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Malnutrition Essay Speech Quotes ( Diseases, Causes)

 Malnutrition Essay Speech Quotes ( Definition,Effects, Diseases, Causes, Types, Treatment)

Malnutrition is an imbalance of micronutrients and macronutrients as consumed by a person. Malnutrition can either be a deficit or an excess of nutrients in a person.Unlike popular belief, malnutrition does not only indicate the lack of nutrients in one’s consumed diet. Malnutrition, precisely indicates undernutrition or overnutrition in a person’s diet. More aptly put, malnutrition may be referred to as poor nutrition. Furthermore, malnutrition can be classified as:

  • Undernutrition: This denotes that a person’s diet lacks the optimum level of nutrients.
  • Overnutrition: This denotes that a person’s diet has more nutrients than necessary.

Malnutrition Essay Speech Quotes ( Definition,Effects, Diseases, Causes, Types, Treatment)

Types of diseases caused by malnutrition

There are different diseases that are caused by malnutrition. Undernutrition and Overnutrition have different kinds of diseases associated with them.

Overnutrition can lead to the following types of diseases in a person:

  • Obesity: Consuming more calories than the body can burn leads to the problem of obesity. Obesity, on the other hand, can cause a number of other diseases.
  • Diabetes: This is a condition where a person’s body fails to produce enough insulin to control the blood sugar level.
  • High blood pressure: A diet of overnutrition can also result in high blood pressure level in a person.
  • Lethargy: Overnutrition can also cause an energy balance distortion in a person, bringing in a feeling of lethargy and fatigue.
  • Vitamin poisoning: Overnutrition is responsible for vitamin poisoning – a phenomenon where the body stores high amounts of vitamins. This storage of vitamins can prove to be toxic for the body. Depending on the vitamin that is being stored in the body different kinds of symptoms also appear in due course of time.
  • Iron overload disorders: Like high storage of vitamins, an overload of iron in the body can also affect organs like liver, heart, and endocrine glands.

While overnutrition can cause these diseases, undernutrition also affects a person in a number of ways. Undernutrition can also be of two types – General and Specific.Generalundernutrition is triggered by inadequate amounts of food of all types.Thus, the body of the person lacks energy to even perform general activities. Specific undernutrition, on the other hand, is caused due to a lack of a particular type of nutrient, for instance, a single vitamin or mineral.Anyparticular deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals is responsible for various medical conditions. Some of those diseases are:

  • Marasmus
  • Kwashiorkor
  • Anaemia
  • Ariboflavinosis
  • Beriberi – Dry & Wet
  • Pellagra
  • Rickets
  • Scurvy
  • Xerophthalmia

Causes of malnutrition

Many causes can lead to malnutrition in a person. While undernutrition is mostly prevalent in third world countries, which of course is prompted by poverty, there are other predominant factors that can pave the way for malnutrition too. The reasons are:

  • Long term conditions that can lead to:
    • Loss of appetite
    • Nausea
    • Cancer
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Liver problems
    • Feeling sick
  • Mental conditions (affect mood and desire to eat) such as:
    • Depression
    • Schizophrenia
    • Dementia
  • Conditions disrupting the ability to digest food or absorb nutrients:
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Ulcerative colitis
  • Medicines that might cause loss of appetite
  • Social causes:
    • Eating at irregular hours
    • Skipping meals to lose weight

Effects of malnutrition

Malnutrition can have severe effects in a person’s body. A person suffering from malnutrition can be impacted in the following ways:

  • Low immunity
  • Changes in Body Mass
  • Poor Wound Healing
  • Cachexia
  • Organ Failure

In children, malnutrition can have some negative effects on cognitive development, like:

  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Impaired school performance
  • Decreased IQ scores
  • Memory deficiency
  • Learning disabilities
  • Reduced social skills
  • Reduced language development
  • Reduced problem-solving abilities

Ways to prevent malnutrition

Following a few things can help in eradicating the problem of malnutrition:

  • Charting out a balanced diet
  • Healthy snacking options
  • Eating at aparticular time everyday
  • Eating at regular intervals
  • Working out will increase appetite
  • Opt for tastier food options and spices
  • Taking food appetizer
  • Taking vitamin and/or mineral supplement prescribed by a doctor

Beyond all these, undernutrition is something that the government needs to combat with different drives and programmes across the country. Combating poverty and making food items cheaper will help in eradicating the problem of undernutrition.

Malnutrition is a problem that is spread across the globe, but with proper measures and treatment, it can be tackled. A healthy lifestyle and a planned day can resolve the problem of malnutrition. Malnutrition is an impediment when it comes to the wellbeing and health of people. It should be detected and treated well in time to avoid further serious health conditions.

Quotes on Malnutrition:

  1. While almost one-eighth part of the world starves regularly, doctors in Britain are warning people of obesity. The problem of malnutrition can be dealt with the right balance of food on one’s platter on a daily basis.
  2. The face of malnutrition is the same everywhere. For instance, you can witness malnutrition in Ethiopian kids and in American businessmen. They both will have the same appearance – bloated bellies and a bald head. To strike a right balance in food is the key to eradicate the menace of malnutrition in the world.
  3. To combat malnutritionwe first need to fight illiteracy, poverty, and hunger. A combined fight against these social evils will put an end to malnutrition.


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