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National Safety (Security) Day In India Essay Speech

National Safety (Security) Day In India Essay Speech Quotes Theme 2018

It is a necessity for people to be protected and secured while on the job. National Safety Day was established as a means of helping people to stay protected and safe. This is an important event that is vital to helping people understand what they can do to be safe. The holiday comes as there are often concerns in workplaces, particularly in rural environments and industrial spaces, about safety standards. The need to keep people protected and to prevent workplace injuries and deaths is substantial.

National Safety Day promotes strong efforts for ensuring that people in industrial work spaces are protected and safe. The general goal is to work with proper safety measures and to encourage the development of new safety legislation. This is to ensure people know what they can do to stay safe and protected in any work event one might take part in.

The event also helps to renew the overall commitment that businesses have towards promoting safety and security in workplaces. By offering help for understanding how safety standards can be used in workplaces, it may be easier for businesses to grow and thrive.

The event is so important that it has expanded over the years to cover an entire week. The event takes place from March 4-10 every year to help businesses recognize the importance of safety and what they can do to stay protected. The extensive work that the national government puts into highlighting the event is critical to its success and effectiveness.

Helping people to understand what they can do to be safe and secure in their working environments is vital to any organization’s success. National Safety Day helps to encourage stronger standards for protection in any situation.

Date of Celebration

Although the event is officially known as National Safety Day, it is actually a series of events that takes place over a week. National Safety Day is held from March 4-10 every year. The event originally started as a single-day event on March 4. It has evolved into a larger campaign that goes over the course of a week after a while.

The extended length of the celebration is designed to encourage more people and businesses in the country to participate. This is also to inform people about the latest developments and works in the field of workplace safety and protection.

Employers can establish their own events during the week as they see fit. The range for National Safety Day is designed to let employers put in more effort into identifying the needs employees have for being safe. The extended length is also made to emphasize the importance of keeping workplaces safe.


National Safety Day was first announced in 1972. It was organized as a day to celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of the National Safety Council India.

The National Safety Council was formed in 1966 in accordance with the Societies Act. The group was established as a response to finding ways to manage workplace injuries and deaths. The overall goal is to help reduce the number of injuries and deaths around India and to promote better working situations. Over the years, the organization has helped to produce more effective and useful standards for keeping people around the country safe and protected.

The main purpose of the event was to help with encouraging safe workplaces around India. This comes as many work stations in the country do not work with particular safety standards or regulations. National Safety Day helps businesses and individuals to recognize the values of safety and health and to help with integrating it into the cultures of individual workplaces.

The holiday has evolved to include a special pledge. The pledge states that all people in workplaces must focus on safety standards and the protection of people in the workplace and the environments they participate in. The pledge also says that participants are aware of the damages that often take place within the economy as a result of unsafe work standards and how the environment may be harmed by illegal actions. Each person who accepts the pledge will promise to work with strict safety standards and to see that there are no problems for managing a workplace.

The greatest concern that the holiday focuses on entails neglect. Much of the holiday has been based on how many businesses are often neglectful. They do not recognize the appropriate safety rules and standards that they need to follow to keep their working environments safe.

National Safety Day has contributed to a safer India over the years. The rates of industrial accidents and deaths have declined thanks to the extra effort and work provided towards helping businesses stay safe. Added safety legislation has also been passed over the year to assist people with keeping themselves protected and strong. More importantly, the event has helped people to adopt many new standard for working and to recognize what they can do to protect themselves and others.


The objectives of National Safety Day are important for people to review. These include such functions as the following:

  • The SHE, or Safety, Health and Environment, movement is being encouraged throughout much of India.
  • The event encourages people in many parts of the work environment to participate in strict safety standards for the protection of all employees.
  • Employees are encouraged to recognize their responsibilities for keeping themselves and others safe. This includes knowing what tasks and duties they must complete to keep the places they work at protected and safe from harm or danger.
  • Government officials are also encouraged during the event to work with the public to encourage safety standards and rules that can be followed throughout the country. Part of this includes finding new rules that can be established for supporting the safety and protection needs that people around the country have in their working environments.

