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Sep 052019

Ranu Mandal Biography, Story, Date Of Birth, Age, Daughter Name

The internet is raving about the India’s new singing sensation, Ranu Mandal. Since the news broke out people have become curious about her. Who is Ranu Mandal and why she is in the spot light? Ranu, the sixty years old used to sign at the Ranaghatrail station and one day, one commuter recorded her singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song; and, uploaded on social media. Soon after that the video clip went viral and she came into the spot light. Her melodious voice caught many attentions including Bollywood fraternity that earned her the title as singer.

Ranu Mandal Biography

Personal details of Ranu Mandal

NameRanu Mandal
Date of birth5th November 1960
Place of birthKrishnanagar, West Bengal
Debut song“Teri Meri Kahani”

Ranu Mandal at a glimpse

The India’s new singing sensation was born on 5th November 1960 at Krishnanagar, West Bengal. Ranu’s full name is Ranu Maria Mandal. Now she is known as Lata of Ranaghat as her rendition of Lata’s famous song “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hain” got viral on social media. She has a daughter named Sathi Roy.

Facts about Ranu’s childhood

According to Ranu, she was born to an economically stable family in Krishnanagar, and back then she and her family did not have to struggle for food. She lost her parents at a very young age and after the death of her parents she moved to Ranaghat, at her aunt’s place, where she grew up. She was always a keen listener to Mukesh, Mohammad Rafi, and LataMangeshkar. While listening to them she grew an interest towards music in her but being economically challenged she never get a chance of proper training in music.

Life and struggle

Until now fate was never on her side, and that is the reason after getting married she and her husband moved to Mumbai in search of jobs. According to her, she did a lot of odd jobs to earn money. She used to sign at club in Mumbai and known as Ranu Bobby but she had to leave the job because her husband did not like the profession she took up for living. After a while her husband got job at Feroz Khan’s house as cook. She said that she and her husband were treated well at Feroz Khan’s house.

Ranu has a house but the tough time and situation snatched away everything from her leaving her lonely. The unfavorable situation made her struggle a lot for food and money. At that time of struggle music was her only companion. She sang console her sole and mind and always sang according to her situation. After the death of her husband she came to West Bengal and started begging at Ranaghat railway station. But no matter how much the situation gets worse she never left singing as it was her only light of life amidst the dark days. She never thought of fame, she sings by heart; along with singing she never lost her believe in God. Even now, all she wants a good life where she does not have to struggle for food and money.

Fame and glory

Life cannot be brutal always and the Ranu’s life is the best example of it. A daily commuter named Atindra Chakrabory spotted her singing Rafi’s song at Ranaghat railway station. That 26 year old engineer recorded a video and uploaded on his social media account. Soon after that the video clip earned around four million views in a time. After the video went viral she earned fame from the social media users and became an internet singing sensation. After her video went viral many of the daily commuters started offering food to her and even a local salon offered her a head to toe makeover for free. She got assistance from the state government as well and she was felicitated by the BDO of Ranaghat.

Ranu’s melodious voice arrested Bollywood fraternity’s attention and she was invited at a reality show called ‘Superstar Singer’ where she left the judges baffled with her voice. She sang the rendition of Lata Mangeshkar’s popular song. At that very show she got her first break from Himesh Reshammiya. Her debut song is “Teri Meri Kahani” from the film called ‘Happy Hardy and Heer’, that is a film of Himesh Reshammiya.

When she was asked about her desire she said that she want a healthy living. She said that her desire is very basic like food that will fill her tummy and a roof on her head. From her first break she earned approximately 6 lakh rupees. After the video got viral her daughter came to meet her. Ranu’s fame is compared with the famous voice over artist Ted Williams as he also came into spot light after one of his videos went viral. It is believed that Ranu is going to bag more 5 to 6 songs in future.

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