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Dec 292018

Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones and Mobile Towers
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With newer technologies implemented by this tech world for digitalization, the smartphones have become an integral part of every individual. The revolution started since man started sending letters to their close friends living out of the state or country. Upon this, landline came into the frame where individuals were offered to talk to their close ones over the telephones.With further development in the world of science, there arrived wireless phones safely termed as the mobiles. While these gadgets have significantly replaced the old-school telephones, smartphones come with varying features. Now, not just for calling, the smartphones are used for several other purposes. From accessing the social networking sites to checking the updated political or sports news, smartphones have become part and parcel of this fast-paced world. Therefore, every individual now is occupied by the use of a smartphone.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones and Mobile Towers

Now that the recent world smartphones have become one of the biggest sources of entertainment, it connects every individual with one another. With that, the smartphone manufacturers are also increasing at a massive pace over the past few years. The tech industry has witnessed massive development from bezel-less smartphones to the much-awaited infinity display feature. With the modification in the mobile industry, mobile tower companies are gradually increasing. The companies are building towers between two cities. But what exactly does the mobile tower industry has an effect on human life? Or what does one mean by the Mobile Tower Radiation effect? To know more, keep reading on.

The Date of the First Appearance of the Mobile Phone1973
The First Mobile Phone CompanyMotorola
The First Mobile in the Indian MarketJuly 31, 1995

What are the benefits of using a recent-world smartphone or mobile phone?

  • Using a mobile phone would offer to multitask – In a world where people were occupied with mobile phones, several tech giants have come to the fore with multiple new features incorporated in a smartphone. Now that mobile phones have been replaced by the recent world smartphone, it is advantageous in plenty of ways. From creating videos to playing games, using a smartphone offer multitasking. Safely known as a minicomputer, a smartphone enables one to access the FM radio, music player, as well as watching recently launched movies. Also, one can get world-class entertainment by accessing the video streaming channels over a smartphone.
  • A smartphone connects with the latest technology – With the advent of the Internet, technology has gone through several modifications and updates. And accessing the Internet over a smartphone helps you get connected with the latest technology. This gives rise to the social media platforms through which you can get connected with the relatives and close pals. Moreover, the mobile GPS navigation also helps in finding you the location when you are outside and visiting somewhere. It enables you to get the right path when it comes to finding the exact location. From video calling to sending emojis, the mobile phones incorporate the latest technology with further updates.
  • A smartphone offers a user-friendly communication –In a tech-savvy world where everyone is busy with the daily drudges of mankind, a smartphone is a mode to seamless communication with close pals and relatives.You can carry it anywhere you want, and you can seamlessly contact anywhere inside or outside the country.
  • Everything comes with the latest technology – In a world where the smartphone has become part and parcel of everyday life, using a smartphone would be the best thing. From setting alarms in the morning to saving the necessary things as the reminder, one can make the best use of the smartphone in a convenient way.Also, one can use the calculator as well as the applications for payments. From booking flight tickets with a fingertip to sending funny messages to your friends, a mobile phone has a lot of benefits.
  • The growth of Knowledge – Initially, when people had any kind of queries, the best thing to do was to ask their teachers or the elder ones. But with the advent of smartphones, people can troubleshoot their problems by accessing through the Internet. You no longer need a visit to the library, for the mobile phones have come to the fore with the inclusion of the Internet. You can read books band get the most updated news from the Internet. You can also get information concerning the subjects taught in school.

What are the disadvantages of using a mobile phone?

  • Health disadvantages – A continuous running of the mobile can cause eye problems. In addition to that, children who play a game of gaze can also suffer from deforming of the eyes. Some surveys indicate that the rays emitting from the mobiles can have a direct impact on the body, thereby causing the risk of significant diseases in the future. With so many disasters taking place with smartphones’ batteries, the tech world is not convinced with its trust on the battery front.
  • Time Management – While using a smartphone is a necessity in the recent world, the misuse of time is another con of the current world’s mammoth gadgets. Due to the time invested in video games, children cannot concentrate too much on their studies. People leaving their work and engaging themselves in the mobile world can also is disadvantageous. In addition, people suffer from insomnia because their habits of running their cell phones late at night have made them develop this kind of problem.
  • Accidents and Bad habits – Using mobile phones while driving may also cause severe accidents. News pop-up in the recent world which indicate the accidents that happen while using phones and driving. Plus, there are other disadvantages such as sending abusive messages. This might be included in the cybercrime incidents that occur in the recent world.
  • Using a smartphone can also turn away from people – One who is too much engaged in the mobile is getting disconnected from the family. They go back home, and they are either seen with their headphones on or texting. This affects family relationships.People don’t really understand how essential it is to be connected with the family.

