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My Hobby Essay Speech And Quotes

My Hobby Essay Speech And Quotes

You must have been asked to write an essay, describing about your favorite hobby, when you were in school. We all develop a liking towards some activity or thing when we are young. When we start out at it, we are filled with enthusiasm, and spend most of the time thinking about it or working towards developing this new found interest. If it is only a passing phase, then you will eventually lose interest and quit it for good. As soon as you leave one hobby, you are likely to try something else to fill the void. But if, you manage to find the correct pastime activity, then you are likely to stick to it till the end of your days.

My Hobby Essay Speech Quotes

I have also tried to use by spare time constructively with leisurely activities like traveling, photography, listening to music, cooking and many more. But I was nit finding my true match, until I discovered the joy that one can acquire from gardening. Yes! It is also a common hobby, but the way you see it, chances the whole game. Some take it up to enhance the backward with colorful flowers, while others invest in kitchen gardening that also saves money.

Understanding the concept from scratch

Planting a sapling is not gardening. I found it out firsthand from my father. You may say that I inherited gardening from my family. True, I did not fall in love with this pastime activity immediately. When I discovered the true essence of this hobby, I experienced something that cannot be expressed in words. Gardening involves a lot more than just watering the plants. You need to look after the upkeep of the garden as well.

As I progressed with this, I realized that flowering plants alone will not make my garden beautiful. So, I started trimming the grass after a fixed time to give the lawn an even look. I usually purchase saplings from the market and plant them in pots. When their roots mature, I dig a hole in the soil and place each plant in it. With regular watering and fertilization, I maintain the health of these plants. Apart from flowers, I have dedicated a certain section to growing seasonal vegetables and herbs.

Reasons behind selecting gardening

  1. Easy for people for all ages

As I was with my father, my kids are well-bonded with me. Playing with kids is a good way to connect, but that will hold true for a certain span only. As they grow, they will switch over to a new game or something else. I needed something that they will enjoy doing when they are all grown up. Kids are particularly fond of beautiful flowers, and this attracts them towards gardening. You can involve children in this activity without worrying about any accidents. Just keep children below ten away from sharp gardening tools.

  1. Brings one close to Mother Nature

Be it a child or an adult, gardening is the only way that will provide you with a direct connection to nature. I learned a lot about the universal life cycle and started respecting the magical ways of nature. When I started gardening, it also taught me to be more compassionate and responsible. I passed on the same lesson to my kids and you can do the same as well.

  1. Getting organic produce with ease

I always had a weakness for all things organic. My father taught me to stay away from the intake of food products, which are loaded with artificial fertilizers and chemicals. By developing my hobby, I was able to get organic veggies and herbs from my kitchen garden. Flowering plants that get organic fertilizers have vibrant hues stay fresh for longer span when cut. Thus, my interest allowed me to enhance my health as well as the beauty of my home.

  1. Provides much needed exercise

Gardening involves a good percentage of physical movement. Apart from developing a positive attitude towards life, gardening will also keep a person healthy. As you need to put in some elbow grease in planting the saplings, pruning the bushes, cleaning the garden, and digging holes, you can burn sufficient calories without hitting the gym. Gardening will maintain your overall health.

  1. Gardening will also save big bucks

Organic fruits and vegetables are very expensive. If you desire a healthy life then you must invest in organic produce. But what if you do not have enough money to purchase these fruits and vegetables? By investing time in kitchen gardening, you can raise your own crops. It will not be elaborate as traditional farming but you need not hit the market for tomatoes, basil, thyme, chilies, and other herbs. Flowers are also expensive. People who have an eye for beauty prefer to keep fresh cut flowers in their homes. Going to the florist on a daily basis will cost you a serious spinning. I use the flowers from my garden to enhance the decor of my home.

  1. Get as many varieties as you want

Vegetable markets offered me only a fixed number of fruit and vegetable varieties. As I like cooking for my family, it was mandatory for me to get several kinds of veggies. My hobby of gardening made it possible for me to grow various kinds of fruits and vegetables in my backyard. All I have to do is take good care of these plants.

If you too want a hobby that will not only give you satisfaction but will also assist you in other ways. Several books are available in the market which will provide pertinent information about gardening. If you have access to the internet, you may read several blogs and articles on this topic. Thanks to the tool manufacturing companies, one can get apparatus, which will assist in gardening. It has taught me a lot of things and I desire to pass it on to my kids. Planting trees will not only provide several advantages for the gardener, but will also enhance the environment. If you can contribute and increase the number of trees in whichever way possible, then you will be playing a positive role towards the betterment of environment.


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