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UN Day Essay Speech Quotes History Story Status Date

UN Day Essay Speech Quotes History Story Status Date Celebration Ideas

UN Day Essay


If there’s one organization that has done the most to maintain peace and harmony in the world, it’s United Nations, also known as UN. Since its inception in 1945 UN has been working aggressively towards well-being of human societies worldwide. UN Day is celebrated every year on October 24 to express gratitude towards UN for its good deeds.

UN Day Essay

Origin Of UN Day

UN Day was established in 1948 to raise public awareness about the work it does every year to protect world peace and human rights. Later in 1971 UN also recommended its member states to make UN day an international holiday.

History behind UN Day

The history of UN Day began with founding of UN in 1945. The need for a global organization to protect world peace had been observed since World War I, which resulted in creation of “League of Nations.” However, when League of Nations failed to prevent the catastrophe of World War II, it became evident that something else was needed.

So around 1945 work began to create a new league. In April 1945 a “UN Conference on International Organization” was held and six months later on October 24, 1945 a formal document called UN Charter was ratified by 51 member states, which effectively gave birth to United Nations. It started working with six different arms, which had following roles:

General AssemblyOverseeing UN’s budget
Appointing non-permanent Security Council members
Receiving reports from other UN bodies
Passing UN resolutions
Security CouncilDeciding on peace and security related issues
Economic and Social CouncilPromoting economic and social co-operation among countries
SecretariatThe executive arm of UN
International Court of JusticeThe judicial body of UN
UN Trusteeship CouncilCurrently Inactive

Story Of UN Day

Three years later in 1948 UN decided to declare its birthday (October 24) as UN Day. The UN General Assembly decided to use the day for raising public awareness about the goals of UN in post world war era. It also recommended its member states to declare a national holidays on the day in their regions, though it wasn’t forced upon any country.

NameUN Day
OriginUnited Nations
First Celebration DateOctober 24, 1948
Celebration TypeInternational
Kind ofIMP Day
Date TypeFix
UN Day Celebration DateOctober 24, 2016
October 24, 2017
October 24, 2018
October 24, 2019
October 24, 2020

How it is celebrated?

Though countries adopt a variety approaches to celebrate UN Day, their goals remains the same: making people aware about the aims and achievements of UN. Given below are some examples:

  • The most impressive celebrations are held at UN headquarters in New York. Many concerts and exhibitions are organized by them to educate people about the achievements of UN in the following year. The President of US also issues a proclamation on the day.
  • Other countries also organize debates and discussions to discuss the role and achievements of UN on this day. Many cultural performances are also organized prior to or after the debate.

New Celebration Ideas

If you feel thrilled by the job of UN and want to give them a thumbs up, you can do so by celebrating UN day in following ways:

  • Hosting an event that involves people from different geographies and social backgrounds and educating them about the goals of UN is perhaps the best way of celebrating UN Day. As its name implies, the goal of UN is “to keep nations united.” So if you can bring people from different nations together on this day, it can be an awesome way to celebrate the day.
  • You can also attend any cultural performance related to the event, if one is going on in your locality. Search your city for UN related events around the day, book yourself and join the world in celebrating the day of this peacekeeping organization.

Purpose of Celebration

The purpose of this celebration remains same – making people aware about the aims and achievements of UN. It’s important to keep people aware about the role of UN in improving the world as its operations are financed by the contributions from its member states. Plus, it also plays a major role in helping many states solve critical problems.

Impact on society of UN Day

The day sends out a message that despite coming from different social and economical backgrounds we should stand together whenever there’s an opportunity to improve each other’s lives. Despite a plethora of differences and a history of bloodshed, states stand together under the umbrella of UN to maintain global peace and harmony. They also help each other whenever possible, which sets a wonderful precedent before the world.

Response of Society

Relations can’t be one-sided, and same is true for the relation of UN and societies as well. When UN contributes to societies in as many ways as it can, societies also celebrate its birthday with as much enthusiasm as they can. In many countries schoolchildren dress up in the dresses of different nations and organize cultural programs to celebrate UN Day. Similar level of interest is seen in other sections of societies as well.

