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Maharashtra Day Essay Celebrations History Speech

Maharashtra Day Essay Celebrations History Speech Quotes

Marathis are proud of their origin and are fiercely protective about it. The Marathis have always supported the movement for a separate state. The central government accepted the request, and passed a bill to create Maharashtra. To celebrate this glorious day, they observe Maharashtra day, or Maharashtra Diwas or Maharashtra Din.

Maharashtra Day Celebrations History Speech Quotes

Date of celebration

The Maharashtra Diwas or Maharashtra Day is an annual event that is celebrated with pomp and grandeur all over the area on the 1st of May. It has been celebrated by the local inhabitants since 1960, when central government passed the bill that gave birth to the formation of Maharashtra.

Origin of the day

According to the States Reorganisation Act of 1956, each state was demarcated according to the language that the locals spoke. The area where Maharashtra stands today was known as Bombay State. It has a high percentage of people who spoke a different language. The central government passed a new bill in 1960, known as the Bombay Reorganisation Act. As per this bill, the Parliament divided Bombay and formed Maharashtra and Gujarat. Thus, two new states were born on 25th April, 1960 and the act was implemented from 1st May, 1960.

History of the Day

The Marathis, living in this area wanted a different state, where the concentration of people speaking Marathi will be more. In short, they wanted the government to create a state where people of Marathi origin will stay. Thus, the started agitations and petitions were submitted in the higher administrative offices.

During those days, the entire region was named Bombay State. The people, living in this area spoke mainly four languages – Marathi, Kutchi Gujarati, and Konkani. But the people who spoke Marathi were not happy with this. They pledged the central government to create a separate state, where only Marathi and Konkani speaking people would stay. To honor this demand, the central government divided the Bombay State into Gujarat and Maharashtra via a Bombay Reorganisation Act, passed during 1960.

Objectives of celebrating the day

  1. Celebrating creation of Maharashtra state – The main objective of this celebration is to remind the youngsters that their ancestors worked very hard to create a separate state. On this day, the common people come together to celebrate the creation of their home state.
  2. Bringing the people together – The celebration of this day provides an opportunity for people of all sections of the society to come together and take part in the festivities. It will foster unity among the Marathis.
  3. Providing a platform for celebrating culture and heritage – The Marathis are known for their rich culture and heritage. During the celebration of this day, people get to enjoy local dance and song performances, which give an identity to this state.

How is the day celebrated?

  1. State holiday for all – As the day marks the anniversary of the birth of Maharashtra; the state government declares a holiday for all schools, colleges, and offices, which come under the umbrella of state administration. Even the central government offices remain closed so that people can take part in the festivities.
  2. Special programs by school students – Some schools also perform special programs on this day. The students perform patriotic songs, dances and plays, which highlight the glory of the Marathis.
  3. Meetings at local administrative levels – As it is a milestone in the administrative sector as well, the local political parties, and its leaders organize special meetings at all levels. They inaugurate the programs will their speeches, which motivate people to work towards the betterment of the state.
  4. Rallies and parades to showcase – Special rallies and parades take place all over the state. The most important one takes places at Shivaji Park. Here, all prominent political leaders join the Governor to celebrate this day. The Governor also gives his official speech for the people of the state.
  5. Dry day in the state – On this day, all alcohol shops remain closed. It is observed as a dry day. Buying and selling of liquor is not permitted for people of Indian origin. It is only permitted for the foreigners.
  6. Programs by state NGOs – Some NGOs, which are associated with the state government, also take part in organizing special programs for inmates of old age homes and orphanages, so that they too can take part in the festivities.

It is an important day for all Marathis. They not only celebrate the formation of the state, but also uphold the struggle of the common people. Several powers had tried to crush the Marathis, but all in vain. A race so brave and unique must have a special day that is dedicated to the state and its people. The state government has several plans to make this year’s celebration memorable for all.

Quotes on Maharashtra Day Celebration

  1. People of this great state celebrate Maharashtra Day to pay tributes to their brave ancestors. It is a day when they remember their prodigious lineage.
  2. Maharashtra is not only a state. It is a bond that binds people together, and proved the motivation to work for greater good.
  3. People of Maharashtra worship the state. Any true Marathi will celebrate the day, no matter where he/she is based.
  4. Marathis must come together on this pious day to celebrate the greatness of their state.
  5. The Maratha blood does not believe in surrendering in the face of adversity. The state and commoners celebrate this essence on the Maharashtra Day.


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