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Valentine’s Day Essay Speech Story History And Quotes

Valentine’s Day Essay Quotes Speech Story Celebration Ideas and Date Of Celebration In All Over World

Valentines Day is celebrated by almost everyone across the globe. The day is celebrated irrespective of age, caste or religion. On this day people across the globe offer each other with gifts, flowers, candies and lot more with an aim to express their eternal love and care for each other.

On this day, it is ideal for any one to freely express your love and care for other person. Exchanging gifts is one of the best ways to express and so people around the world exchange gifts on this day.

Date of Celebration

  • The date is observed by many people across the globe in different communities. In general, most countries across the globe celebrate this day on 14th February every year.
  • The day has its own significance as it is also considered as Saint Valentines Feast day. The day is fixed according to the Christian Church in the West. There are certain Orthodox communities belonging to the Eastern Orthodox Church who celebrate Valentines day on 6th of July and 30th of July every year.

History and Story

  • There are different stories related to the origin and celebration of valentines day. The festival termed as Lupercalia is celebrated by Romans on 15th the Romans celebrated the festival on account of gaining victory over the wolves. They also celebrated in honor of their God.
  • Some people related this as the reason behind celebrating valentines day. Some others relate the legend of St. Valentine who was a priest of the 3rd century in the Roman emperor.
  • At that time Rome was rules by Emperor Claudius II who belied that unmarried men were best ones to be trained as soldiers. But according to Sty. Valentine, this decision was unjust as the Emperor outlawed the decision of marriage during his regime.
  • Valentine also helped your couples who were in love to get married secretly. He moment Emperor fond out about this act he immediately got St. Valentine imprisoned. Alter after his harsh decision St. Valentine was sentenced to death.
  • So there a number of couples around the globe who tell stories about the Legend St. Valentines and the reason behind celebrating this day. In general, couples gift each other flowers on this day in his remembrance. This is one of the stories that is followed and believed by many people around the globe.
  • Some people also follow the Cupids story behind celebration of this day. The word cupid is derived from desire which is originated from Latin. According to the legends, Cupid is also better known as the son of Venus who is love goddesses. He is also known as God of Love in Greek mythology. According to stories Cupid is said to be misbehaving by injuring Humans and God by his arrow. This act makes then fall in love with each other. So many people believe this story and celebrate Valentines day on 15th

According to history, St. Valentine is one of the most popular reasons for celebration of Valentines day. He was a Martyr who was imprisoned, beaten up, stoned and then finally beheaded by emperor for helping Christians getting married secretly. He was also declared as Patron of love by people and young couples.

Celebration Ideas for Valentines Day

In present time, love is one important factor for most people. During Valentine day you get a chance to be loved as well as love some one. This is an occasion when you get a chance to experience love from your friends and family members. The fact is that on this day you get to share love with others. So in this article we shall share some of the best ways to celebrate this day with others.

  • You can gift a bag full of kisses written on bits of paper to your loved ones or to your wife. This may not cost you much money but has the power to add a lot of smiles on faces of your loved ones. You can also request your wife to pick a few papers from the bag as token of love. And then you can share this special moment with her.
  • You can also try and create a small love book for your friend or your spouse. You can mention all good times you had spent with her in the past years. Some more words can be added to it by thanking her for everything. The fact is that your spouse may feel this as the best gift for her life time. This will also help you stay focused on things that you like most in your spouse.
  • You can also play a game of scavenger hunt along with your spouse or your friend. You can provide them with clues to few important things that you might have hidden for them in the room. The moment she gives the right answer to your riddles you can gift her with something valuable.
  • One of the best ways to enjoy Valentines day is to take your spouse out for a candle light dinner. This can be very much romantic for her and you. It will also be ideal to go out to watch a romantic movie with her alone. You can also rent a DVD at home and enjoy it in your own privacy.
  • It is also ideal to try and arrange a little getaway with her in this day. This will definitely surprise her. Try to book services for breakfast and bed at a luxurious hotel nearby. If you have kids then you can arrange for a child care service at your home. This will always be considered as best experience of her life time.
  • If you are little bit considered of making your day more economical then you can best try and gift her a dozen red roses. A small message of love attached to it can make a big difference in her life. You can also request her to join you for a date.
  • If selecting luxury hotel room for night out is not affordable then you can also try and book a table at the nearby restaurant to spend some time with her alone. You can take her out on a dinner or breakfast. You can always spend some valuable time together with her alone.
  • If you have purchased bunch of roses then you can ensure that you deliver her all of them while one last one can be delivered by you personally.
  • Gifting helium heart shaped balloons can also bring a lot of smile on her face this Valentines. Some other gifts including night gown can also add a lot of smile on her face. Few candles and an entire weekend alone with her can definitely make this valentines day very special for her.

Practically you can have as many ways to celebrate this day as possible. You can think of something new this valentines day to celebrate with your spouse or friends.


Valentines day is celebrated for loved ones so you get to maintain a very healthy and string relationship with them. You need to keep in mind that love is just not restricted to Valentines day but in present time when most of us are busy with our schedules, then This day does become very special for people we love. Most of us take out time on this day to express ourselves to the people we love and care.

We can follow any trend, custom or tradition to love and express our love to others on this day. We can do a lot of things on this day to make it very special for others and our loved ones.

Quotes On Valentines Day

  • How did it take place that their lips were together? – How do birds chrip, or snow melts or even the dawn break away behind the high rising mountain, is not easy to understand. But a Kiss can make understanding more simple.
  • You may not be sure if the stars are burning mass of fire, you may not be sure if the sun is still or not, you may never be sure if the truth is not a liar, but you can always be sure that I love.
  • What is love all about? You have to remember that love is not about holding but letting it go. Then it is about making your first move without moving your feet.
  • Love is all about out destiny – we don’t look around for perfect leanings on our own but we try and find the true meaning with each other.
  • Your whispers did not just reach my ears as it touched deep inside my heart. The moment you kissed me it dint just touch my lips but touched my soul.
  • The time I felt like first love, to begin searching for you, without realizing it was blind. Lovers don’t just meet any where they are always there for each other.
  • Every one wants to be loved a little. But sharing chocolates at times can make a big difference.
  • In case you only maintain simple smile, it is better to share it with one who loves you.
  • By simply hugging someone you can convey the message of love and care to others.

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