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Unemployment Rate Causes Solutions Quotes

Unemployment Rate Causes Solutions Slogans Quotes

It is often said that one must be very careful while choosing a profession. If you end up choosing a wrong career path, then you might not get the development you deserve or desire to achieve. There are no extra points in guessing that a lucrative profession will give you enough money in your pocket with which you can purchase anything. Without money, you will find it hard to survive in the society. Be it proper food, clothing, shelter, education or medical care, money is required in all cases. But finding the right job might not be easy. Since the dawn of modern society, people have struggled to bag a good job. Those who are not successful in doing this are termed as unemployed.

Unemployment Rate Causes Solutions Quotes

Rate of Unemployment

  1. The Indian government has faced and is still facing major issues in providing adequate jobs for its young candidates.
  2. If an individual is not engaged in any constructive activity that brings in wealth or has ceased to do so since one week or more, then that person can be called unemployed.
  3. The redundancy rate touched 8.3% in 1983 (maximum). According to recent reports, thus rate has come down to 3.46% in 2016. It was 3.49% in 2015.

Types of unemployment in India

  1. Voluntary idleness – If a person chooses not to work out of his/her own decision, then it is labeled as voluntary redundancy. The person might not have any need to work or may not have trust in this concept. Another reason behind this kind of unemployment may be that the job seeker is not happy with the pay package and decides not to accept the offer on their plate.
  2. Involuntary unemployment arises when an individual is perfectly fit to carry on with the profession and has the desire to do so as well, but if forced into a state of joblessness due to one or many external factors.
  3. Structural and seasonal factors may render an individual jobless.
  4. Advancement of technology can cut down on the requirement of manual labor and thus, many may find themselves jobless.
  5. Globalization may cause a shift in the location of job concentration. If the workers do not have means to move to the new location, they will be forced to resign.
  6. Many times, people do not put in the required effort to find a new job or at other times, they are forced to engage in a profession for which they are highly qualified.

Main causes of unemployment in India

  1. Lack of employment openings – The job generating mechanism in India is not up to the mark. Thus, educated candidates do not find an opening that will meet their requirements. It results in increase in joblessness rate.
  2. Lack of vocational or professional education – The flawed Indian education system must be blamed for high unemployment as well. Students are taught about theoretical aspects only. Not enough stress is given on training these candidates for vocational excellence. Due to low professional training, many fail to make the cut.
  3. Inability of check population growth – The rapid rate of population growth in India makes it difficult for the government to make arrangements so that all eligible candidates get a job according to their merit. There are many educated young jobseekers and not enough openings to cater to all of them. The only way out of this situation is to check the rate of population growth.
  4. Lack of proper employment planning – Though many five year plans have been implemented, they have not been able to address the unemployment issues properly. These plans need to nurture Indian economy and create more jobs.
  5. Downsides of cultivation structure – Agricultural sector generate 51% of India’s jobs but it will donate 13% towards nation’s GDP. Inadequate irrigation, mechanization and agrarian infrastructure are reasons behind low agricultural output.
  6. Low investment – Proper investment is lacking in India. Insufficient money investment by government and private sectors has aggravated the sorry state of employment openings in India.
  7. Lack of industrial development – Apart from agriculture, the sector of industrialization is also not appropriately nurtured. The condition of manufacturing and other industries is terrible owing to lack of monetary support from the owners and Indian government as well.
  8. Lack of labor mobilization –When trained and educated people refuse to leave their hometown for employment purpose, unemployment increases. They seek a job in the same area and if they do not get one, they choose to remain unemployed.
  9. No alternative opportunities – There is very less alternative are available for seasonal workers. With proper attention towards this sector, rate of unemployment can be lowered.
  10. Downfall of cottage factories – Cloth and textile industry has been generating thousands of jobs for many years. But due to indifferent attitude of central and state governments, this sector is suffering.

Major consequences of unemployment in India

  1. Consequences on the nation – Overall unemployment percentage and national productivity are inversely proportional to each other. It will also have a negative result on national wealth as well. Jobless grants put pressure on government coffers.
  2. Lawlessness in the country – With the growth in unemployment, common people will resort to stealing and doing illegal activities as they need to gather money for meeting the basic human needs.
  3. Weakens family ties – Joblessness and lack of money tears society and families apart.
  4. Negative influence on market – Fewer jobs mean lower purchasing power. It will eventually undermine all industries and markets as there will be no demand for manufactured goods. In short, all aspects of human and national life will be at stake.
  5. Negative influence on young candidates – People belonging to age group of 15 years to 64 years are considered to be “working population.” In India, the rate of such candidates, failing to land with a job is still low. In short, all aspects of human and national life will be at stake.

