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Sanjita Chanu Biography Weightlifter State Coach Caste

Sanjita Chanu Biography Caste Weightlifter State Coach (Won Gold Medal In Common Wealth Games 2018)

Sanjita Chanu, has once again proved her performance and sportsman ship in CWG (Common Wealth Games) – 2018 by taking the Gold Medal in 53 Kgs Women Weight Lifting. Sanjita had earlier also won the Gold medal in CWG – 2014. With this, Sanjita has become the second Indian Origin player in CWG 2018 to win the Gold after Mirabai Chanu in 48 Kgs category. Both Mirabai and Sanjita have already proved their spirit for the game and country in 2018 CWG.

Sanjita Chanu

Sanjita Chanu BIO

NameSanjita Chanu
Full NameKhumukcham Sanjita Chanu
Birth Date2nd January 1994
Age24 years
ProfessionWeight Lifting – Athlete
Category48 Kgs and 53 Kgs
Physical Information
Height4’ 11”
Weight48 Kgs
ColorWheatish (Blonde)
Eye colorBlack
Medals won
Gold2 Medals
PeerKunjarani Devi

 Personal and Family Information

Sanjita Chanu is originally from Manipur state and was born on 2nd January 1994 in her home town. Presently she is only 24 years of her age and is already a professional weight lifter. She has also been practicing for professional weight lifting sports since 2006. Till date she has also managed to win over2 Gold medals in CWG.

Sanjita belongs to the Hindu community from Manipur state. You may yet not find much details about the family and other members information over the internet.

Sanjita Chanu’s Peer Model

When speaking of girls coming from Manipur state, you may find that they have a love for weight lifting sports. Sanjita Chanu is player who has been inspired by Kunjarani Devi. Her love for the sports has been motivated after seeing the performance of Kunjarani Devi in this sport. Kunjarani Devi has also been instructing Sanjita Chanu as a coach for the CWG 2018.

Sanjita Chanu Achievements and Awards list

Till date Sanjita Chanu has been awarded with Two Gold medals for CWG in 2014 and again in 2018.

  • 2014 Common Wealth Games – With her efforts Sanjita Chanu had earlier won Gold in 2014 CWG. She was then competing for the 48 Kgs weight category. She had displayed her best performance by lifting 72 and 77 Kgs weights making a total weight of 173 Kgs.
  • 2018 Common Wealth Games –Again in 2018 CWGs Sanjita proved that she is a perfect choice for women weight lifting sports. She was competing for 53Kgs category and had managed to lift a total of 192 Kgs. She lifted 84 Kgs, and 108 Kgs for Clean and jerk weight lifting.

Sanjita Chanu’s Future

It is obvious that with two Gold medals to her name, Sanjita Chanu has already made her place for the Great Olympics for representing the Country. She has already proved that her future with the sports is very bright and she can represent the country for victory in the world Olympics.

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