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World AIDS Day Speech Quotes And Activities 2019

World AIDS Day Speech Quotes And Activities Themes 2017

AIDS is the biggest threat that is undermines the health and well being of the present generation. The disease is caused by the HIV virus. The full form of HIV is Human immunodeficiency virus and it is a sexually transmitted disorder. There are three ways in which the virus is contracted. One is through unprotected sex with a patient. The second way of contracting the disease is by blood transfusion. Lastly, the virus can be transferred from a pregnant mother to her unborn child. During the early days, people were not aware of the disease and they had many misconceptions. The fear of the unknown prompted people to confine the patients and the condition of HIV positive people was very sorry.

World AIDS Day Speech Quotes And Activities Themes 2017

With time, researches were conducted and unknown facts were discovered. To spread awareness about the diseases, celebration of the World AIDS Day was coined. The main objective behind the celebration of the day is to foster a feeling of respect and solidarity towards people who are suffering from the disease. Millions of people die from the disease each year but now, steps have been taken to contain the disease.

Origin of the World Aids Day

Each year, the World AIDS day is celebrated on the 1st of Dec. The day was established by the United Nations Organization and it was celebrated for the first time in the year
1988. Since then, the 1st of Dec is observed all over the world as the World AIDS Day. The program started in all countries which were a part of the UN.

History of International Aids Day

Two names, Thomas Netter James and W. Bunn have gone down in the pages of the history books as the men who started the very first awareness campaign against the disease. They were associated with the public information department that was monitoring the Global Programme on AIDS. It was in 1987 that the World Health Organization, located in Geneva, took up the program and Dr. Jonathan Mann was the then Director of the operation of the AIDS program.

Bunn and Dr. James approached the office of the director with their idea of campaigning about the disease through the celebration of Words AIDS Day. After listening to the proposal, the Director was convinced that it would provide positive results. From the very next year, 1st December was observed as the World AIDS Day. As Bunn was associated with the broadcasting medium, he arranged to telecast a program that was focused on the subject.

Name World AIDS Day
world aids day is celebrated on 1 December
Origin (First Celebrated ) Geneva, Switzerland
Followed By All UN Member States
Celebration Frequency Annual
Kind of Social Awareness
Date TypeFixed

Upcoming Celebration Dates

20171 Dec
2018 1 Dec
2019 1 Dec
2020 1 Dec

Why is World AIDS Day important?

As mentioned earlier, the second and third world countries did not have any knowledge about the disease or how it spread. Even though the first world countries had developed health care systems, they were failing to control the disease. The main cause of this was lack of awareness among people. WHO understood that they needed to make common people aware of the basics of the virus and then they would succeed in controlling it. The World AIDS Day celebration played an instrumental role in raising the overall awareness of the people in all parts on the world.

Due to lack of proper knowledge, the attitude of normal people, towards the patients was not good. They were subjected to a lot of humiliation and discrimination. WHO realized that it must be stopped and these patients deserve the care and respects that others get. It was the only way of making them a part of the mainstream society. Thus, the day puts stress on the need of being compassionate towards the patients.

AIDS Day symbol and meaning

The “red ribbon” has been selected as the symbol to represent World AIDS Day. Thus, on the day, it is customary to pin up a red ribbon on the shirt. It will depict that the person is aware of the disease and is ready to accept the patients as a part of the society. It is a sign of harmony and represents that all should unite in their efforts to fight the disease. It should be done by shunning the virus and not the patients. Showing compassion towards patients who have contracted the HIV virus and are surviving with AIDS, against all odds, is a must.

How is it celebrated?

  1. Planning and creating awareness among the people is the main motive of the celebration of the day. Thus, NGOs and health care centers in each locality, with the support of the local administration and the general people organize rallies, preaching about the various aspects of the disease.
  2. Sex education and guidance towards prevention of AIDS is a must. Thus, the members of NGOs reach the schools and colleges and teach the young adults about HIV virus, how it affects the human body, how it is contracted and ways in which it can be prevented.
  3. Rallies and mass meetings are other ways of creating general awareness about AIDS. The local administration plays a vital role in organizing these meetings. People from all walks of life take part in these rallies and spread the word far and wide.
  4. All public platforms can be used for making the society aware about the ill-effects of the disease. Television channels, newspapers, magazines and social media will assist in broadcasting awareness messages.
  5. Last but not the least; urging people to wear the red ribbon will assist in spread the news and make people aware of the preventive means.

