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Oct 052018

Laughter is the best medicine Essay Speech Quotes [Importance, Benefits And Drawbacks]

If you feel stressed and trapped in the monotony of life, then catching a good conversation that involves laughter with your close ones would be the best option. Have you forgotten how to laugh out loud? But surprisingly, only laughing works effectively and it would help you to feel better. A detailed study about the benefits of laughter in our lives has been illustrated in the following part of the article.

Laughter Essay

What are the scientific reasons behind benefits of having good laughter?

  • Laughter helps increase brain connectivity, and it helps to adopt different situations well.
  • By getting involved in laughing, it would work as an endorphin releaser. These are feel-good chemicals, and the more these are released, the more effective is the result.
  • Laughter helps to form social bonds by creating a sense of togetherness, and you would start to feel safe more when you are in the group. It is almost like a game when someone starts laughing, and it would contagiously spread among the others in the group as well.
  • Often, laughter becomes the center of any relationship. For any couples who have a higher quality of relationships, laughter becomes the center of their relationship since it is non-negotiable in any case.

What is the need to get engaged in laughter?

  • It would help to live a long and happy life.
  • It brings in a host of health benefits, and it includes social, mental and physical benefits as well.
  • Laughter is often the universal language that can be shared irrespective of any religion or culture.
  • Laughter’s works as the best reinforce that would actually energize you, and you’re you motivated throughout.
  • One of the essential needs of laughter is that it can replace medicine and it is also the cheapest one available on the market.
  • It would help you to tackle hard times easy and make it easy flowing.

Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter

It is said and believed that laughter is both essential and good for your health. Some of the benefits are mentioned further.

  • Laughter helps in relaxing the whole body relieving physical tension and the muscles.
  • It protects the heart and thus enhances the functioning of the blood vessels resulting in effective blood flow in the heart. In this way, possibilities of diseases such as heart attack and other cardiovascular troubles can be reduced.
  • By laughing, you can burn some of the extra calories, but it cannot be taken as a replacement for your gym sessions. But then you can expect to lose some pounds by laughing for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • With the help of laughter, the endorphins are released in human body which is a kind of feel-good chemicals. It helps to enhance the overall well-being of the body and it would make you feel better.
  • Laughter helps to lighten up a heavy load that might come from anger. In order to get rid ofanger quickly, nothing would be better than getting involved in a session of laughter. Without holding on to any situations of resentment, it is better to share some laughing moments with friends.
  • It also benefits in living a long life and often proves to be effective for the ones who are struggling with cancer.

Laughter results in mental benefits

  • It helps in strengthening flexibility.
  • It improves the condition of your mood and increases the adaptability in every situation.
  • It would help to add moments of joy in your life and help you to stay happy.
  • To handle your anxiety and tension, laughter is the best option.

Social advantages of laughter

  • It helps to promote bonding and make it strong.
  • It improves teamwork as a result of which you can expect to get better result of any teamwork.
  • It would help to reduce any chances of conflict in the group.
  • By laughing, you would be able to attract others. In case you are part of a group that is involved in too much of laughter, then it would help to attract the attention of others in the group.

Benefits and Importance of laughter in our life

  • Laughter is considered the best medicine it helps to reduce stress.
  • In order to boost immunity, laughter is the best option to get involved in.
  • Laughing also helps to enhance resilience and help to reduce the possibilities of negative outcomes.
  • If you are feeling low, then laughter is the best option to bring you out of the depressed condition.
  • In some cases, it also aids to reduce pain though it may not be physical pain. It mainly helps to deal with mental pain or any distress. It would only help to reduce the impact of the pain, though the amount of the same would remain.

How to adopt laughter in our life?

  • Try to spend more time with funny people since laughter is infectious.
  • Try to laugh frequently adding some time to laugh at yourself as well.
  • When looking for some comic relief, take a humor break and make yourself stress-free.
  • Make a good stock of the funny movies that would act as an excellent stress buster.


Therefore, the power of laughter can actually be far-reaching. A good laugh coupled with good sleep is often considered the best way out when you might find yourself in a troubling situation. Experts are of the opinion that a day without laughter is a day wasted as it brings in a host of benefits in our lives.

Quotes Laughter is the best medicine 

  1. According to the statement of Madeleine L’Engle, laughter is the ideal option that would heal your sorrows and make you feel better.
  2. Smile is the only solution that would set everything in the right place according to the sayings of Phyllis Diller.
  3. Tom Nansbury is of the opinion that for an optimistic person, it would be better to laugh in order to forget the sorrows. On the other hand, for a pessimistic person, he or she would forget the sorrows or troubles in order to laugh.
  4. To reduce your sorrows in the cheapest way possible, Lord Byron is the opinion that you should choose the path of laughter.
  5. Voltaire stated that God makes the person laugh who is afraid to laugh.

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