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Science Day in India Essay Speech Quotes Importance

Science Day in India Essay Speech Quotes Importance Activities Ideas Of Celebration

National Science day is an event that is celebrated throughout the country, with an aim to remember the contributions made by Dr. Raman by inventing Raman Effect. The day is celebrated in honor of Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on account of his invention made on this day in 1928. Sir Raman was a renowned Physicist of the country and has been known to the world for his undisputed inventions in the world of science. He was a Nobel Prize winner for his invention in 1930.

Date of celebration

Every year to honor the contributions made by Sir Raman, the country Observes National Science Day on 28th February. This year also the country would observe the science day on the same day.

Who Announced the Day

Sir Raman was better known for Raman effect that was also one of the first science events that was discovered and explained in India. To make this moment as memorable and to commemorate Sir Raman with honor, the NCSTC T-(National Council for Science and Technology) had appealed Indian Government to observe 28th February as National Science Day. The appeal was accepted by the Indian Government in the year 1986.

History of National Science Day

  • On this day in 1928, a great science invention was completed by Sir Raman, a Brahmin belonging to Tamil family, had for the first time completed any science invention within the country.
  • Till date, the Indian Government horns his name by celebrating the day as science day throughout the country. The day is celebrated ever since in various schools and colleges nationwide.
  • Everyone belong to academics sector including researchers, students, scientists and teachers get involved in celebrating this day. On its first celebration, the NCSTC (National Council for Science and Technology Communications) department had also announced with popularization award on behalf of National Science institute. The award is being given to young endeavors for their best contribution in the field of communication and science.

Importance of National Science Day in India

  • The country celebrates this day with an aim to help spread awareness related to the importance of science and its applications in the day to day life of an individual.
  • The day also holds its importance to help understand the achievements, efforts and activities made by different people in science field that are made for the benefit of the mankind.
  • The government also aims to help implement and discuss all inventions and issues that can be implemented for upgrading the technology for the welfare of the developments in the science field.
  • The day also has its importance to offer people with excellent knowledge in this field and to help them come forward with their inventions for the country.
  • The aim of this day is also to help people get familiar with science and its inventions and at the same time to help encourage people to make their best contribution in this field.

National Science day activities

  • As the day is celebrated in the honor of science inventions so a number of activities are organized. These activities are generally organized by GMRT and NCRA or by the university or school administrations.
  • The organizations ensure that on this day al the achievements of their research programs and activities are recognized.
  • On this day the ceremonies are organized for encouraging all achievements in the field of astro physics and radio astronomy. The organizations also try and arrange for different types of programs and science fairs for community and general public.  These events are arranged with an aim to popularize technology and science achievements within the country.

Science Day celebration Ideas

  • On this day different universities and colleges around the country can organize a number of events in which students and teachers can participate alike. The administration can organize science fairs within the campus where students can be handed out various science related projects to work on and present.
  • The demonstrations can be made by the teachers and students for general public and community. The national and state science institutions can also be a part of the demonstration.
  • Students can present their latest innovations and ideas to the community for research as well. Administrations can organize debate speeches, talk shows that can be telecasted over the radio or TV.
  • Students can also organize science fiction movies, quiz competitions, lectures, model exhibitions for science projects and live projects.


The science day in the country is celebrated as one of the important technology and science festivals. The day is also very much important for the country as it marks an important achievement made on this day by Indian Scientist within the country. This day can help motivate young scientists of the country to come up with innovative ideas for research and implementation in this field.


  • We can have the theme based on science and technology that also reflects the idea of understanding gender equality for encouraging sustainable development.
  • We can theme it on understanding our planet and its need to help develop genetically advanced crop and agricultural practices within the country.
  • We can speak of the Science Horizons and the very idea of expanding science applications for developing clean form of energy in our daily life.

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