Activities for students

Making the students aware of the disease and its spread is a must. If the present generation has the right knowledge, then the future will be safe. The students of today will bring out development in the society tomorrow. Thus, many activities are organized by and for the students to spread the awareness among them.

To start with, sex education is a must. If the youngsters have access to proper sex awareness, then they will be careful about the taking the preventive measures. Importing sex education is an integral part of the student awareness program.

They are shown short films and medical documentaries, which allow them not only to gather information about exploring their sexuality, but also give them knowledge about how to stay away from contracting the disease.

Teachers provide information about the biological aspects. Most school and colleges bring in health care specialists who impart knowledge about the scientific causes of spread of the virus. The students are given booklets that contain details about the disease and how it can be prevented.

Activities at the work place

Discrimination with AIDS patients was very common. As soon as it was revealed that any employee has contracted the disease, he/she was sacked on illogical grounds. In most private and government offices, people with HIV positive reports were not employed. IT resulted in these patients finding it hard to bag a good job and was forced to lead their lives in misery.

The administration also takes initiatives to spread the word and who all should show solidarity towards AIDS patients. The employees and administration take the oath to be friendly towards and courteous towards AIDS patients. They will give these patients the respect that each colleague deserves. All these proactive steps make the workplace a much welcome place for the AIDS patients. All private and public offices openly welcome people who are suffering from AIDS.

World AIDS day theme 2017

Each year, a new topic is selected as the theme of World AIDS day celebration. For the financial year 2017 – 2018, the theme of the awareness campaign has been selected as #LETSENDIT. The base of the theme is to take the necessary steps to end the disease, not only from spreading but also from originating.

Awareness and response of the society

  1. During the early years, society had a rigid attitude towards the disease and the patients suffering from AIDS. It looked down upon the patients and shunned them from all social activities. They were cast out of public places.
  2. They were not allowed to enter public places as well. But with time, researchers have proven that AIDS is not contagious and can only be contracted by three specific ways.
  3. The celebration of the World AIDS Day made it possible for the doctors and health care socialists to carry out awareness campaigns. The public platforms were can be used to educating people about the various aspects of the disease.
  4. The spread of the campaign has reached far ends of the world and people all over the world are now aware of the ways in which they can save themselves from the deathly clutches of the diseases.
  5. Credit should be given to the public platforms, media houses and respective governments of all nations for fueling the campaign. Now, people have learned that contracting AIDS does not mean that you have to die a horrible death.
  6. The light of education and awareness has enlightened average individuals and it has caused them to be more acceptable towards the patients.


With time, people have understood the importance of awareness of the disease. The World AIDS day is celebrated for providing the people with necessary information about the condition. It also puts stress on the medical research that is carried on by several institutes.

Quotes On World Aids Day

“Children need love and affection but not the curse of AIDS”

“By providing smaller aids to people, we can aid the humanity in a massive scale.”

“Judging people leaves very less scope for us to adore them.”

“Only the light of knowledge about AIDS can rid us from the darkness of fear, misconception and pain.”

“The life threatening disease has a hunger that can take out the entire humanity. The only way of protecting the present and the future is with proper knowledge and prevention.”

“It is not right to hate the patients…we should hate the disease and extend a helping hand towards those who need it the most.”

“Closing our eyes will not stop the disease from claiming innocent lives. We should strive towards making the society AIDS free.”

“Taking preventive measures at local levels will assist in creating a world-wide awareness.”

“If you want to give your children a better tomorrow, make sure that you educated them about AIDS today.”

“Linking AIDS with the wrath of God has no foundation. It is like any other disease that is yet to be uprooted from the society. With adequate awareness we can achieve the goal of eradicating this disease from the face of this planet.”


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