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Dec 292018

Patriotism Essay Speech Quotes

A person who supports his country and shows his or her love for the country is known as a patriotic. The feeling of the person for his or her own country can be termed as patriotism. It is further known that a patriotic person is indebted to the homeland. When talking about patriotism, apart from fighting for the country, the love and feeling that one show for his or her country is also the feeling of patriotism. It is a natural feeling and one of the important factors of a country’s success. The patriots of the country work hard for the development of the country and look after the country’s historical heritage.

Patriotism Essay

Due to the feeling of the Patriots, people are able to work hard and contribute to the improvement of the country. Patriotic person will have love for the history of the country and will their best to protect the cultural heritage of the country. There are people who do not have any idea about the history of the country, and they have no love for their own country. They cannot be called the citizens of the country, and instead, they are simple citizens. People who want to see the country prospering and development in every field. No one will love the fact when a stranger comes and starts to establish their rule in our country. When the invader starts to establish their own will in our country, the people of the country will try to protect their home and country and do their level best to protect the same. Its main purpose is to maintain their uniqueness and identity.

How can patriotism be related to native history?

People who love their country should be aware of its historical facts. When digging deep into the history of the nation, they will be able to know about the culture and the lifestyle of the people living in the country. It would not be wrong to consider patriotism as the love for the people of the country and its tradition instead of the love for the country. Thus, it is important to respect the people who have contributed greatly to the development of the country, and they are also responsible for the respectful condition of the country.

  • When it comes to patriotism, children should know about it since their childhood as they will be the future of the country.
  • Their love and contribution in the country will help to take the country ahead and make it stand among the developed nations.
  • This will help the country from lagging behind and progress significantly.
  • Patriotism does not mean achieving success for the country at the cost of other countries or humiliating other countries.
  • By respecting and protecting the country’s traditions and ethnicities, it is important to respect cultures as well.
  • The attitude of loving one’s country should be present in every present, and this will develop a feeling of equality all citizens of the country.

Features of a patriotic person

  • True patriots give their life for the country, and they can do their best for the development of the country.
  • They are always in search of doing something good for the country and help in the progress of the nation.
  • In addition to this, the patriot will also try to lead the people of the country in the right way.
  • The person is truthful, honest and loving and looks for the development of the country at any cost.

What is the reward of a patriot?

  • It is known that truepatriotic person lives for the development of his or her motherland.
  • The person is respected and loved by the people of the country, and after their death, the patriot becomes immortal as they are remembered by all.
  • Among some memorable personalities of our country, there are Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajendra Prasad, and others.
  • Among the ancientones, it includes people like Shivaji, MaharanaPratap, and others.
  • Boldness and fearless are among the main characteristics of a true patriot.

Other characteristics of a patriotic person

  • Our country has plenty of citizens, and it is known that each of them contributes to making the country one of the best.
  • Some citizens are highly concerned about their actions, and they want to change the country and make it a perfect one among others.
  • There are people who are mostly busy with their own lives and hardly get any time to look after the development of the country.
  • A patriotic person is conscious about what is happening around in the country, and they will show their love and try their level best to change the state of the country.
  • It is also seen that patriotic person will give up their individual interest for the bigger interest of the country.

However, it can be expected that a day will come when every citizen of the country will be concerned about the development opt the nation and make it a proper place for living. 

To maintain freedom and unity in the country, it important to treat every citizen equal in the country.  The citizen of the country should work in harmony to maintain peace in their motherland and help the country to progress successfully. However, all citizens should be considered the same in this nation.

Quotes on patriotism

  • Patriotic person should support the country and the government whenever it is needed.
  • The concept of one people, one flag and one nation should help to maintain peace in the country and maintain unity among the citizens o the country.
  • The Patriots should contribute to the development of the nation and try to refresh the liberty tree and maintain it.
  • The flag of our nation is meant to be more than just a cloth and ink. It stands for freedom and liberty in the country. It is the pride of the nation, and it has been maintained since long by the patriot persons of our country who died fighting for the nation.

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