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Cow Protection Movement in India (Save Cow Essay)

Cow Protection Movement in India (Save Cow Essay Speech Slogan Quotes)

India has a population of millions, and several religious are practiced by these people. Each religion has its dos and don’ts. What is right for one religion may be wrong for another. For instance, followers of Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism oppose the slaughter of cows. Buddhism and Jainism in particular are known for their non-violent mandates. On the other hand, there are the Muslims who believe that it consumption of cow meat is pious. So, these two religions have often found themselves at loggerheads with one another. Thus, several attempts were made by the followers of Hinduism to stop the practice of cow slaughter for good.

Cow Protection Movement in India Save Cow Essay Speech Slogan Quotes

Main reason for the feud between Hindus and Muslims

Cow slaughter had always been the strongest reason that drove a wedge between the Hindus and the Muslims. According to Hindu mythology and religious records, the cow is considered as a sacred animal. Bulls and cows are depicted by the side of Hindi Gods like Shiva and Krishna. These cemented the view that cows are holy. As humans drink cow milk, Hindus also refer to cows as “mother” or “Gau-mata.” But the Muslim Quran states that the followers of this religion are forbidden to taste pork but are allowed to consume cow meat. In a nation that has a majority of Hindu population; it is only just that Hindus will find this practice hard to digest. The secular nature of our nation means that no one has the power to interfere in anyone’s religious practices and beliefs.

Prior Cow Protection Initiatives in India

  1. The very first movement, aimed at ending the cruelty towards cows was initiated by the founder of Arya Samaj, Swami Dayananda Saraswati. The movement was sparked off while the nation was under the British rule. The unique religious sect stood stands for peace and equality of al; living things. Thus, the founder mentioned that slaughtering of cows, which is recognized as a holy symbol of Hinduism, should not be killed. It was a religious as well as a humanitarian offense.
  2. Measures taken in Punjab – In the year 1882, the people of Punjab saw the creation of the India Gaurakshini Sabha. The main responsibility of this group was to rescue cows from the area, which had no homes. They had special shelters, where the animals were cared for. The group used to collect surplus food crops and grains from the households, to meet the fodder requirements of these animals.
  3. Post 1890 scenario – These years saw several conflicts between the Hindus and the Muslims over the cow slaughter topic. The problem started in 1893, when the Hindus were pitted against the Muslims in several riots, all over the nation, especially in Punjab on cow slaughter issues. When the Hindus tried to oppose the Muslims, the latter retaliated by slaughtering a cow before a Hindu household. The raged Hindus answered by burning down the cow slaughters shop, and killed the butcher’s son as well. These issues snowballed and stared the riot that was the death of hundreds. Thus, the British government received several applications, urging them to stop the cow slaughter.
  4. During the 1900s – Since the start of 1990s till the date that India acquired her independence, the cow slaughter issue had loomed large over the society. 1916 and 1917 were tarnished by two riots in Bihar, during Bakri Id. Small incidents never stopped happening, but a major riot again showed its ugly face in Bengal, when the Muslims got a message that the Hindus had plotted with the Sikhs, and would plunder the Muslim celebrations with armed attacks. There too, the British government had to use force to curb the violence.
  5. Post-independence scenario – Though riots were common during partition, the Indian Parliament received a special application that had the signature of 100 members of Parliament, with the request to stop cow slaughter. In 2002, Vishva Hindu Parishad supporters were accused of killing 5 Dalits as they received the news that these Dalits were responsible for the death of cows in Haryana. The Present BJP government is the flag bearer of Hinduism, and they too oppose the killing of cows. They have not yet brought any act that bans the practice completely.

Recent by Yogi Adityanath

In the year 2017, BJP saw a massive victory in Uttar Pradesh that had been a Congress stronghold for decades. As soon as he assumed power, he made sure that he was going to make some much needed changes. After launching several reforms for the common people of UP, he turned his attention towards upholding the glory of Hinduism, a major agenda of BJP. After passing rules against unlicensed Madrasas, he put the illegal cow slaughter houses on the chopping block. He passed these mandates with the aim to protect the cows from cruelty. The UP administration and the police forces were ready to take necessary measures to curb any resistance.

Result of the new law

After the passion of the Cow Protection Law in Uttar Pradesh, the authority came crashing down all slaughter houses in the state. There was a major uprising from the Muslim sections, against this law. Even the rival political parties joined in to cash in on the event. But Yogi Adityanath was in no mood to bow down before the opposition. He remained stern on his conviction, and order that all cow slaughter houses, which were operating in the state without proper license, had to be torn down. The new law did succeed to reduce the number of cow slaughter in the state. The CM of UP stated that all state authorities in India should take proper and stringent action to save the holy animal.

Apart from this, the Cm has also opened several cowsheds in the several parts of the state. These “gaushalas” or cow shelters are to operate under the watchful eyes of the state authority. Each of these shelters will be able to accommodate around 1000 cows. The animals will be cared for here. The volunteers, working in these shelters will also rescue cows in danger and bring in wondering animals, which do not have any owners. These shelters will operate like old age homes for cows.

PETA actions in India

PETA or “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” is an international organization that has been working towards spreading the message that all kinds of animals have the right to live just as any human does. It tries to create awareness among the people that they should not hurt animals, and respect their existence. They often join hands with celebrities to get in touch with people from all sections of the society. Famous actors like John Abraham have worked with this organization. They have always condemned cruelty towards animal, and have been trying the government to stop cow slaughter as well.

Cow Protection Quotes

  1. No religion says that one has to sacrifice any living being to get closer to god.
  2. Only through our services towards other humans and animals, we will be able to acquire peace of mind.
  3. People should respect all animals, and thus, cow slaughter should be stopped immediately.
  4. No one has the right to slaughter cows or kill other animals in the name of religion.
  5. Religion should lay down the foundation for a peaceful existence. It should not cause unrest over cow slaughter. In the better interest of the people, we should denounce killing of cows.


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