The objectives highlighted during National Safety Day allow people to explore what they can do to stay protected. It is through these plans that the holiday has grown in importance while allowing people to know what they can do to stay protected and under control in any working environment.


Various activities are held during National Safety Day every year. These are made primarily on the enterprise level although they may also be promoted by state governments. Businesses have the right to establish their own events and meetings in accordance with the observance. Such groups are encouraged to see what can be used and how well certain actions can be managed.

The events and activities offered include the following events in many parts of India:

  • Special presentations and seminars relating to safety standards are held. These are produced at many work sites, particularly industrial spaces, to help people understand what they can do to keep their working sites safe.
  • Safety competitions are often held. These allow people to find creative measures and ideas for keeping their working sites safe.
  • Practical demonstrations of safety measures may be highlighted. Some of these involve managing fires, handling emergency calls and so forth.
  • Emergency drills are planned and tested. Employees can run drills to identify what they can do in the event of any serious problems in the workplace.
  • Some guest speakers may be brought to workplaces to help people learn about how to handle safety standards.
  • Community awareness programs are also held around India. Such programs focus on the general public and inform them about how to stay safe in any situation one might get into while in a working environment.
  • Governmental entities can also participate in the event by working to manage new safety rules and guidelines. Published materials can be sent out to workplaces to help people learn about different safety rules.

All activities held during the event are designed to let people know about safety rules and ideas. These may also help with creating new ideas and measures for helping to keep people secure in any work site.


National Safety Day has a theme every year. Each theme is organized to help promote a special aspect of safety and protection in the workplace. The themes are typically organized with certain points relating to how working environments or run or about themes that might be vital.

The theme for the 2018 edition of National Safety Day has not been announced. It is expected to be declared around the time the actual event takes place starting on March 4.

The 2017 theme was entitled Keep Each Other Safe. The theme focused on helping to promote teamwork in the working environment and to help establish better lines of communication to make it easier for people to work in safer spots.

Prior themes have promoted many of the objectives of National Safety Day. In 2015, the theme was to support the establishment of safe and protected supply chains. Part of this involved knowing how to manage the safe transportation of goods and how to handle large shipments properly and safely. This was formed to help people understand what they can do to handle larger materials that might be difficult to handle on one’s own.

The 2014 theme focused on stress management and how to keep a working environment under control even in the most difficult situations. Many accidents and injuries in working spots occur as a result of extreme stresses. Sometimes additional injuries take place due to the panic that comes about in the event of an emergency. The safety week focused on understanding what can be done to keep a work environment from being subjected to massive amounts of stress and pressure. The support provided through the 2014 event helped people with recognizing what they can do to keep work loads and orders under control while having the right employees work in various fields and segments.

In 2013, the event encouraged healthy activities and practices. These included plans for helping to control diseases and to keep them from moving around working environments. The goal was to get people to use proper methods for staying healthy and secure.

Preventative measures were highlighted as a part of the 2011 theme. Such preventative measures included the inspection of devices and machines in the workplace and healthy standards for determining who is capable of handling certain tasks in the workplace. The theme helped with getting people to identify what they can do to keep issues in the working environment from developing.

The themes focus mainly on helping people to work as a team and to understand what can be done to resolve safety issues. The 2018 theme will surely help people with recognizing a new aspect of work.


There are many working environments in India that might be dangerous. These include places where proper rules or safeguards are not actually in place. These are areas that might be threatening and risky to many people. The dangers surrounding such environments can be deadly in some cases. It is vital that employees and businesses around India understand what they can do to stay safe.

The need for people to be safe in the workplace and protected in any situation is important to understand. The work being promoted through National Safety Day in India helps to let people be aware of safety standards in the workplace and to do more with keeping people protected. This is all to assist people with staying secure and safe.

Quotes On Security Day

“Obedience is critical to everyone’s safety as it focuses on understanding what can be done to stay protected.”

“When in any hazardous situation, safety is the main point that influences everything one might do.”

“It is through the fear of the unknown that we establish safety rules to keep all people that we care about safe and under control.”

“Those who are safe are confident in knowing what they can do and in keeping people protected.”

“Every person in the world has a right to safety, health, dignity, peace and comfort.”

“A strong community allows people to feel safe in what they are doing.”


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