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Tourism Day India Essay Speech Quotes Theme

Tourism Day India Essay Speech Quotes Slogan Theme

Most doctors are of the opinion that one should take vacation from time to time. It not only assists in rejuvenating the body but also helps the mind to relax. Traveling to new places will also make one aware of the different cultures, heritages and traditions. India can boast of being the homeland of several rich cultures. But all these will remain in dark if proper promotion is not done. To address this situation, the central government observes Tourism Day in India every year.

Celebration Date of Tourism Day

According to the decision of the central government, the Tourism Day in India is celebrated on the 25th of January. It is an annual event and is observed each year with the objective of promoting India as a probable tourist spot, both for national and foreign travelers.

History of Tourism Day

India is a vast nation, and it has a lot to offer as far as tourism is concerned. But due to inadequate promotion, both Indians and foreigner were not getting the message that they will get a lot more than they expect. For this, the central government has taken make steps to highlight India’s status as a tourist destination. The Tourism Department held talks and finally decided to celebrate the 25th of January as National Tourism Day. The day is celebrated to make people aware of India’s prospects as a fertile tourist destination.

Objectives and Importance of Tourism Day

  1. Promoting Indian as a tourist destination – India has a vast number of modern and ancient wonders, which will definitely attract the eyes of tourists. The climatic and geographical uniqueness of each state is another attraction. The celebration of Tourism Day will highlight all these aspects perfectly.
  2. Generating employment opportunities – With the development of tourism in India, various job opportunities will also increase. In the recent times, a hike in tourism industry has brought up the employment in this sector by 24 million.
  3. Increasing the national GDP – With the celebration of Tourism Day, the government wants to encourage more inflow of foreign tourists into the nation. It will also add to the national GDP. Tourism is the second biggest contributor in this respect.
  4. Earning foreign currency – When more foreigners come to visit India, the nation will get a substantial amount of foreign revenue. Tourism follows export closely in this respect. More foreign revenue will mean further prosperity for the nation.
  5. Ensuring protection of tourist sites – The inflow of national and international tourists will urge the central and state government to invest time and effort in the upkeep and protection of famous tourist sites. It will not only encourage tourist inflow in the future but will also save the cultural from denudation.


Thus, it is easy to see why the Indian government is putting so much stress on the promotion of India and all its states as a premium tourist destination. The central government has launched programs like “Incredible India” that highlights the entire nation, while the state government of each state is also doing its part to uphold the specialties that each region has to offer.

Quotes And Slogan on Tourism Day

  1. Traveling is the best way to discover the hidden gems of each nation. The Tourism Day celebration is an innovative step that will not only make the Indians aware of the tourist spots, but will also send the required message to the foreigners.
  2. Tourism not only earns foreign currency for the national government, but also highlights that India’s tourist spots has the capability of attracting people from all parts of the world.
  3. The more you travel from one place to another, the more you get to know about several cultures. In this regard, tourism does not have only a financial angle, but has educational qualities as well.
  4. You will get only a partial idea about the place by reading about it in books. To get the taste of the real deal, you need to pack your bags and embark on a journey that will enrich your mind and heart.

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