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Martyrs Day India (Sarvodaya Diwas) (Shaheed Diwas)

National Martyr’s Day India Sarvodaya Diwas Essay Speech Quotes

India had suffered at the hands of the British rule for a prolonged period. The non-violent method to pursue the British government to grant India her freedom was supported by the extremist movement. Both extremist and moderate freedom fighters had to suffer at the hands of British officers and police. They were tried and executed for disobeying the British orders. But this did not deter them from fighting the war for freedom. To pay homage to the freedom fighters that lost their lives, the Indian government celebrates two specific dates as National Martyr’s Day. It is also known as the Sarvodaya Diwas or the Shaheed Diwas.

Martyrs Day India Sarvodaya Shaheed Diwas Speech Quotes

Date of Celebration

In India two days are generally observed as the Shaheed Diwas. One is celebrated on the 30th of January and the other is on 23rd of March. Both these days hold a lot of importance in the Indian history and freedom struggle. The first marks the day on which Mahatma Gandhi was gunned down. The second date marks the day when three young freedom fighters were hung by the British government at Lahore (now in Pakistan).

History of the day

Two days are celebrated as Martyr’s Day in India. Mahatma Gandhi was shot to death on the 30th of January, 1948. It was a black day for India. To remember Gandhiji and his deeds, the central government has decided to celebrate Sarvodaya Diwas each year on the day he was shot.

Another day that is celebrated as the Martyr’s Day is on the 23rd of March. On this day, in 1931, three freedom fighters Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar were hung by the British Government. It took place in Lahore. These young freedom fighters were arrested for not obeying government orders.

How is it celebrated?

  1. Holding prayers – The Prime Minister, President, and all other prominent leaders gather at Rajghat. Special prayer ceremonies are held in memory of Gandhiji. Candles are light and flowers are strewn on the memorial statue.
  2. Remembering them – Generally these days are celebrated all over the country. Flags are hoisted on these days and garlands are put on the pictures of these martyrs. The national anthem is sung to pay homage to these brave heroes.
  3. Holding speeches and meetings – In most schools and clubs, special meetings and programs are organized to remember these brave hearts. Speeches are given to highlight the lives and deeds of these freedom fighters.

Importance of the celebration

  1. Creating awareness among people – Not many people are aware of the sacrifices that had to be made to achieve freedom. The celebration of Shaheed Diwas gives us the opportunity not only to remember the deceased freedom fighters but also makes the present generation aware of the lives and sacrifices of those martyrs.
  2. Remembering the sacrifices of martyrs – A country that forgets its martyrs will not be able to prosper. On these two days, the country and the people remember these brave hearts and pay respect to them.
  3. Celebrating the hard earned freedom – By celebrating this day, people remember the lives and deeds of these freedom fighters. The faced so many hardships but they did not shy away from any torture. They even embraced death so that the country can be free. On this day, the people remember who important freedom is.
  4. Uniting the people – It is celebrations of these kinds that give the people from all parts of the nation something to celebrate in unison. There is nothing that is more important than the nation. The Martyr’s Day is one such celebration that ties the entire nation and the countrymen in a single thread.


The people of the nation must never forget about the blood price that had to be paid by our ancestors. Many youngsters faced death sentence as they decided to go against the British rule and fight for the freedom of their motherland. By celebrating this day, Indian people will be able to show their respect towards those who died. It will also instill a sense of unity in the hearts of the people and assist in keeping the country together. The day when we cease to respect the martyrs, we will cease to respect the nation.

Quotes on National Martyr’s Day

  1. The present of the nation stands on the foundation that has been laid on the lives of the freedom fighters. These martyrs sacrificed their lives to ensure that the future generation gets the freedom from chains of slavery.
  2. The freedom fighters left the comfort of their homes and sacrificed their lives to acquire the freedom they deserved. These martyrs were the real heroes and must be celebrated with pomp and grandeur.
  3. If you forget the sacrifices of the martyrs and take the freedom of the nation for granted, then it will show that you do not have any respect for the nation. Value the blood that these freedom fighters shed in the service of the motherland.
  4. When you draw a comparison between the prophets and freedom fighters, the martyrs will win the battle as they died to make sure that you have a better future.
  5. Following the path of a martyr is not easy. One has to be ready to face all kinds of abuses, torture and mockery in order to achieve something that they might not live to enjoy.
  6. Every person who has been able to cement their place in the history books have been martyrs.
  7. Not all have the courage or ability to carry the tag of being a martyr as a crown.

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