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Essay On Marriage [Pros & Cons]

Essay On Marriage [ Love Marriage And Arranged Marriage]Pros and Cons, Debate, Group Discussion, Quotes and Speech

Marriage is a social procedure by which tow individuals publicly declare themselves as life partners. Official procedures are followed, and promises are made to follow the same throughout the rest of their lives. This joining of two people depends on the strong bond that they share. They tie the knot and promise to stand by each other till death. But this norm is getting cut by the norm of the divorce these days. After the marriage or the social function, the bond between the two can extend as many as seven days or even more than seven decades. As it has been seen that no marriage relationship is free from any kind of conflicts that might often result in divorce cases.

Marriage Love Vs Arranged Essay

Types of Marriage

There are different types of marriage and it depends on different factors.

  1. Number of mates – Depending on the number of mates, marriage can be of three types and they are Polygamy, Monogamy and Endogamy o group marriage.
  2. i) Monogamy – This is the ideal and considered the rational type of marriage which is found among all civilized sections of the society. It is the marriage of one man with another woman at one time which continues till death. This practice of marriage takes place throughout the world. Again there are subdivisions of this type of marriage. It is serial Monogamy and non-serial Monogamy.

a)Serial Monogamy – In this type of marriage, the individuals can remarry only in case of the death of his or her partner or in case of divorce. In serial Monogamous marriage the possibility of remarriage exists in case of divorce or death. Despite remarriage, the male partner remains faithful towards his marriage relation.

      b)Non-serial Monogamy – In this category of marriage, cases of remarriage does not exist by either of the individuals. The spouse should have a single spouse throughout his life.

  1. ii) Polygamy – This type of marriage involves a plurality of partners. This allows both the man and woman to marry more than once at a time. This polygamy is again of three types namely polyandry, polygamy, and endogamy or group marriage.

            a)Polyandry – This is a rare kind of marriage in today’s time in which a woman marries several men at the same time. This category is again divided into two subcategories and they are fraternal polyandry and non-fraternal polyandry.

  1. b) Polygamy – In this type of marriage, a man marries more than one woman at the same time and this has two subcategories and they are Sorroral Polygamy and Non-sororal Polygamy. This form of marriage is prevalent in the ancient society.
  2. c) Endogamy or group marriage – In this category of marriage, a group of men is allowed to marry a group of women. In this group, every woman is considered the wife of every man belonging to the group. This form of marriage is prevalent among some tribal classes such as that of New Guinea and Africa.

Present and Past Scenario

Arranged marriages are a union between two families who decide the future of their children. The match between the bride and the groom are based on certain social and economic factors. Even before three decades, love marriage was a kind of exception in the Indian society. But the scenarios have changed in the present days when the families are expected to select a spouse for young individuals who are of the marriageable age. It is further seen that the age-old perception of arranged marriage in India has also changed quite a lot over time. Arranged marriage can no more be considered as that of ‘forced marriages’ where the final words are promised without the consent of the man or the woman. Nowadays, even in the case of arranged marriages, parents make arrangements such that the partners who would be marrying to meet up. 

It is only since the 1980s that love marriage has become acceptable in the society through inter-caste marriage are still not accepted properly in the society. In addition to this, cases of honour killings are still prevalent in the society. In the case of inter-caste marriages, both family and caste play a vital role. Considering the picture of the metropolitan cities, the cases of love marriages are on the rise. But still youth from the rural sectors are still not able to freely meet other genders due to age-old practices of segregation that has been followed by the Indian society. These days, several matrimonial websites have also come up which is encouraging the marriageable individuals to find their perfect match. Several applications have also come up when enables the individuals to go for a meetup and plan their outings accordingly. 

Pros and Cons [ Advantages And Disadvantages] of Marriage

1. You become subject to others expectations and rules1. You get the support of person whenever you need it.
2. Weddings are expensive.2. You can insurance and financial help from your partner.
3. The concept of getting a permanent roommate can be daunting enough.3. You would get a partner for the rest of your life who would stand by your side through thick and thin.


Marriage is also known by the name wedlock and this legal contract takes place between spouses and certain rights take place due to this wedlock. It also comes with certain responsibilities toward their children and their in-laws. But it is also seen that the definition of marriage varies from one culture to the other. In adding to this, according to some cultures, pursue the two partners get engaged in any kind of physical activity, it is mandatory to get married. It is a cultural universal in which people are engaged in interpersonal relations.

Quotes On Marriage 

  • According to Henry Adams every individual who marries goes blind.


  • The marriage bonding is a strong one as that of cement according to the words of Woody Allen.


  • According to the words of Ambrose Bierce, Bad marriage is often compared to a thrilling electrical machine from which you would be able to go out but it would make you dance like a puppet.


  • Ambrose Bierce is of the opinion that marriage is often considered as a community which involves a master and mistress who is treated as the subordinate of the master.

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