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Jan 142019

Reservation System Essay Speech and Quotes

The reservation system is prevailing in India since long and according to the system people belonging to the backward classes are given preference over others. In addition, even after securing lower marks compared to others, the people in the backward classes will get opportunities both in educational and employment sections.

Reservation System Speech

Features of reservation policy and method of implementation

  • Class benefits – With the help of reservation system, Scheduled Castes, and Scheduled Tribes are given preference over the general caste in most of the sectors. It includes the government jobs, enrollment in educational institutions, and selection of candidates in the parliament and in the legislature.
  • Main objective – The main objective of the policy is to specify historic class oppression, class discrimination and the like that has been faced by most of the classes.
  • Promoting backward sections– By implementation of the caste system, the OBC, SC, and STs are able to take part in the decision making policies. In addition, it also helps the government empower individuals. This can be considered some of the important advantages of this system. Backward people in countries like India do not get a suitable offer for jobs. This is not because of their lack of skill but the class from which they belonged.
  • Economic benefits – In the educational sector, students get concession related to course fees and others. In this way, the backward sections of the society are preferred over others in the employment sector. In this way, the backward section is able to save a lot of money.
  • Helps to reduce gap between the different classes – By the implementation of this system, the gap between the poor and rich classes can be reduced. The backward classes are given quota system in government jobs. It will help them to earn a good salary and maintain a good standard of life.

However, the reservation system has been implemented by the Indian constitution to help the deprived classes of society. This system will help to get rid of the problems of economic deprivation in the country. Also, the students of the deprived classes will be able to pursue higher education in the desired sector.

Present and past scenario in reservation system

  • According to the present situation of the reservation system, it is only related to seeking votes from the backward classes by the political parties.
  • The constitutional rights gave the right to freedom, and thus, we are able to exercise freedom in the right manner.
  • This reservation policy has been implemented long back, and it has become a questionable issue whether it is benefitting the common people or not.
  • Findings based on current scenario states that the lower poor people of this section are still the deprived one in the society.
  • The origin of the reservation system dates back to the division of individuals on the basis of their occupation like preachers or teachers and others.

However, to abolish the caste system, we need to give up this policy that alone will help in the development of the country and bring in unity among the common mass.

Disadvantages of the reservation system in India

  • With the implementation of the reservation system, the backward castes of the society are benefitted, but at the same time, it has resulted in several controversies in the country for the misuse of the policy.
  • It is often seen that this reservation policy supersedes student’s merit and the deserving candidates fail to get admission in the highly ranked educational institutions.
  • The reservation system is only applicable in the government sectors and to avail the private sector jobs, the backward classes are still lacking behind.
  • Sometimes, it might seem that by the implementation of the reservation system, the political parties are trying to seek the vote of the backward classes. This is ultimately having a negative impact on the overall production team of the country as the system is ignoring the meritorious systems along with the talented workforce and providing the opportunity on caste basis.
  • Instead of implementing the system on the basis of caste, it should be based on the income of the people. In this way, the poor people will be able to get opportunities both in education and employment section irrespective of their caste. By this, the system will be able to benefit in the removal of poverty from the country. To bring equality in the country, it is required for the implementation of an income-based reservation system instead of the prevailing caste based one.
  • Different political parties wish to take the advantages of the reservation system and grab the attention of the backward classes in politics. This will help the party involved to win the vote of the majority. Also, on reservation grounds, the political parties are able to play with common people’s emotions and compel them to vote for the concerned political party.

However, it will be good if the reservation policy is withdrawn and both performance and merit are considered instead of selecting the candidates on the basis of caste.

The Final Words

It is important for the abolishment of the caste system as it will help to reduce the disparity between the people of the country. Also, the meritorious students will make their desired place in the education section as it should be considered on the basis of merit instead of considering the castes. Other than this, instead of creating a commission for proper implementation of the caste system, the head authority should work for proper abolition of the caste system from the country. In this way, it will be possible to provide equal opportunities for every citizen of the country.

Quotes on reservation system

  • Jobs should be given to the deserving one and not to the one who demands it. It should be
  • The reservation system should be a kind of respect for all individuals and a reward for the worthy ones.
  • It is interesting to get dinner reservations, but when it comes to education and employment, performance should matter the most.
  • With the continuation of the reservation system, the merits of the meritorious individuals will be murdered in the upcoming time.

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