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National Samosa Week Celebration In United Kingdom

National Samosa Week Celebration In United Kingdom

You will hardly find an Indian home where samosas do not occupy a prominent place. The Indian families may shift overseas, but they like to maintain a close association with Indian culture and food. Thus, you will find the presence of samosas in foreign nations as well. People of the Indian subcontinent are food lovers, and they celebrate curry festivals in parts of UK as well. One such food festival that is all set to win the hearts of the people, through their stomach, is the National Samosa Week.

National Samosa Week Celebration In United Kingdom

Date of the celebration

The National Samosa Week will take place from 9th of April to 13th of April, 2018 in Leicester. As this area, and the surrounding localities have a high population of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, the organizing committee is confident that the National Samosa Week will be as successful as the Curry Awards.

Participating cities

Till now, the organizing committee has confirmed the participation of six cities. Birmingham, Nottinghamshire Radlett, Manchester, and Coventry have already enrolled themselves in the food festival.

About the National Samosa Week

If you trace the culinary history, you will find that samosa or the triangular deep-fried and stuffed wonder originated in the Middle Ease. The merchants from these areas used to travel over long distances for trade or commerce. They used to quench their hunger with these snacks. When they stepped on the Indian sub-continent soil, this triangular culinary wonder reached the people of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh accordingly. The people of the subcontinent did not waste too much time to incorporate it in their food list. Thus, the food found a ready market in these parts, and as people started migration to other countries, the samosa went along.

A high percentage of people in the UK belong to Indian origins. It is obvious that they will celebrate their food, culture and heritage. Romail Gulzar was the main mind behind the conceptualization of these food festivals. Apart from the samosa festival, he also started the Curry Awards as well. The “Pukaar News” is in circulation in the Leicester area. The newspaper has also done its part in popularizing the National Samosa Week.

During the National Samosa Week, people and restaurants are welcome to take part, make the samosas and sell them to the people. Apart from the typical vegetable samosas, the participants are free to experiment with the stuffing. The organizing committee has urged the participants to sell the samosas in as many places as possible to gather more money for the charity purpose.

Objective of the National Samosa Week

The organization of the National Samosa Week has been done for charity purpose. The money that will be generated from the sale of the samosas will be given to charitable organizations. All the revenue will be equally divided among LAMP which is a mental health charity, and COPS that stands for Care of Police Survivors. The second group works with the families of deceased cops. They try to meet the financial needs of these families, who lost their loved ones, while they were on duty. Apart from this, the overall motive for arranging the samosa week is to provide a common platform for people from several communities to come together and bond over this snack.

Others such food festivals in UK

It seems that the people of UK have a deep connection with delicious food, from all parts of the nation. Before the conceptualization of the National Samosa Week, the people of Leicester have been enjoying tasty curries. Thanks to the Leicester Curry Festival, people have a chance to taste lip-smacking curries, selected from most popular restaurants in the area. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other nations, situated in the Indian sub-continent have a vast collection of curries. During the curry awards, people will get the opportunity to taste the products of all curry houses in Leicester

Prize for the winners

The organizing committee of the Samosa Week will arrange a draw, so that all participants stand a fair chance to win the competition. The winners of this food festival will be awarded with tickets so that they can enjoy the Leicester Curry Awards. This award ceremony is all set to take place on the 22nd of April, 2018.

Food has always played a successful role in bringing people together. There are several Indian communities, as well as communities from other nations, who now call UK their home. These individuals can exchange the essence of their nation, tradition, culture and heritage during these food festivals. People can resolve their differences and develop cordial relations over a plate of piping hot and crispy samosas.


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