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Venkat Rahul Ragala Biography Weightlifter Caste Family

Venkat Rahul Ragala Biography [Gold Medal Winner In CWG 2018]

Venkat Rahul Ragala is a professional weight lifter by profession. He is well known for his skills with weight lifting sports for the Nation. The Indian Weight lifter has yet managed to create a historic event by Winning another Gold Medal for the Country in the 2018 CWG (Common Wealth Games). The new and latest attempt has been made by the young weight lifter from India in 85 Kgs men’s weight lifting category.

Venkat Rahul Ragala Biography

Venkat Rahul Ragala BIO

NameVenkat Rahul Ragala
Nick NameVenkat / Rahul
Date of BirthMarch 16th 1997
Age21 Years – Running
Home TownAndhra Pradesh – Guntur District
Body Stats
Height5’ 9”
Weight84 Kgs
Profession Information
ProfessionWeight Lifting
CategoryMen’s 85 Kgs
Medals2018 CWG – Gold
 2014 – SYO – Silver
 2013 AYG – Gold

Personal and Family Information

Venkat Rahul Ragala is an Indian Citizen by birth and was born on 16th March 1997. He is a professional weight lifter by profession and represented the Country for CWG 2018 held at Gold Coast Australia as an Independent competent. Venkat was born in Stuartpuran in Andhra Pradesh –(Guntur District).

When searching the internet not much information has been updated about his family or personal life yet. He was representing the country in men’s weight lifting sports at CWG 2018 for 85 Kgs category.

Career Achievements

  • 2018 CWG’s – In recent events at the Gold Coast Australia, Venkat had made an attempt to win Gold medal for the country. He was also representing the nation for men’s 85 Kgs category and made a very clear attempt to lift a total weight of 338 Kgs. He attempted to lift 151 Kgs and 187 Kgs for snatch and clean / Jerk lift. With this the country had also managed to win its Forth Gold medal in CWG 2018 in weight lifting category.
  • 2014 SYO – Venkat had earlier also made his record for winning the Silver medal at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics that was held at Nanjing. The medal was won by Venkat in 77 Kgs category.
  • 2013 AYG – Venkat had first displayed his weight lifting skills by winning a Gold medal at the 2013 Asian Youth Games that were held at Nanjing. In this event Venkat was competing for 77 Kgs men’s category.


  • One of his best records was created by Venkat Rahul at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics the moment he managed to win a Silver medal in weight lifting for the country. The event and occasion was very much important for the country as this was also first of the medals that India had ever won in the weight lifting sports at any Olympics event. This day had created history for the nation and it was created by Venkat Rahul.
  • In recent attempts Rahul Venkat also managed to create yet another moment of history by bagging in Fourth Gold medal for the country in weight lifting category in Common Wealth Games 2018.


With over two Gold medals and one Silver medal to his credit it is obvious that Venkat Rahul Ragala has a very bright future in the country in weight lifting. With just 21 years of age, it is obvious that we may get to see more of his performance in coming Olympics events very soon.


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