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National Ordnance Factory Day Essay Importance Activity 

National Ordnance Factory Day Essay Importance Activity 

The National Day of Ordnance Factory is observed every year on the 18th of March. This day celebrates the contribution of the Ordnance Factories to the country. They produce arms and ammunition for the defense and their branches also include the Gun Factory, Equipment Factory, etc. All of these constitute the Ordnance Factory.

National Ordnance Factories Day

Activity of this day

  • On this day, apart from the events organized by the staff, there are various displays. The displays are mainly of rifles, ammunitions, guns and artillery which are exhibited across the country in different locations.
  • The celebration on this day starts with a flag hoisting and then a parade. Also, the exhibitions display several photographs of mountaineering expeditions.
  • Often times the employees are commemorated for excellence in their jobs in this department on this day. Awards like Ayudh Shri/Devi, Ayudh Ratna, are also distributed.
  • There are also seminars that take place during this day. Officials discuss the quality of ammo and the productivity of their respective offices and the amount of production.
  • The event is usually attended by the workmen, the officers, the staffs of the factories and also by several associations, unions and the federations.

Importance of Ordnance day

  • 18th March is mainly chosen because on this day in 1802, the production of the first Ordnance Factory of India commenced in Cossipore, Kolkata. It was established in the year 1801 and it started its operations in the year 1802.
  • This day marks the day of the first production of the Ordnance factory. Therefore it is one of the highest ordeals for this department and the nation.
  • The announcement that 18th March shall hereby be the Ordnance factory day was made on a very special day. It was the 200th anniversary of the oldest ordnance factory or the Gun Carriage Agency (also known as the Gun and Shell Factory).
  • Ordnance Factory was established during the British Era. Military hardware was extremely important to the British – to establish political power in a country.
  • In the year 1775, it was decided and declared at Fort William, Calcutta, that Ordnance Board will be constructed by the East India Company.
  • The aim of these factories to ensure that the arms and ammunition production for the defense is enough. British wanted to safeguard their economic benefit by strengthening their ammunition power.
  • They supply the same to the defense. Another one of the vital reasons to celebrate this day is to ensure that the general public is aware of the necessity of arms and ammunition for safety.


Ordnance Factory Day is celebrated across the country. This department is among the top 50 manufacturers of defense equipment I the world. Ministry of Defense is the direct manager of this board. It delivers its products not only to Army and Air force but also to Navy. Also, some of its ammunition, clothing and explosives are exported across to about 30 countries in the world.


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  1. About 80% of Ordnance Factories supplies go to Indian Army. Next biggest customer is Internal Security Forces (Central & State Police Forces) with about 11% of supplies. Air Force, Navy, Other Defence Deptts, civil market and export account for remaining.

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