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Venugopal Dhoot Biography Family Tree Caste Net Worth

Venugopal Dhoot (Caste) Biography, Family Tree, Net Worth

Venugopal Dhoot is one of the richest people in India. He is a chairperson of Videocon, a prominent manufacturing services company. Dhoot is a popular figure in India for his work with Videocon and continues to be vital for his great work. His company has been expanding over the years to become stronger.

Venugopal Dhoot

Birth DateSeptember 30, 1951
FatherNandlal Madhavlal Dhoot
CollegePune University, Pune Engineering College
Current OccupationChairman of the Videocon Corporation

Initial Life and Education

Venugopal Dhoot was born in 1951 in Mumbai. He is the son of Nandlal Madhaval Dhoot, a popular industrialist. He was a popular cotton and sugarcane mogul who formed the Videocon Corporation. He also helped develop the electronics department of Videocon. That segment of the business was vital for helping to introduce colour television sets, what with the group being the first in India to receive a license for making such sets.

Dhoot attended Pune University and earned his BE in Electrical Engineering from the school. He also attended courses at Pune Engineering College.  It did not take long for him to get into Videocon and to start working to make the company a stronger force throughout India.

Family Tree, Wife, Children

Venugopal Dhoot is married to Rama Dhoot and has two children, Anirudh and Surbhi. He is also the brother of Rajkumar Dhoot, a member of the Parliament in the state of Maharashtra.

Dhoot has been known for being a caring and supportive family man over the years. He is even a vegetarian for spiritual reasons. He has also participated in many flute recital events with his family and has been active in many artistic endeavors of all kinds.

Career Points

The extensive career of Venugopal Dhoot has been marked by various important moments. These include several points relating to how Videocon has grown and become a more prominent business people in India have trusted:

  • He was a director of Value Industries Ltd from 1988 to 2012. This is a segment Videocon that focuses on the appliance trade.
  • In 2009, Dhoot oversaw the release of Videocon’s new mobile phones. Today the company works to sell an extensive variety of phones for all consumer needs.
  • He has helped to maintain the company’s status in the refrigerator and washing machine fields. Videocon’s machines in these departments continue to be among the most popular in the country even as Korean Chaebols have entered into the market.
  • Dhoot formed the Videocon School of Cricket in Kolkata. This organization helps train kids in learning how to play cricket. Former national cricket team player Saurav Ganguly works within the organization.
  • He became the president of the Electronic Industries Association of Marathwada and the Maharashtra United Nations Association. These are organized dedicated to promiting the development of electronics products throughout India.
  • In 2005, Videocon took over the colour picture tube businesses run by Thomson SA. This helped Videocon to have access to more picture tube manufacturers in many parts of Europe and North America as well as in China. During that same year, Videocon acquired a few plants operated by Philips and Electrolux throughout India, thus expanding its manufacturing footprint within the country.
  • Dhoot is also the president of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India. The organization assists in supporting businesses throughout India and also encourages international entities to enter into the country to do business there.


The following is a listing of some of Venugopal Dhoot’s most prominent achievements with many of these focusing on his work to make Videocon a stronger and more trusted entity throughout India:

  • Dhoot received the Marathwada Bhushan Award in 2005. The honor is given to those in India who focus on the production of consumer electronics and hardware program. The work is performed with the goal of making India a more economically and technologically sustainable nation.
  • In 2006, he received the Elcina Electronics Man of the Year award. This was given in recognition of his strong efforts in the field of technology and consumer electronics.
  • He continues to work on many green projects and once worked on a project to grow two million teak trees all across India.
  • His green efforts have helped influence Videocon to focus on green projects. The company won an honor in 2015 from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency for producing BEE star labeled appliances that adhere to specific operational standards.
  • The company has also worked hard to become trusted during Dhoot’s run. The company is listed by the Brand Trust Report as one of the most trusted brand names throughout India.

Net Worth

Forbes has listed him as being the 61st wealthiest person in all of India. His specific net worth is at $1.6 billion.As for Videocon, the business has an average revenue of about $4.9 billion per year. The company also has around 9,000 employees. These totals have been growing with Dhoot being in charge of its operations.

Current News

The work of Venugopal Dhoot continues to be important to people throughout all of India. He has even stated that he has not left in the country in more than five years. Many of the things that he has worked on in recent time include the following:

  • He recently sold a part of Videocon d2h to Silver Eagle Acquisition Corporation. Videocon d2h is a direct-to-home television service provider.
  • There had been some reports suggesting that he tried to get out of India to avoid a possible review by bankers over Rs. 20,000 crore that Videocon owed to many lending groups.
  • He has also put in work to help with managing oil and gas functions and services. He has assisted Videocon in recent time to help with growing the business and making it stronger and more diversified.

The general effort that Venugopal Dhoot has engaged in for growing Videocon continues to be noticeable and prominent. It is through his work that Videocon has grown into a popular business while Dhoot continues to expand his value and reach.

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