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Apr 232018

International Labor Day May Day Celebration Date Speech Theme Quotes 2018

Every person, who is born on the face of the planet, has a specific role to play. Each individual must join some professional filed. There are three kinds of jobs – white collar jobs, blue collar jobs and pink collar jobs. Each professional will be categorized under any of these three sectors, depending on the type of task he/she performs. Any person, who plays an administrative part in an organization, falls under white collar category. Any task that requires the use of manual force is categorized as blue collar job, while one that requires customer dealing will be designated as pink collar job.

International Labor Day Celebration Date Speech Quotes

No matter what the type of profession is, it will not yield positive results in the absence of adequate labor force. Workers keep the mechanism running smoothly, thus, it is necessary that the society honors their efforts. For this, International Labor Day is celebrated all over the world. It is also called the Workers’ Day or Labor Day. As it is celebrated on the first day of May, it is popularly known as May Day as well.

Information in tabular format

Name of the dayInternational Labor Day, May Day, Labor Day, Worker’s Day
Date of celebration1st of May (each year)
Who celebrate this day?Workers, labors, labor unions
When and where was it started?1st Monday in September, 1882 in New York

Announcement in India

Though the struggle to secure a date to celebrate the efforts of workers began in 1882, it took some time for the wave to reach the shores of Indian sub-continent. In India, Labor Day or May Day was celebrated for the first time on 1st of May 1923. The celebration was held in Madras (now Chennai.) The Hindustan Labour Kisan Party took the responsibility to organize and celebrate the occasion. The in-charge of the party was Comrade Singaravelar. He spearheaded two separate meetings to officially celebrate the contribution of labors towards the society.

Where is the day celebrated?

Though some nations have different dates when they choose Labor Day, most other countries have selected May 1st as the official International Labor Day. As of now, Canada, USA, Bahamas, Australia, and Bangladesh celebrate their version of Labor Day on separate dates. This does not mean that they do not accept the significance of 1st May. Apart from these, 80+ nations celebrate the importance of working class on May 1st.

History of the day

During the industrial revolution in Europe and America, and after that, the working class and labors were exploited by the wealthy industrialists. The pay was low, and they had to work for more than eight hours each day. It was inhumane, and the worker unions realized that something needed to be done as soon as possible. Before the beginning of the main struggle, several attempts were made by people to set aside a date that will be celebrated for the workers. For instance, in the year 1882, an American mechanic, Matthew Maguire suggested that everyone should get a holiday on 1st Monday during the month of September. During this, he was performing the role of Central Labor Union secretary in New York. By the end of 1887, most of the regions in North America were celebrating Labor Day in September.

In the year 1886, a sad incident took place in Chicago that gave a positive boost to the struggle. Several people gathered together, and initiated a normal strike. They demanded that no worker should be forced to work for more than 8 hours, on a daily basis. The non-violent strike was attacked by cops on 4th May, at Haymarket Square, with the intent to disperse the crowd. It was then that someone threw a bomb, and it prompted the police to open fire. The bombing and police firing took the lives of many civilians as well as cops, while over were 100 were seriously injured. It was on the suggestion of Raymond Lavigne in 1889 that most of the labor unions and political parties joined hands to pay tribute to the lives of those who struggled for the basic rights of labors.

Importance of the celebration

  1. Highlighting the importance of workers – The society will not exists is the workers were to vanish from the face of the earth. From a small-scale craft store to a massive thermal or nuclear power plant, each depends on adequate labor force to operate. Thus, May Day highlights the importance of workers, and their contributions towards the progress of the society.
  2. Offers sufficient motivation – Being engaged in the same task continuously can be rather boring. Celebrating May Day will offer the employers a chance to offer labors the motivation they need to shun the boredom, and take active part in the work floor.
  3. Bridge the gap between employer and employee – The employer – employee relation is mostly strained, due to several reasons. The May Day celebration offers a common platform for both parties to interact, keeping aside their differences.
  4. Honoring their hard work – No production unit will function well without the assistance of the labors. They put in their blood and sweat to keep the machinery running. The celebration of May Day is a way of honoring their efforts.
  5. Much needed rest – In most countries, May Day is seen as a holiday. It offers the workers a much needed break from hard work. They can relax with their family members, and engage in fun activities. It will rejuvenate their mind and body for the days ahead.

How it is celebrated?

  1. A national holiday – In most nations, offices and factories remain closed on this day. It is seen as a national holiday, and allows labors to attain some time for relaxation. All offices remain closed to honor the efforts of labors. But they may have to go to the offices to take part in fun activities, organized for them.
  2. Special tribute for the workers – The offices utilizes the occasion to honor the hard work of the labors. Employees toil hard for the entire year, to maximize company’s profit. Thus, it is only befitting that the company owners also do their part in honoring these workers.
  3. Honoring achievements – Special rewards and certificates are given to the employees for their outstanding achievements. Most organizations offer cash prize or gifts to their employees, along with certificates.
  4. Parades and meetings – As the day has national importance, political parties as well as labor unions organize special parades and meetings. Here, labor union leaders give out motivational speeches to make the workers aware of their basic rights.
  1. Entertainment programs – Some labor unions or companies organize entertainment programs for employees and their families. Song, dance and drama performances are put up for the entertainment of employees and labors.
  2. Talk shows organized by media – Even the media play an important role in spreading a word about the importance, and celebration of this day. Talk shows are organized, where eminent persons shed light on the present situation and future prospects of labor class.

It is possible to create a society that has surplus for all individuals. All you need is to consolidate the labor force, and channelize their energy for the betterment of all. The evil shadow of war looms large on us, and makes it impossible for the production mechanism to create enough for all. According to experts, if all wars are eliminates, the labors will not have to toil for more than four hours each day to provide enough for the world. It is time all nations join hands in an attempt to shun combat, and maximize the capacity of labor force for the development of the entire world.

Quotes on Labor Day Celebration

  1. A professional engagement not only puts money in your pockets, but also offers you respite from boredom.
  2. Each authority should try to keep the employees happy. The secret to acquire success in business is to keep the labor content.
  3. Labor is a perfect way to justify your life and existence on the earth.
  4. With each day of hard labor, you are taking a step towards securing your future, and a comfortable retired life.
  5. Any form of labor not only keeps the production mechanism going, but also contributes towards the development of the society.
  6. The authority must respect the employees, and pay them handsomely for their hard work.


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