Unemployment in rural and urban

  1. Rural and Urban unemployment rates – According to latest survey reports, organized by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy and BSE, the overall unemployment percentage in villages is 7.1% while the same in urban areas is 9.26%. Yes! People in villages are in a better position.
  2. Joblessness in Rural areas – Presence of education, facilities and opportunities is low in rural areas. Thus, people do not find jobs easily. They can find employment as farmers in agricultural sectors. But successive generations acquire some form of education and do not want to travel down the traditional path. Thus, the economic scenario remains malnourished in villages, while people migrate to cities.
  3. Redundancy in Urban areas – Presence of all amenities in cities means more people have the same eligibility to occupy a professional seat. But here too, number of jobs is not enough to meet the requirements. On top of this, people from other areas come and settle in metro cities. This increases the population concentration further but the present infrastructure does not change to provide more opportunities. The cost of living in these areas is high and it means everyone is looking for better pa packages.

Solution of Unemployment

  1. Altering the attitude of Indians – There is something wrong with the approach of Indian people. They let go of good opportunities and say no to jobs that are far from their hometown. Many families do not allow women to work. There are others who would rather stay at home than to venture out in search of employment. The mentality and attitude of Indians must be changed so that they shun lethargy and get encouraged to be a part of any profession.
  2. Arrest the unprecedented population growth – Any amount of development, planning and infrastructural growth will not be able to solve unemployment issues until something is done about unchecked population boom. Measures must be taken to keep this menace in check. Job markets might generate millions of opportunities, but none will be enough if population growth is not stopped.
  3. Increasing all kinds of industrialization – Industries are the foundations of future generations. It is one sector that has the potential of generating thousands of jobs. India has labor and resources to nurture all kinds of industries. With little assistance from the government, these industries can be brought back to light.
  4. Stress on vocational preparation – Theoretical education does not have huge scope in the real professional world. The educational system must put pressure on vocational coaching as well. These lessons will prepare the candidates for their professional life and facing several challenges will become easy. Vocational training will only strengthen the traditional education base.
  5. Encouraging and sustaining small and medium scale business – Depending exclusively on jobs is not the solution. The market, society, and government must play their respective roles in preparing the ground for nurturing entrepreneur venture. One does not have to set up set up a huge company. Small and medium business will also play their part in reducing the rate of unemployment.
  6. Bringing development in agriculture – With adequate economic assistance, mechanization, developed irrigation; farmers will be able to reap a good harvest. Agricultural success will generate more opportunities in all associated fields.
  7. Bringing foreign investment in all sectors – Adequate investment in all sectors is needed. To bring a wave of development, government must strive to acquire foreign investment in Indian markets.
  8. Correcting government planning structure – Stress should be given on government schemes, which will strengthen job generating mechanism. Proactive scheme will increase national wealth and prosperity.


With proper measures taken by nation’s government, it will be easy to combat the issues of joblessness. On a personal front, candidates must not lose hope if they fail initially to get a job that they desire. Life throws tough choices at you and a person who makes the right decisions has the last laugh.

Quotes on unemployment

  1. Taking admission in an ace educational institute will not ensure a good job. In today’s society, only selective subjects will be able to assist the students to bag an occupation that will give them a sizeable pay cheque.
  2. Great Depression was not the result of crackdown of private industries. It showed the loopholes and incorrect ways in which the government used to manage economy.
  3. Grants from the coffers of any government must be monitored and should be on a temporary basis. It will keep jobless people on their toes and they will continue to look for a stable employment.
  4. Proper education at the right time will enhance your chances of joining the rat race and securing a good job. Thus, it is necessary to do the right thing at the right time.
  5. There is no right time to change a job. Opportunities may knock on your doors at any time. You must be prepared to catch it with both hands.
  6. It is better to be involved in any job and earn a decent living than to wait for something that you think is more up to your standards.
  7. One must work hard and provide for themselves rather than settle for the grants that the government gives them. Unemployment will weaken the roots of your self-reliance and render you useless.


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