strategies to improve their lives.
  • The holiday especially allows people to find new ways to stay healthy. They will be encouraged to stay active and more capable of being functional in terms of how one’s body works.

Response of Society

  • People are more aware of how arthritis develops. They understand that this is a condition that can develop in anyone’s body.
  • It is also clear as to what people can do to keep the effects of arthritis from being a huge threat to their lives. This includes a better idea of what people can do to treat the effects of arthritis and to keep it from being a pervasive part of one’s life.

Pros and Cons On World Arthritis Day

People understand more about how arthritis develops and what makes it harmful.There is a concern that arthritis might be more genetic.
People learn how to manage their bodies and understand what to do to keep arthritis from limiting their lives.The intensity of arthritis in the body will vary by each person. To some people, it is impossible to live with it.
New treatment options are often promoted to help people understand what they can do to manage their symptoms.Sometimes the condition might be impossible to treat without the use of risky medicines.
This holiday encourages people to stay active.It is often tough to figure out the causes of arthritis in some people.
Governments may be encouraged to pool resources to find ways to look into the problem of arthritis.The ways how government might delve into the concerns people have with arthritis can be rather varied in terms of what may be done.
People from all over the world are cared for with regards to improving their bodies.Arthritis is not as well known in other places around the world.
The human body may be studied carefully with regards to how well it can respond to different treatments.Some studies for arthritis might be too complicated or vague in terms of results.
The lives of people who have arthritis will be easier to manage when they are treated well.All people respond to treatments in their own ways based on how well they can work.


World Arthritis Day is an event that focuses on helping people with arthritis learn about how to have healthier and better lives. The holiday helps people to see what they can do in order to stay comfortable with their bodies and to avoid substantial problems over time. This holiday is about giving people clear ideas on what they can do to stay healthy and how to improve upon their lives over time even when dealing with arthritis.


World Arthritis Day Speech

Speech On World Arthritis Day 

Imagine if you are struggling to move your body properly because it feels stiff or worn. Imagine now if you were bearing with this issue every day in your life. This is what life is like for those who have arthritis. If anything, it is an extremely difficult part of life that keeps people from feeling happy or active. It is as though people will stop functioning in their lives just because they have this condition.

Arthritis is a very difficult problem that is real for many people around the world. People are suffering from arthritis all over because of many reasons. To some their joints are worn out they have used them too much. In other cases it can be due to genetics. Either way, the problems that can come about as a result of joint pains can be rather substantial and difficult to live with.

We often take our bodies for granted and we never really think about how important they are to us until we end up losing our ability to stay healthy. It is up to us to understand what causes arthritis and how it can be treated.

Arthritis needs to be supported through healthy exercises designed to improve the body’s range of motion. Healthy lifestyle changes may also improve how well the body responds to the condition.

We can all do our part to understand what causes arthritis to develop and how to live with it and keep it from being worse. It is all about helping us to understand what can be done to keep our bodies from being in serious trouble over time.


World Arthritis Day Status Quotes

Quotes & Status On World Arthritis Day

As difficult as arthritis may be on the body, giving up is not an option to follow. The best people always fight through the difficulties that they come across in their lives.


People don’t deserve to have arthritis but it is a fact of life that cannot really be changed.


People need to work hard to be strong even when their bodies are keeping them from staying healthy and protected.


It is up to people to understand that chronic pains are not the end of the world. People can live full lives when they know what to do to keep their pains from getting back at them.


The hardest battles in life are always given to the people who are strong enough to make it through and to survive.


People who are ill for whatever reason might look like they are in bad shape but they are really people who are just doing what they can to stay healthy and move forward in their lives.


There is no shame in being different from others. The key is how well someone is able to live a good life amid the struggles that might come about.

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