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Secularism and its importance Essay

Secularism and its importance Essay Speech Quotes Debate  

When it comes to the foundation of secularism, it is simply the separation of the religion and the state affairs. In relation to this, it can also be said that there is no need for the religious people to interfere with state affairs. Likewise, the stately affairs should not interfere with religious matters. In a secular country, it is clearly stated that the state if free from any kind of religious rules or teachings or it is also free from the imposition of religious beliefs on the people. In addition to this, it has also been stated that no decisions or activities in the society are influenced by any religious decisions. The root of secularism has been derived from Roman and Greek philosophers such as Marcus Aurelius, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Epicurus and others.

Secularism and its importance

What is the main purpose of secularism?

The purpose of secularism varies from one religion to the other, and likewise in the case of European religion, secularism can be considered as a movement aimed toward modernization and functioning away from traditional values. In the case of the United States, secularism is to protect the religion from any kind of government interference.

The main purpose of the secular state is that the government would look after the welfare of the people. According to individualists, there are several functions of secular states, and some of them have been enlisted in the following part of the article.

  1. It looks after the protection of the foreign aggression of the state.
  2. The internal law and order are taken care of by the process of secularism.
  3. It also helps in mutual settlement of agreements within the state.

Is it true that secularism help to protect believers and non-believers? 

Secularism protects both non-believers and believers. In addition to this, it also helps in the religious practice and help to protect the religious belief of the citizens. As per the words of the secularists, there should be complete freedom of expression along with ethics and it should be applicable both for the believers and non-believers. As long as secularism does not effect on the freedom and rights of others, people have the right and freedom to follow any religion they want to. It also ensures that they are free from any religion.

Secularism often speaks about fairness and democracy – is it true?

In case of a secular democracy, citizens should not avail any advantages in the name of religious or political issues. Thus, people of the country should have equal rights and they should be able to avail equal privileges. By the rules of secularism, human rights should be placed much above the religious needs of citizens. According to secularism, it demands protection for women, protection of minority group from religious discrimination and others. The laws would be the same both for the believers and the non-believers of religion.

How does secularism help to maintain free speech?

It is right of every people including religious people to be able to freely express their thoughts such that they are able to question others. Here should not be any privileged section to use the right to expression. Ideas should be free to discuss with each other and individuals should be able to exercise their rights well.

Opinions by famous personalities

In relation to secularism, Wilson is of the opinion that there are functions that should be undertaken by any modern state and they are as follows:

  1. It is important to protect the individual against violence or theft or any other incidents and also maintain law and order in the state.
  2. Legal relation should be maintained between husband, wife and their children and maintain domestic harmony that would help in the proper social development of their children.
  3. There should be strict property rules prevailing in the country that would keep away from any random dispute taking place on account of property related matters.
  4. In case of any agreement taking place between two individuals, both individuals involved in the case should have the right to take the decision.
  5. Instead of subjecting the criminal to severe punishment, it is better to fix the crime such that it does not take place repeatedly in the state.
  6. In the case of civil matters, people should have justice.
  7. For any rights or duties, it should be mutually fixed between two individuals without the chance of any dispute taking place between them.
  8. The state should maintain a smooth relation with foreign countries and also look after any kind of foreign aggression.

The final words

Therefore, it can be said that secularism has become a sub-function of modernism and should be kept away from any wrong beliefs that might influence the society. The process of secularism should not make the person weak from, and it should not be able to influence the thought process of the individual. In order to facilitate secularism in any state, it is often influenced by reasons and rationality. Therefore, it is highly desirable that every secular person should be a rational thinker as well.

Famous quotes of secularism

  1. John Lockeis of the opinion that the main aim of the government of a secular state is to look after the wellbeing of the people. The same objective has also been stated by Bluntschli and Holtzendorf.
  2. According to the words of Giddings, the purpose of the state is to construct an environment in which people can lead a self-sufficient life.
  3. Ritchie is of the words that the main goal of the state would help the individual to gift them their best life.
  4. As per the words of Garner, the interest of the people of the country would be the top priority. The nation should work toward the development of human civilization and enhance its culture.
  5. There are three aim of the state according to the words of Adam Smith, and they are as follows
  6. Protect the state from any kind of external aggression and sustain internal harmony at the same time.
  7. Injustice and atrocities should be kept away from the people of the state.
  8. For the establishment and maintenance of public institutions, it should be formed by different groups of individuals.

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