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National Youth Day India (Yuva Diwas) Essay History

National Youth Day India (Yuva Diwas) Essay History Speech Quotes Theme 2018

Many social reformers where born in India. Their works and teachings were not only famous in the nation but also earned India a high position on international platforms. One such reformer was Swami Vivekananda. He was a spiritual leader as well as a social reformer who worked for the betterment of all sections. Apart from everything else, he stressed on the development of youngsters. He believed that a nation will not be able to develop if its youngsters are not given proper opportunities to come forward. The birthday of Swamiji is celebrated with pomp and grandeur throughout India. The central government has declared his birthday as the National Youth Day.

First celebration of the National Youth Day

National Youth Day or Yuva Diwas is an annual event in India that is celebrated in all parts of the country. On this day, one of the greatest social reformers of all time, Swami Vivekananda was born in the state of West Bengal in India. In the year 1984, are there in Central Government of India took the decision to celebrate the birthday of this legendary leader as the National Youth Day.  Since then, teacher 12th of January is observed as the Yuva Diwas where the entire nation remembers this charismatic social and spiritual leader. Each year, the central government fixes a particular theme for the Yuva Divas. For instance, the theme for 2017 was “Youth for Digital India.”

When is National Youth Day celebrated?

The National Youth Day or the Yuva Diwas is celebrated each year on the 12th of January. On this day the young and dynamic spiritual leader of all times, Swami Vivekananda was born. Though his lived a short span of 39 years, he cemented his place not only in India but also on international platforms with his humanitarian work and youth oriented speeches.

By whom and when was it announced?

India was under the Congress rule during 1984. The then Prime Minister of the Nation was Indira Gandhi. She declared that from that your own words the Union of India will celebrate 12th of January and pay homage to the youth icon of India.

Yuva Diwas History and story

The people of India have been influenced by the teachings and philosophies of Swamiji. He said that the youngsters were the future of any country. If they get proper chance to prosper, the nation will also flourish. His teachings are very inspirational, which will play a vital role in shaping the future of India. He said that individuals must strive to serve people from all sections of the society. They need to show compassion towards animals as well. The central government wanted to spread his teachings and encouraged the youngsters to follow the path that Swamiji had shown. For this, a strong representation of Swamiji was needed. The implementation of National Youth Day was an official symbol of India’s respect for Swamiji.

Importance of National Youth Day

  1. Making youngsters aware about Swamiji’s contributions – Though swami Vivekananda teachings have made their way into the school textbooks, not many take them seriously. There is a high percentage of people who are not aware of his instruction. The celebration of the Nation Youth Day is the best occasion to impart youngsters with knowledge about the beliefs of Swamiji.
  2. Inspiring youngsters – The teachings of Vivekananda were as inspirational now as it was back then. He stressed on the need to inculcate a positive attitude towards. With this people will be able to overcome all hurdles and reach their goals. His speeches will uplift any broken down hart.
  3. Showing them the right path – The presence of numerous distractions can lead youngsters into the pits of darkness and evil. Thus, Swamiji stressed on the need to stay away from such interferences. Apart from providing insight on what to do to be on the right path, he also said that meditation will increase focus and concentration.
  4. Teaching them about truth of life – The entry of unwanted distractions can shroud the judgment power of every individual. As youngsters are still in their formative years, they might not be capable to keep such attractions at bay. For them, Swamiji had preached some effective ways. These teachings will assist the youngsters to stay on the correct path.
  5. Creating compassion in people’s hearts – Swami Vivekananda was known for his support towards showing compassion not only towards the humans but also towards animals. He once said that “service to man is service to God.”
  6. Living by the philosophies of Vivekananda – The philosophies of Swamiji are simple and anyone can follow them with a little conviction. During the celebration of National Youth Day, common people get a chance to revise these philosophies and incorporate these in their daily lives.

