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Mahesh Hegde Biography Caste [Arrested]

Mahesh Hegde Biography

Mahesh Hegde is a senior editor in the leading online news portal namely Postcard. Hedge and his news portal are famous for bold and communal contents about the nation. He is one of those thousand people who are followed by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on micro blogging site, Twitter.

Mahesh Hegde Biography

Full NameMahesh Vikram Hegde
Birth DateUnknown
CompanyPostcard News

Initial Life & Education

Not many information regarding Hegde’s education and early life is available. Mahesh came into the fame in the year 2017 when someone lodged complaint against him and his portal for publishing communal news.


  • Mahesh Hegde was the co-founder of the online news portal namely Postcard News. This news portal is famous for publishing bold and communal contents.
  • The official link of the news portal is There is not much news about Hegde and his professional career.


He was always supported by the BJP supporters. When he was arrested, a lot of people have protested against the Karnataka Police for arresting Hegde. In a recent report published by Postcard News, his arrest is not a fair event for many people.

Latest News

  • Mahesh Hegde was arrested on 29th March 2018 in Bangalore. On the basis of his latest tweet he made on March 19th, he was being accused as fake reporter who provokes riot and communal discrepancy in the country.
  • On 19th March he took the micro blogging site Twitter to post about the accident of a Jain Monk who was hit by a bike. The monk was there in Shravanabelagola Festival. The monk was accidentally hit by a bike while walking down the roads. It was stated by Postcard News that the Jain Muni was attacked by a Muslim which was not true.
  • He was arrested by Bengaluru police for making such fake news that directly attacks religion. In earlier times, he was been accused to create false news that hits towards Muslim community.
  • After Hegde’s arrest, BJP party members have stated that it is a conspiracy by the opposition party as Hegde published some bold news against the Congress party.


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