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National Good Governance Day (Rashtriya Sushasan)

National Good Governance Day (Rashtriya Sushasan Divas) History Quotes Theme 2017

The Indian Government had established the Good Governance Day in 2014. The day is also termed as Sushasan Divas, which means trying to create an awareness in the mind of the people about the accountability in ruling government. This means that the authorities try and create awareness about the functions and responsibilities taken up by the government for the benefit of the people.

Good Governance Day is observed on

The day is celebrated in honor of birth anniversary of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 25th December. Mr. Vajpayee was the former Prime Minister of the country and a well known poet. On this day the Indian government requests the citizens of the country to honor him with respect for his contributions made towards the development of the country.

When is the Good Governance Day Observed in India?

  • The people of the country observe this day every year on 25th December country wide.
  • On this day the government has urged that all government offices will be functional and all employees in various government departments will ensure that they are dedicated towards their work.
  • The government of India has already announced this day in respect and honor of Mr. Vajpayee forever.

History Of Sushasan Diwas

  • The country started observing this day since 2014 after nomination of Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. Malaviya for Bharat Ratna Awards. This is also considered as one of the highest ranking award that is honored to the Citizen of the country.
  • The day was declared as Good Governance day after Narendra Modi declared officially after approval by the NDA government.

Objective Of Good Governance Day

There are numerous objectives of Good Governance Day, some of which are mentioned below:-

  • The main objective of the day is to re-structure the government organization processes so an accountable and open administration can be observed within the country.
  • The day is also celebrated with an aim to help people be aware of the commitment of the government towards the people of the country. This will help in improving the administration system of the government organizations and department within the country.
  • This will offer the government with ability to offer and observe being transparent to the people of the country.
  • On this day the government is expected to work for the welfare and betterment of the people of the country.
  • The day is also celebrated with an aim to help standardize the functioning of the government. It will also help in making the government understand its accountability towards the people in terms of governance of the country.
  • On this day the objective of the celebration is to implement all best policies that are effective so that the mission can be fulfilled within the country reflecting best example of good governance.
  • The government also aims at making the government officials understand the importance of their work along with their internal process so they can be fully committed towards their official work.
  • One of the objectives of this day is to enhance the development and growth of the country.
  • It will also help in bringing the citizens much closer to their government and participate with them in work completion process.

Good Governance day controversies

  • As for this day there are few controversies associated with the celebration of this day as Good Governance Day. Some of the criticism has been made by the opposition Congress Party as the day is observed on the same day when people throughout the world celebrate Christmas eve.
  • The criticisms were mainly on account of the declaration of the day as working day for government offices.


The Good Governance Day is observed through organizing events and meetings in the government offices. The officials of eh departments have to make suggestions related to their participation in the e-governance and events. This helps in improving communication between the government officials and citizens of the country.

Quotes on Good Governance Day (Sushasan Divas)

  • On this day the NDA lead government try and organize a number of other activities that involves participation of the people and the government officials.
  • A number of such activities are organized in Colleges, Universities and schools of the children along with other educational institutions.
  • The students within schools and colleges try and organize a number of activities including debates, essay writing, quiz programs, group discussions, and sports.
  • For convenience factor, government and school authorities try and organize all these activities online including essay writing and quiz competition online.
  • The events are organized on two days including 25th and 26th December for the students. The events are open for any student to participate freely.
  • According to the statements schools don’t have to stay open for students on this day as most competitions can be organized online.
  • Students are free to participate in these events at their will as the events are voluntary. No student is forced to celebrate this day as per the rules.
  • Students can participate in these competitions from their homes of cyber café at their will.


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