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National Defense Day In India Essay History Speech

National Defense Day in India Essay History Speech Quotes

The three sectors – Navy, Army and Air force- Offer official training to their cadets of Defense academy. These three, while their training sessions combine for training at the Joint services academy. They also form the National Defense day.  The moment the cadets of three services have to go for performing their duties at their Service academies they are offered with Pre-Commission training at the Joint services academy.

National Defense Day India History Speech Quotes

National Defense Academy has its head office or Headquarters based at the state of Maharashtra in Pune near Khadakwasla. This is also the base of the First of its kind academy for tri-services in the world.  The academy is also considered as one of the best academies for Tri services Globally.

The history also dates the Khadakwasla academy as one of its kind that has been awarded with nine Ashoka Chakra and three Param Veer chakra awards.

National Defense day celebrated on

Every year the National Defense Day is celebrated in India on 3rd march. The day is celebrated to keep in memory of combination of all three services under the Joint Services.

Name National Defense Day
Followed By Indian
Country India
Celebration Frequency Yearly
Celebration Type Fixed
Kind of National Event
Genre Military
Upcoming Celebration Dates
2018 3rd March
2019 3rd March
2020 3rd March

History of National Defense day

  • 10,000 Pounds were offered to the Indian Government to Lord Linlithgow, from Sudanese Government in 1941. Later on this money was offered to the Indian Governor General with an aim to help build a memorial in favor of the soldiers and Indians who had lost their life in the war for Librating Sudan.
  • This was an event that took place at the time of World War 2 while running the East African Campaign. A complete report was submitted to the Indian Government in 1946 December by Commander in chief and Then Field Marshall – C. Auchinleck.
  • The committee had then recommended the government to form the Joint services Academy for Military. The government of India considered the report submitted to Auchinleck only after the Independence of the country in 1947 August.
  • The implementation of the monument was taken into consideration by the Chiefs of staff. The committee had initiated the plan for implementation in late 1947 and the work for the formation of the Academy was also taken into consideration.
  • An interim training academy was officially established on 1st January 1949 by the Joint Service Academy. The IMA had organized entire set up at their base at Dehradun.
  • The cadets were given with specialized training at these camps for placements in AFA – Wing of Military services. Naval and Air Force cadets were sent at Dartmouth and Cranwell, UK for further training.
  • At the time of Partition between Pakistan and Indian the sum amount of USD 70,000 was paid to the Indian government while the remaining part of the USD 30,000 was paid to Pakistan government.
  • This amount was further used by the Indian Army for building NDA academy. The foundation stone was officially laid down by Jawaharlal Nehru on 1949 6th
  • This academy was officially commissioned on 1954 7th December and then later on inaugurated on 1955 16th

National Defense Day Theme

  • The main aim and theme of the academy can be to keep the spirit of Honor alive and at the same time to keep alive the moral and ethical values.
  • It also aims at encouraging the cadets for participating in the extracurricular activities. It also aims at helping the cadets understand the service aspect for al three armed forces.
  • To offer them with right level of training that will help shape their self confidence, character, and leadership quality. The academy also aims at developing the physical as well as educational skills to develop their fighting services.


National Defense Day is observed with an aim to help reintegrate the three armed forces of the country under the Joint Armed services training. This helps in offering the cadets with basic level of training for developing their leadership skills and character.

Quotes Of National Defense Day

  • Defense is one duty that is expected to be performed by statesman at least once in a lifetime.
  • National defense is considered as a very sacred duty for the youth and other citizens of the country.
  • Being prepared for the war at any time is one of the best ways to maintain peace in the nation.
  • One of the best ways for being prepared for fighting a war and avoiding it to always be prepared for the peace.
  • A republic nation should find it more difficult to declare a war than to be prepared for making a peace.


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