What are the reasons for mobile tower damage?

The mobile towers come with radiation, and they connect to the consumer of the cellphones. As a matter of fact, this radiation can turn out to be very harmful to humans. Not only humans but the radiations also affect other creatures. The radiation emanating from the mobile tower can also have a negative impact and cause deadly diseases. As a matter of fact, the mobile towers are connected by the mobile of the consumers to electromagnetic waves. When the waves are in a limited state, no harm occurs. But if it isn’t in a limited state, then certain adverse consequences come to the fore. The worst part is the tower companies are claimed not to increase the number of towers. Instead, they add more consumers to the already installed towers. This can give some damage to the consumers using mobile phones.

How the mobile tower radiation affects the human body?

The mobile tower’s radius of 100 meters is 100 times the effect of the radiation. With the more antennas containing in the mobile tower, there are more damages in the tower and people. The fact is that the radiation is highest there. People coming within the range of 300 meters might see adverse effects. While on the other hand, people who come in the ranks encounter other problems. Mentioned below are the side effects of mobile tower radiation.

  • Affecting the Human Brain – Reports indicate that people living around the mobile tower come in more contact with several diseases. They might encounter a headache, migraines, as well as tumors. People also undergo problems related to memory loss or other illness.
  • Affecting Children – Mobile tower radiation can have a negative effect on the children. Children might suffer from burning of the eyes, headache, or irritability. Their concentration level also decreases with severe effects on their studies.
  • Cancer – Mobile tower radiation can also cause the growth of cancer cells. While it is still under investigation, there might be some accuracy related to the problem.
  • Tree damage – Mobile tower radiation can also have a negative effect on the trees. Upon a direct contact of the antennas, the trees’ upper lips become pleasant. The developing time span also decreases.
  • Affecting other living organisms – The mobile tower radiation is also dangerous to other creatures apart from human beings. Birds stay away from the radiations due to the fact that if they come in contact with the radiation, the result is their death. The bees also suffer the same problem. They suffer problems of reproduction from inside out.
  • Affecting the pregnant ladies – Mobile tower radiations’ effects are worse on the fetus. The fetus becomes weak due to which miscarriage can also take place.
  • Other health problems – Other health problems such as insomnia, problems on heartbeat, deafness can also occur.

What the government has to say?

According to reports, investigations are taking place. A man from Gwalior has reportedly filed a petition in order to remove the tower near the house. He also reportedly said that he is suffering from cancer due to the tower. Upon this petition, the minister of telecommunications has ordered a meeting as well as a probe. Manoj Sinha, the communication minister, has said that some research is done in the World Health Organization as well as other organizations. As a result, there happens to be no severe effect of the mobile tower radiation in human beings. But there are still investigations going on worldwide.

How to check the level of mobile radiation?

According to the government, it has taken a proper solution to problems related to the mobile tower radiation. Several companies are making these towers in inappropriate places and violating the rules of the government. The EMF Emissionsis the electromagnetic radiation emitting from the mobile towers.

While portals of complaints have been made, there come ways of checking the level of mobile radiation. One can complain about the mobile tower near one’s location through the online portal. One also has the ability to check through the portal about the safety of the mobile tower. As a matter of fact, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Communications has also launched a portal in the name of wave communication. Despite the studies, it becomes confusing to know about the mobile towers. Therefore, the government will eventually send the right the correct information via this particular portal.

How will one open the Tarang Portal on the Internet?

  1. First and foremost, one has to open the online website of the wave communication portal. Upon opening, one has to put the area on the website where they live.
  2. Upon getting clear information about the GPS system, one has to click on the EMF Overview option in order to fill the personal information and then submit. An OTP will soon come to the mail ID. Upon the completion of the information filling, one can see the towers of the city.
  3. Next, one has to click on one of the towers in order to find whether or not it has been implemented as far as the government rules. One can even check whether or not the tower is safe.
  4. Besides this, to know about the accurate information pertaining to the EMF emissions, one can give 4000 rupees in order to know about the information.


Whether the mobile tower is safe or deadly is not yet known clearly. However, people living close to towers have already encountered a number of problems. More accurate evidence will come up from the research in the near future.

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