Importance of youth for any country

  1. Future of the nation – Swami Vivekananda was a youth leader himself and always said that a nation should provide all required resources to the members of the next generation. The children and young individuals of today will represent the nation tomorrow. These young people are the future of that nation. If these youngsters are ignored, then the future of the country will be doomed.
  2. Developing the nation – A nation always desires to move ahead and develop in all aspects. The present will soon be the past and in due time, the baton will be passed into the hands of the younger generation. They have fresh ideas and plans. These will come in handy to develop the status of the country. If proper care is not taken to develop the present platform for youngsters, the country will be unable to prosper.
  3. Youth is the representation of hope – Hope is very important in the life of human beings. Without hope everything will end. The youngsters are the hope of every nation. Once it is time for the present leaders to step down, the youngsters will take over and keep the hope of development and betterment alive.
  4. Shaping the society – The young individuals of today will also play a significant role in shaping the society. They will form new rules, which will make the society a better place to live. Their efforts will bridge gaps, which exist among the people in the society.
  5. Eradicating evils – Many evils exist in our society and it is the duty of youngsters to eradicate them properly. The current generation might not be powerful enough to break the Chains of superstition and segregation. When the youngsters come of age and take the responsibility of the society, they will be able to eliminate all miss understanding and the evils that exist today.

How is National Youth Day celebrated?

  1. Celebrating the birth of the reformer – The main objective of celebrating national Youth Day is to promote the importance of Swami Vivekananda in our daily life. He was not only a social reformer but was an excellent teacher who identified several issues and also provided its solution. The life and works of such a great human being must be celebrated.
  2. Holding talks and public meetings – Public meetings and conferences held both at National and state levels where learned personalities give speeches which focus on the philosophies and teachings of Swamiji. These conferences are attended by children, youngsters as well as older adults. Vivekananda had something to say to the people from all walks of life.
  3. Parades to enlighten the youth – From the early morning, school college students, along with their teachers take part in parades which are organized to praise the works of Swami Vivekananda. Students sing special songs and hymns, which fill the air with positivity and vibrancy.
  4. Holding cultural programs – Most schools and colleges also take part in cultural activities. Here students sing and dance, to entertain as well as give out the message that Swamiji wanted to propagate. Local administrative body is also organized such programs in every block.
  5. Fostering a feeling of unity among all – Sit and draw competition, debates, elocution, and such other activities highlight the need to stand together and fight the evils which prevail in the society. Only with the efforts of youngsters can these evils be eradicated completely.
  6. Explaining the philosophy of Swamiji – Swamiji believed in working with the masses. It was the only way to understand the society better. Apart from doing good to humans, also stressed on being kind towards animals. His philosophies hold true even today. Explanations of these philosophies make people aware of his teaching.


The nation must take necessary steps to ensure that the youngsters are properly enlightened. They must be tough the importance of working towards the greater good. When they start working with this motto, the nation will progress significantly. For this, the teachings and philosophy of Swamiji will come in handy. So, the celebration of national Youth Day will create the much needed awareness among the youth of India in the hour of need.

Quotes and slogan for Yuva Diwas

  1. The youngsters are the seal of all power. If they set their hearts on something, they will be able to achieve it no matter what the circumstances are. The source of power starts with the next generation individuals.
  2. God has fashioned each person with an effective talent. It is the youth of the person. Each will have this talent no matter what his/her place is in the society. But the biggest downside to this gift is it will not last for long.
  3. A person who is not afraid to walk on a path lesser known, or take risks for greater good is a true flag bearer for bringing about youth revolution.
  4. A person who does not have confidence in himself/herself is a person who does not have trust in the miraculous ways of the Almighty.
  5. A youngster has the power to illuminate the entire world with new and innovative ideas. These will make the world a better place if you work on it and implement it accordingly.
  6. The best thing about youngsters is that they do not shy away from taking risks. There is something to be learned from both success and failure. In case you succeed in your endeavors, you will earn the right to lead others. If you fail to achieve triumph, your experiences will teach others to avoid the same mistakes you made.

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