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Nov 172018

Essay on Obesity a Big Problem  [Introduction, Causes, Effects, Solution, conclusion] Speech and Quotes

Obesity is one of the growing problems across ages and it is connected with other problems which is called metabolic syndrome. Owing to this, problems such as high pressure and blood sugar level, poor lipid profile level. Moreover, people with such syndromes have high chances of heart diseases, diabetes. This problem of obesity also results in illness and death in countries like North America and others. Some of the causes are enlisted in the following part of the article.

Obesity Essay

Obesity Causes 

Strong genetic component results in obesity 

Children of obese parents are likely to suffer from obesity compared to the ones of lean parents. Though obesity is not predetermined, the food that the children eat can result in obesity. Children depending on the western diet are more prone to obesity. Though their genes do not change signals and environment symptoms sent to the genes results in obesity. It is also known that genetic components contribute to gaining weight.

How junk foods results in obesity?

Processed foods are nothing but refined ingredients in which high rate of additives is added. The products are cheap and tasty at the same time and they are hard to resist. In this way, food manufacturers are engineering the junk foods and so, the taste of the food is becoming a good parameter for the manufacturer of the food to increase their sale. This ultimately results in overeating and thus, the engineered foods are alluring to grab the attention of the food lovers easily.

Food addiction should be prevented

The sugar-sweetened and high-fat content foods are considered as abused drugs like that of cocaine, nicotine, alcohol and cannabis. Junk foods are an addiction to the food lovers and they tend to lose control over these foods. It becomes similar to the one who is struggling to control their alcohol addiction. During addiction, you lose control and tend to eat the food quite often.

How insulin results in obesity?

One of the properties of insulin is to regulate fat energy storage in the body. In this way, it regulates the fat cells to store fat for long. In this relation, it is known that western diet stimulates insulin resistance in obese people. Owing to this, the insulin level increases and more fat cells are stored in the body instead of using the cells. According to various studies, it can be said that high insulin level results in the development of obesity in the human body. One of the ways to get rid of the situation is to cut down the intake of carbohydrates and to increase fiber consumption. Thus, it will ultimately result in less calorie consumption and help the person in shedding some body weight.

Wrong medications often lead to obesity

Certain pharmaceutical drugs result in weight gain as a side effect. In addition, antidepressants also lead to weight gain including other problems. In this relation, diabetes medication is common. While taking this medicine, it does not reduce the willpower, instead it affects the body and brain function in a human being. Due to this, metabolic rate decrease leading to problems of obesity.

Increased intake of sugar  

When people start to take sugar in increased quantity, it affects hormones of the body and gradually it results in increased weight gain. Sugar consists of fructose and glucose in the same quantity. Moreover, glucose is available from different foods and it results in weight gain. Increased intake of fructose also enhances the insulin level in the body.

How breastfeeding results in obesity in children?

It is known that breastfeeding helps children from becoming obese. Though it is seen that more than 75% of mothers breastfeed their children and only 13% of infants depend on breast milk post 6 months.

Obesity outcomes from less physical activities

People across all ages do not get enough activity throughout the day and therefore, it is common to become prone to obesity. Since technology has made us deskbound and gets involved in a hectic daily schedule, we are left with no time for physical activity. Safe walking and physical activities are important and it will help people to stay away from situations like obesity.

What are the effects of obesity?

With its far-reaching effects, the number of people suffering from the disease in increasing making it a serious threat among people belonging to all age groups.

  • Diabetes – Obesity is the main reason for diabetes and the type 2 of diabetes can start showing its symptoms early in children. It further results in insulin resistance. Having a moderate level of insulin also results in problems of diabetes in human beings.
  • Heart problems – Hardening of the arteries which is known as Atherosclerosis results in high problems in obese persons. In addition, Coronary artery disease is also common that results in less blood supply in the heart. It results in diseases like heart blockage and others further resulting in a stroke.
  • High blood pressure problem – The other name of this problem is hypertension that results from obesity. Most of the hypertension cases result from obesity often increasing the intensity of the disease. Some of the commonly occurring heart diseases include congestive heart failure, stroke, kidney disease and others.
  • Sleeping problem and respiratory issues – Sleep apnea is a disease due to which people are unable to breathe for a brief period which interrupts sleep. Besides, it results in snoring as well. Respiratory problem that crops up from obesity constricts the lungs due to weight of the chest wall. This sleeping problem is also related to high blood pressure.
  • Cancer – Obesity results in cancer and it further causes the death of almost millions of people. As per research, body mass index enhances in human body, it further increases the risk of cancer and death from the same.
  • Metabolic syndrome –The metabolic syndrome such as blood cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin resistance result in cardiovascular disease. In several countries it is seen that most of the people suffering from obesity have metabolic syndromes.
  • Joint pains – This problem includes osteoarthritis that affects the knees and the hips and its main cause is overweight. For damaged joints, joint replacement is common, but it may not be possible for the ones who are suffering from obesity.
  • Psychosocial effects –Physical attractiveness is important in our culture and people suffering from issues of overweight are disadvantageous on this ground. The lazy and weak people are often said to suffer from obesity. It is also seen that the overweight persons are disapproved by others and it results in bias, discrimination and other kinds of psychological torment of the person.

How to get rid of obesity?

If you think it is easy, you are on the wrong track. According to science, there are ways to prevent obesity and some of them are detailed in the following part.

  1. Do not skip breakfast– There is a wrong notion among people that by cutting breakfast, they are able to cut calories. But to tell them the truth, eating breakfast will help to consume fewer calories throughout the day. According to research, people who take have a lower level of body mass index compared to the ones who skipped their breakfast.
  2. Increase fiber consumption– Brown rice coupled with chickpeas and vegetables for lunch is the best option. These are high fiber food that is low on calories but helps to remains full until your next meal. Also, the sugar level is maintained as the fibers are slowly digested. Whole grains are also good sources of nutrients.
  3. Include raw and green vegetables in meal –Green and low vegetables are low in calories but high in fiber. These are also high sources of vitamin C and E, carotenoids which are good for health.
  4. Take Fish, Chicken and Beans for good source of protein – If you are going on a low-carb diet, it is important to increase protein intake with every meal. Such people are less hungry and tend to lose weight more. But you should not take too much of protein for your meal. People suffering from type 2 of diabetes have higher risks of kidney diseases.
  5. Eat nuts – Other than protein, it is also necessary to add a lot of healthy nuts in the diet. Though they are fatty, it is known to help shed goo weight. In addition, daily consumption of nuts lowers the body mass index level.

The final words

Therefore, there arenumbers of people suffering from obesity in the industrialized countries is increasing in such a number that WHO or World Health Organization called it an epidemic. So, it is necessary to follow the above-mentioned preventions in order to reduce the chances of obesity in human being across ages. Even if the person is prone to obesity, it is better to deal with it from an early age to avoid problems.

Quotes on obesity

  • In relation to the problems of obesity, David H. Murdock said that people can prevent the occurrence of obesity by adding more vegetable and fresh fruits in their daily diet.
  • Richard Attias says that there is an increasing problem of obesity that needs to be curbed soon as it is leading to several other severe issues in human beings.
  • As per the opinion of Madeleine M. Kunin, malnutrition results in chances of obesity.
  • As the symptoms of obesity start to show up, it is noticed that normal human life is interrupted affecting human relations as well as has been said by Jane Velez-Mitchell.

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