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National Maritime Day Celebration in India

National Maritime Day Celebration in India Essay Speech Quotes 

India has an enviable commercial shipping industry. Several Indian shipping companies assist in importing and exporting goods to other nations, via the sea. The shipping industry has helped the nation to acquire success in commercial aspects. Other than that, India has a strong naval force that is responsible for manning the waters and coastal areas. When the Indian navy and the shipping industries do so much for the protection and betterment of the nation, the country and its people should celebrate their efforts. For this, India celebrates National Maritime Day annually.

National Maritime Day

Date of celebration

The national Maritime Day is observed very year on the 5th of April. All shipping companies, a section of the naval force, and all major and minor ports celebrate this day with pomp and grandeur.

Origin of the day

An Indian ship started its first towards London from Bombay port on 5th April, 1919. The name of this ship was “SS Loyalty” and was operated by The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd. Before that, all ships that left the dock were owned and operate by the British. When the ship was successful in completing its journey, more Indian shipping organizations got the confidence to join in. As it was landmark event that shaped the face of Indian shipping industry, the central government declared in 1964 that 5th April was to be celebrated as the National Maritime Day all over the nation.

History of the day

India is lucky as far as its geographical location is in question. It is well connected with other countries in Asia by land, and has access to water routes as well. Indian sub-continent is surrounded by oceans on three sides. With Arabian Sea to the west, Bay of Bengal to the east and the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean to the south, India reach other landmasses via sea with ease. This location of the subcontinent attracted foreign traders since ancient times. Historical artifacts and records suggest that India has trade relations with nations which were located far away to the west, east and south. In those days, it was only possible to scale such vast distances by water. Thus, it can be safely concluded that Indians were skilled sailors and were aware of sea routes and trade since the days of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

Historical records during the Mughal era also highlight the presence of sea transport and its importance in Indian trade and commerce. After this, the British East India Company anchored here, and started full-fledged transportation by water ways. They brought with them their ships, and naval soldiers. The ships not only helped the British to dominate sea trade in these areas, but also used them to bring solders who defeated the Indian kings, and helped to establish the British rule in India.

Most shipping companies were owned by the British, and very few Indian shipping organizations operated during those days. The National Maritime Day is celebrated each year on the 5th of April, as on this very date, in the year 1919, a ship started its journey from the port at Bombay (now Mumbai). Its final destination was London, and the ship was successful in completing the voyage against all odds. The voyage was special as the ship belonged to an Indian shipping organization. Thus, it is safe to comment that it was the day when Indian took her first step towards establishing a giant commercial shipping industry.

Objectives of celebrating the day

  1. Celebrating the iconic feat – India would not have been able to attain such success in naval and shipping industry, if it were not for the maiden voyage that was successfully completed in 1919. The National Maritime day relives the glory of this great achievement.
  2. Showcasing India’s naval resources – During the celebration of the National Maritime Day, the navy and Indian shipping corporations showcase their resources. The navy highlights its war ships, which man the national waters as well as the coasts from enemy attacks.
  3. Paying respect to the naval officers and sailors – The shipping industry enriches the country commercially, and the navy protects the coastline and ships from threats on waters. Several sailors and navy members have perished, while fulfilling their duties. The day also allows the commoners to pay their respect to these brave souls.
  4. Highlighting maritime laws – As the traffic in international waters has increased drastically, it is necessary to highlight the maritime laws. If the vessels follow these laws, then they need not worry about safety.
  5. Making the modern generation aware of India’s maritime history – Young generation does not have knowledge about the past naval history. Thus, the central and the state governments join hands to celebrate this day for highlight the events, which paved the path for India’s present glory in shipping industry.
  6. Encouraging them to take part – Once the youngsters know about the rich naval history of our nation, they will start observing it as a lucrative career option. It will encourage them to take part in the shipping industry as well as the Indian Navy. Either way, they will take a direct part in nation building.

How is the day celebrated?

  1. Decorating the ports and ships – The celebration of the NMD will not be complete if all major and minor ports are not decorated. The Port Trust Committee has the responsibility to oversee these activities. Ships also get a makeover for the National Maritime Day celebrations.
  2. Launch of new vessels – The Nation Maritime Day is most appropriate to launch new ships. These will add to the shipping resources and naval power of the nation.
  3. Recognizing the successes of past sailors – On this day, common people remember the deeds of past sailors and naval officers. If these brave hearts had not taken the risks, then India would not have been able to attain this status today.
  4. Recognizing the achievements of present sailors – It has been decided that on this day, the committee with reward the achievements of people for their excellent service. They will be given the Varuna Award. It will consist of an honorary scroll and the statue of Lord Varuna, who has the power over water.
  5. Special gatherings at the Indian Maritime University – The National Maritime University organize special meetings and conferences to observe and celebrate the day. High place naval officers take part in these celebrations to talk to the candidate and boost their morale.
  6. Performances by the students – The students of the National Maritime University take part in several cultural activities. They present song, dance, drama and other creative pieces to entertain their fellow students, and esteemed guests, during the celebration of NMD.

Theme of the celebration

Each year, the maritime department picks a certain theme for the celebration of National Maritime Day. India is all set to observe the 55th National Maritime Day in 2018. During the celebration of the 54th NMD, the theme was “Connecting India through Shipping.” In 2018, the theme of the celebration will be “Indian Shipping – An Ocean of Opportunity.” The Maritime University is all set to welcome another day that glorifies the Indian naval history.


One can only imagine about the various ways in which the Indian navy, and the people associated with this department, reshape the fate of our nation. When they can leave their families behind, and pledge their lives towards the service of the nation, it is the duty of the authorities to make sure that they get their dues. The development of the maritime fleet will elevate the status of the country. It is a prestigious job, and parents should encourage their children to take part in nation building.

Quotes On National Maritime Day

  1. Only the fearless individuals join the Indian Navy as they not only want to serve the nation, but are always prepared to bar the enemies from entering Indian waters.
  2. Most folks think how they had contributed towards the betterment of the nation. The courageous individuals serving in the Indian Navy need not waste time, pondering over this question.
  3. The navy not only mans the national water fronts, but also plays a vital part in developing the water based trade routes.
  4. A new chapter in your life begins as soon as you get your name listed in the Indian Navy.

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