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Racism Essay Speech Quotes Slogans

Racism Essay (Types, Causes, Effects On Society Solutions) Speech Quotes Slogans

Essay On Racism

  1. Introduction
  2. Racism In All Over World
  3. Types Of Racism
  4. Causes Of Racism
  5. Effects of Racism On Society
  6. Present and Past Scenario of Racism in Society
  7. Solution of Racism
  8. Conclusion


Considering major issues in the world today, probably Racism tops the list. There are many imagination and speculations arrive once the word ‘Racism’ is heard. Many of us hold different views on the same. Generally speaking the word ‘Racism’ is not restricted to an individual or group or a bunch of groups. In a narrow sense Racism shows the oppression by a specific individual or group of white to some other society or individual or group of non-white, however in a broader way the word holds much more than that of oppression. It is a worldwide issue that exists in all the continents and countries in different forms. A dominant and a dominated group, who are fighting over social rights, are largely found in racism.

Racism Essay (Types, Causes, Effects On Society Solutions) Speech Quotes Slogan

Racism had been geared off in ancient times when it was believed that the Ham, one of the three sons of Noah, was being cursed because he was black. Since then the concept of racism started as it was said that dark-skinned people are cursed whereas white skinned people are good men in the world. Started off in the 3rd Century AD, the discrimination still remains the same even in 21st century.

Racism In All Over World

Racism in Issues
United States of AmericaTops the list of places where Racism exists. Not only they oppress the blacks, but also they feel anyone who belongs to different nationality should be oppressed. Education, job, living or even politics, people from different nationality have witnessed racism at least once in their lifetime.
United KingdomOnce ruled the world, UK still believes in racism. Racial discrimination is one such event that occurs often between Indians and English people.
Australia Australians have a weird believe that if anyone from the rest of the world moves in their country, the person should stay there more than few years. Based on this believe in 2009, many Indians had to face immense issues while living in Australia. More than 23 cases in that year were filed on racial discrimination.
Japan The biggest issue in Japan is related to Muslim migrants. They think Islam does not match up with their culture and society. So they don’t allow Muslims to enter the country or their society.
Pakistan One of the Muslim dominated Asian countries that have immense issues between Shea and Sunni Muslims. It is not about Black and White but about social status of two different communities.
IndiaAnother Asian country that has racism in all corners of the nation. Despite having diversity in the nation, still there are people who think Blacks are not worth when Whites are the backbones of the society.
GermanyThey often don’t like the foreigners who move in for employment in the country. They still have hatred deep down for the non-whites and other nationalities.

Types of Racism

  • Individual Racism – Individual Racism can be of many forms such as religion, skin colour, cultural heritage, prejudice and so on. Racists belonging to one culture can easily oppress another just because they think they are superior to them. Same thing happens in case of skin colour and religious believes.
  • Institutional Racism – When a society or organisation promotes racism it is called institutional racism. There are some institutes that concentrate on white literature, there are societies where non-whites are discriminated and there are organisations where dark people still have to make an extra effort to get a job. All these are example of institutional Racism.
  • Scientific Racism – It started from 18th century when Darwin established the concept of evolution. Many scientists believe that different structures and process of evolution brings racism within the mankind. The structural and evolutionary inequality promotes the racism.

Causes of Racism

  • Psychological Cause – The biggest reason for racism is the psychological state of any person. People who have faced bitter situations as a child have prone to hate other communities or people for no reason.
  • Frustration – Frustration such as employment issue or financial weakness leads people to blame migrants or people belong to other nationalities. They keep blaming minorities saying that they’ve snatched the opportunities so the inhabitants are failed to get good jobs.
  • Rapid Change – Sometimes our mental set up doesn’t accept the rapid changes in the society. It takes a lot of guts and mental preparation to take up new things that we are not used to. This doesn’t always cause racism directly but a certain kind of hatred definitely arises.

Effects of Racism On Society

  • Racism brings hatred in the society. It typically divides the society in two parts in which one is superior on the basis of skin colour which does not really make any sense today. The impact of Racism is quite complex to understand.
  • Racism spread all over the world like virus. It flows from one community to other, even one generation to another. Some of the people sugar coats the hatred messages to make it a nice speech. It leads them to achieve a good position in political life.

Present and Past Scenario of Racism in Society

Country Past Present
USARacism exists since ancient times in USA. Riots, joblessness, community fights were common events.After Barrack Obama being the president the scenario has changed a bit but not as much as we expect.
Australia The number of cases filed under race was quite high in early 90s.According to 2009 report, the rate is 23% of 100 cases.
IndiaCommunity and caste racism was always a prominent case in IndiaIn recent times the issues have reduced largely, but still remains in some remote areas.
UKNon-white discrimination was one of the major issues in present times the racism arises within the same community as well, but in lower rates.

Solutions of Racism

  • Governments take a lot of initiatives to remove racism in all the nations. But the issue is way too controversial and complex to handle. Movements against racism on the basis of sex, colour, religion and other factors have been started to abolish the issue.
  • Anti-racism groups and other social groups take steps forward to spread awareness in colleges, schools and other organisations for not promoting racism in any forms. Making children aware of anti-racism and promoting racism everywhere.


Racism is quite a complex issue to understand. Studies say it is not possible to completely get rid of this issue unless people change their mindset. Mostly racism arises due to psychological issues. Taking this consideration it is up to the people who can largely change the beliefs and society for betterment.


Speech On Racism

We are standing in the modern era when we keep upgrading our devices for better access to the world. But unfortunately we forget to upgrade our minds and beliefs for our own good. We belong to such society where people are being judged by their skin colours. Racism is like cancer. It spreads over your body, mind, and life like virus and kills you one day.

In our society when the government and other social groups are trying hard to abolish the racism from the system we, the common people should co-operate them by changing our minds too. Just because a person is black, he/she can’t be a good friend or life partner; these kind of narrow beliefs are enough to kill our next generation. What we will think today or do today it will affect our next generation. USA President Mr. Barrack Obama is not a bad man, but he is definitely a black man. Does it make any difference in his duty? I don’t think so.

Be it sex or caste or religion or colour, inequality should not be there in the society. If a person deserves the position he/she should hold that no matter what skin colour she/he has. If a person is good, go friend with his/her, don’t look at her/his skin colour or caste or religion. Co-operate with the anti-racism groups and join the movements to abolish the hatred from the society.


Slogan and Quotes On Racism

God has created all of us, don’t insult him by discrimination.


Don’t judge people by their colour, we all are human, we all have dreams, goals and we all can achieve success.


Racism is nothing but maximum hatred for minimum reasons.


A white fellow: when born he is pink, when grows up he is white, when tanned he is red, when cold he is blue, when die he is purple. If a white can have so many colours, then why do you have much hatred for the colour?


Don’t race against the colour, gender, caste or community, race against hatred, terrorism, inhumanity and crime.


Black people are human, they have heart, they have goals, they have dreams, they have life, they might be best buddies, they can make a best life partner.




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  2. Hello, I would like to know the author and the date published/written of this article, Thank you .

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