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Aug 062018

Advantages And Disadvantages of Mid Day Meal Scheme [Essay] Effects

Mid day meal is a type of social equity programme that is being run and supervised by the Health Department of the country in accordance with the State and Central government. The facility of MDM 9mid Day meal) is being organized by the authorities for the Poor children of the country. Under the provision the Children belonging to the poor community of the country are provided with One time meals in various central government and state government owned schools and educational institutions. The programme is basically assisted by the officials from the government and education and health departments. Presently in the country, MDM is also considered as one of the biggest such programme to be operated on such a large platform nationwide.

Scheme NameMid Day Meal Scheme (MDM)
Scheme typeSocial Equity Scheme
Operated and Run ByGOI – Education and Health Department
Targeted groupsPoor children studying in Government owned schools and institutions
Targeted figuresOver 12 crore poor children
Provisions by12 lakh EGS centers and Schools nationwide

Objectives and Importance of Mid Day Meals Programme

  • One of the major objectives of the MDM (Mid Day Meal) programme is to make the availability of food grains for each of the child coming from the poor family background. Under this provision the government ensures that each child is provided with at least 100 grams of grain in each primary school where as 150 grams of grain is provided to each child in the secondary school level.
  • Under this scheme to make it more effective for implementation the government has also ensured that subsidy be provided for transportation of the food grains to the school campus that will be offered to selected states within the country at the PDS rate. Under the provision the government also provides a provision for cost of Rs 75 for each quintal of food grain, apart from the ones that fall under specialized categories of UTs and states.
  • Under the provision, the government also ensures that major input is supplied for food grains that also include the cost of cooking food in the school and center campuses.
  • The government also follows a stated structure for determining the cost for construction of facility for cooking food within the school premises itself. The rates may vary depending on the available premises area that has been mentioned by the department of Literacy and education of the country, HR Ministry, GOI and other relevant departments. This is done on the basis of total number of children in any school.

Benefits of MDM

There are a number of advantages and benefits that any child is able to reap from the MDM Programme. Some of the major benefits may include:-

  • Under the programme the GOI can ensure that each of the child who belongs to the less privileged community of the society is able to get full nutritional food. This will help in improving the health status of the child at initial stage of his or her life.
  • The new programme as run by the GOI is also aimed at encouraging more number of children from poor families to attend regular school on daily basis. The provision will also benefit the number of students who belong to the disadvantaged sections of the society such that they may be forced to attend the regular schools.
  • As the children are given good food within the school itself so it is obvious that they will also pay more attention towards their studies when at school.
  • The programme is also very much effective in running out the education programme by the GOI in areas that have been worst affected by natural calamities such as drought and floods.


As there are a number of advantages of MDM programme for students, there are also a few of the disadvantages of running such programme at grass root levels for the government.

  • One of the major disadvantages of running such programme is that the government and authorities have to focus on departments and agencies for procuring food grains at a much lower cost.
  • The food grain also has to be procured on mass scale for covering over 12 crore students belonging to the poor sections of the society.
  • The government also has to pay special attention in maintaining the food quality that is to be served to the students in the schools and centers. They have to keep a regular check with the local kitchen and preparation staff for maintaining best quality.
  • The government has to hire representatives on regular basis to monitor the process of procurement and dispersion of food grains for the students so more number of students are able to get the benefit under the programme.

The Mid Day Meals is a special subsidized programme that is run solely by the central government and state government in coordination of health and educational departments on a much wider scale as compared to any other such programme. The government expects that by running such programme it can focus on improving the overall literacy rated on the national platform especially in villages and remote areas of the country where illiteracy rates are much higher.

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