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Utkal Divas (Odisha Day) Essay History Celebration

Utkal Divas (Odisha Day) Essay History Celebration Speech Quotes

Each state in India has its own color, flavor and attractions. The culture and heritage of one state is different from another. One state that has occupied an important place in the development and history of India is Odisha. The vast state has much that intrigues the mind and heart of international and national tourists alike. The state has a long and rich history. The people had to struggle a lot to acquire their independence and identity. To celebrate the fight and achievements of the people, the state government organizes the celebration of Utkal Divas or the Odisha Day.

Utkal Divas Odisha Day Essay History Celebration Speech Quotes

Date of celebration

The people of the state and the state government join hands to celebrate the Utkal Divas on the 1st of April. The day is celebrated with a lot of grandeur each year. The day holds a lot of significance as it marks the day, when people of this area succeeded in their long struggle, and established their identity.

History of the day

The region was under the Utkal kings. During the days of Ashoka, this region was invaded by his forces, the king was defeated. Then the Muryan Empire was established here. The last ruler of Odisha was Mukunda Dev. He was defeated and killed during the invasion during 1568. After the king feel, the entire area lost its identity. The people of the state had to fight for long to regain their identity, based on linguistics difference. This fight finally paid off in 1936. During this time, the country was under the rule of the British. On the 1st of February on that year, the British rule announced that Odisha as a discrete region.

It was the efforts of people like Utkala Gaurav Madhusudan Das, Maharaja Shri Ramachandra Bhanjadeo, Utkalamani Gopabandhu Das, Raja Baikunthanath Dey, Maharaja Shri Krushna Chandra Gajapati, Fakir Mohan Senapati, Gangadhar Meher, and Gourishankar Ray played a significant role in gaining a separate identity for the state.

Announcement of the day

The Governor General of India during 1936 was The Earl of Willingdon. He was the person who put the seal on the official documents, and declared that Odisha was going to be a separate political entity. As it was a massive decision for the native residents of this region, they hence forth started observing this date as establishment date of modern Odisha. After the announcement, the responsibility of managing the affairs of this province passed in the hands of John Austin Hubback. At that time, Odisha had only six districts. They were Puri, Cutack, Sambalpur, Baleswar, Ganjam, and Koraput. Since then, Cutack was selected as the capital city.

Importance and events of the celebration

  1. Celebrating the glorious past – Odisha was formed after a long struggle that saw the death of several generations. This day marks the success of the revolutionaries who were determined to get a separate identity, and finally acquired it from the British government on this day.
  2. Brings all folks together – The state government organizes several cultural events for the people to take part in. It is the perfect platform that will enable people from all sections to come together and celebrate the importance of this great state.
  3. Offers an opportunity for celebration – This is one occasion that all 30 districts celebrate in unison. It is one of those events, where each resident of the state feels a connection with his/her cultural roots.
  4. Showcases the gems of Odisha – This day is celebrated with local song, dance and food. Stalls are set up and people come out in huge numbers at the venue.
  5. Amazing firework display – To celebrate the Utkal Divas, local political leaders display fireworks. They hold completions and try to outdo one another in firework displays.
  6. Tableau on display – Special march is also organized and the tableaus are its main attraction. Several state government departments join the rally. Private organizations also take part in these.


The celebration of Utkal Divas is one of the most important celebrations in the state. It not only develops a feeling of unity among the people, but creates a platform where folks of all class can take part in the celebration. This year too, the state government of Odisa has big plans for that day.

Quotes on Utkal Divas

  1. It is hard for any historian or wise person to sum up the rich culture and heritage of Odisha. Due to exposure to westernization, youngsters are at the verge of forgetting all about Odisha’s glorious past. The Utkal Divas is the best way to bring them back to their roots.
  2. The Utkal Divas highlights the important place and high status that Odisha occupied in ancient times. The celebration urges people to remember the glorious past, and strive to acquire excellence during present times.
  3. Utkal Divas is a colorful festival, and attracts national as well as international tourists to visit this beautiful state.


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