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Women’s Day Essay Information History Quotes 2019

Women’s Day Essay Information History Quotes Speech Theme 2018

            It’s a truism that Women are the better half of the world and nobody denies that fact.The International Women’s Day is a day for women to be celebrated and honored for their immense contributions to the successes of men and families and the society at large. This day is dedicated to celebrating the women in our lives and honoring those that have impacted you in any area of life.

Women all over the world have come a long way to realize their place in the society. Their position and function in the society are not narrowed to reproduction alone. Today the woman stands on an identical position as men. She does everything that is perceived that only men can do. To name but few, she runs businesses, makes families, she serves in the military, leads nations, runs space missions and fights the fair fights of the society. With all responsibilities, she hasn’t relented her effort on the institution of marriage and family. Nonetheless, she is still a mother and a woman.


“National Woman’s Day”, was first observed on February 28, 1909, in New York. This occasion was arranged by the proposal of Theresa Malkiel.

There have been so many speculations that this day was to honor a protest carried out by women garment workers in New York on March 8, 1857. Though this has been defined as a myth.

Gradually with time, an International Women’s Convention was organized to precede the general meeting of the Socialist 2nd International in Denmark, Copenhagen, in August 1910. Inspired by the United States communalist and German communalist, Clara Zetkin, LuiseZietz, Kate Duncker proposed the establishing of a once a year International Woman’s day.

Representatives of about 100 women from 17 countries approbated the idea as a conduit to encourage equal right as well as empowerment for women.

In the next year, Women’s Day was celebrated by millions of people in Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and Denmark.

Women agitated for the right to vote and to be voted for and to hold public offices. They objected strongly in opposition to employment sex bias.

Women in America continued with the celebration of National Women’s Day until the edge of February.


1908-There was a remarkable debate happening among a lot of women.

1909 – On the 28th of February, International Women’s day was primary witnessed in the United States of America

1910 – In Copenhagen, in the time of the 2nd worldwide conference for staff members that are men of all ages. Clara first suggested the creation of International women’s day.

1911 – Clara’s proposal was approbated and celebrated.

1913-International women’s day turned out to be a conduit for promoting peace during World War 1. After then the date was moved to 8 March. And from then, this has been the universal date for the International women’s day.

1914 – Women all over Europe and other parts of the world organized rallies, in other to protest and fight against war.

1917 – Women all over Russia campaigned for peace and bread reasons because over 2 million soldiers were dead in World War 1.

This persisted until four days. After these four years, the Czar had no option, but to resign, and the provisional government now granted women the right to vote.

1975 – At the peak of international women’s day, the government of United States declared March 8 for women’s right and global peace.

1995 – 189 governments signed the participation of women in politics, women getting education, women could have an income, and women could live in the society liberated from violence and discrimination.

1996-1999 – United Nations adopted the annual theme.

This was a continuous process, even till date

2000 – There was a rebirth -Feminism.

2001 – The website for everything concerning the international women’s day was created.

2011 – The president of America publicly announce March 8, 2011 as a day for women history.

On March 8, 2011, events took place in over 100 countries in the world, in other to mark the 100th anniversary of the international women’s day.

Regrettably, 2011 was a step back for women in Egypt.

Women gathered in Tahrir Square to celebrate the international women’s day. During the celebration, a crowd of men came to the venue and chased all the women away. Relentlessly, the women marched to gather at Cairo central Tahrir square in other to continue the celebration of the international women’s day but a group of men outnumbered them and chased them out.

2012 – The theme for 2012 international women’s day was Empowering Rural Women”. On the strength of this, Oxfam America sends an invitation to people around the globe to celebrate and honor women in their lives.

2013 – The International Committee of the Red Cross created an awareness concerning the pitiable condition of women in prison.

2014 – Beyoncé, an American musician who is a feminist, published an International women’s day video to her fans. This video contained her song “flawless”, and a portion of the speech titled “We should all be feminists” by ChimamandaNgoziAdichie.

2015 – On the streets of Cameroon, there was a massive celebration of International women’s day.

2016 – The centric reason for international women’s day was on gender equality.

2017 – Antonio who was the united nation secretary gave a message, in full support of all women all over the globe.


Since the International Women’s Day has no particular organizer or a programmed agenda, it is in the place of women everywhere to determine how they want to use the day. It is in the place of women in all countries to express what the day really means to them, and what they expect to accomplish in this set day. On the strength of this, most women in the world used this occasion to address the following vicissitude affecting women.

Cancer– The effect of cancer on women is worse than some other form of diseases or virus. The two most common cancers are the breast and cervical cancers. On occasions like this, women are address on how to evade this form of disease.

Mental Health – Depression is the most frequent mental health challenge for women which usually lead to death. Awareness and treatment need to be super sensitive in the area of women’s mental health.

Heart Disease– Heart disease is one of the most leading causes of death.

A woman should be more aware of the heart healthiness selection that they make and also the type of lifestyle they should live, so as to attain a healthy lifestyle.

HIV/AIDS– HIV/AIDS and the stigma accompanied with STDs is also a major factor for death among women. It impedes them from searching for the required medical help and advice they need.

Days like International Women’s Day could be used to debug this mentality.



The theme for this year International Women’s Day is “Press for Progress”.


Involving in The International Women’s Day just because other countries are involved, won’t salvage the situation that women are in.Please do not only observe such type of trends and days thoughtlessly, with no knowledge of the significance or objectives correlated with the day. The significance of the day will be obvious as soon as the essence is recognized.

If we actually want to celebrate the International Women’s Day with love for our sisters, mothers, wife and female child, then we need to agree that there will be a perpetual respect for all the women in our society.

The entire problem of women around the globe is unique. They all seek for a very distinct gender method of handling them. It’s high time gender-specific studies and research started, so we enjoy equal rights as men.

Socio-political struggles of women around the globe should be brought to the limelight and examined. With the efforts dedicated towards this day, resources should also be invested in our health sector.

Cheers to the existence of this great creature of the Universe.


  1. “A woman is born with an innate power to love and save. Her existence on earth lies on the truthfulness in her eyes.”
  2. “The future mothers of our society are the women, and it is important that we focus on how they fare.
  3. “A feminist is someone who identifies the equality and the position of women and men.”
  4. “All of us can’t succeed when women are held back”
  5. “I am not free if all women are not free, even when her burden is very different from mine.”
  6. “At the edge of the day, do not disremember that you are a person, do not fail to remember that you are a mother, and do not forget you are a true wife.”

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