Pros and Cons

Provides an opportunity to promote the organization that has been working towards well-being of human societies since decadesThe event also becomes a platform to debate the effectiveness of UN
Encourages unity among people from different countries and backgroundsPeople from different backgrounds may unite only if they forget the past. UN day, to some extent, brings past memories of Second World War back, which works against the principle of unity
Makes people aware of UN’s role in modern societiesUN’s role in modern societies is questioned as many statesmen consider it to be biased towards western superpowers
Provides a time to UN for reflecting on its effortsUN spends massive amount of money on its efforts, so rather than annual review it should reflect on those efforts every now and then
Reminds nations to maintain global peace and harmonyAgain, global peace and harmony can be maintained by forgetting the past, which comes back on the UN Day
Educates people about the benefits of democracyPresence of China in UN Security Council raises question on the effectiveness of democracy
Helps in ensuring that UN doesn’t loose the track like League of NationsSome countries believe that UN has already lost the track and become biased in its peacemaking approach
Provides states a reason to continue contributing towards UNCountries can also use the money contributed to UN for combating with their own chaos


UN Day provides us an opportunity to celebrate the success of an organization that works towards maintaining global peace and harmony. It also provides a time to critics for questioning its effectiveness, which helps in ensuring that the organization doesn’t loose its track like predecessors. Therefore, we should continue to celebrate this event every year. Though effectiveness of this organization may be debated, it’s an unarguable fact that without this organization we would already have seen the third major global catastrophe by now. UN is a necessity, and we should have a day to commemorate this fact.


UN Day Speech

Speech On UN Day

The destructive nature of Second World War isn’t a secret – it has been documented very well in history books. The UN came into being as an aftermath of that war. And though its goal was to maintain peace and harmony across the world, it later took on many other initiatives as well that revolve around the idea of peace and harmony i.e. protecting human rights, eliminating poverty, diseases, hunger and so on. And it did all of that with great dedication. Many people around the globe don’t know that UN provides food to more than 90 million people in 75 different countries, assists more than 34 million refugees, vaccinates more than 58% of children in the world and helps more than 50 countries in holding their elections. As an organization that depends on charitable donations, UN does a lot!

The role of UN in our societies is so complicated that we can’t see it from our eyes in day-to-day lives, but believe me, this organization reaches almost every corner in the world. It started from 51 member states in 1945 and today 193 states count themselves as its members. The scope of UN has widened indefinitely since its inception for a good reason. By working together with these states and many other organizations (i.e. WHO, FAO, IMF etc.) UN impacts almost every part of the world in a good way. Whether you believe it or not, UN has a role in the happy and peaceful life that you’re spending right now. And even if you’re not living a happy life, without UN it could’ve been worse than this.

Therefore, as beneficiaries of this organization it becomes our duty to celebrate its good deeds at least once in an year. UN Day should be celebrated every year with more and more level of enthusiasm for encouraging this organization to continue working towards a better world.


UN Day Quotes Status

Quotes & Status On UN Day

UN tries to ensure that no individual, group or authority can snatch anyone’s basic human rights.


UN is the caretaker of global peace, harmony, basic civilian rights and pretty much everything that revolves around these issues.


UN continues to be the best instrument for making this world less destructive in nature.


The impact of UN touches every corner in the world.


There’re many entities that aimed towards conflict, but only one aimed towards peace: the United Nations!


If there would’ve been no UN, the world as we know it would’ve collapsed.


There’s one, and only one hope for a peaceful world: United Nations!


UN teaches the world to stay together despite having differences on pretty much every possible ground.


United Nations is an agent of change. It’s the agent of democracy, the agent of peace.


Some things change the world literally. Second World War changed the world not only through destruction, but also by creation of United Nations.


The strength lies in standing together like they do in UN. Not in running far or cutting each other as they did in WWII.


UN has been designed to improve freedom for all its members.


The capacity of UN in modern world is tremendous.


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