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Knowledge is Power Essay [Speech Quotes]

Knowledge is Power Essay Speech Quotes

 ‘Knowledge is power’ – is a famous saying by Francis Bacon and believed by other critics and renewed persons as well. It denotes that a person who has knowledge will have control over the various circumstances that would crop up in their course of life. Having proper knowledge about the various situations would help to deal with the same smoothly without any problem. By getting the adequate power means that he or she is able to cope up with the hurdles and they would not require any other person’s assistance in their life. Their idea and knowledge would be enough to handle even the hardest of the situations. Knowledge is also a strong tool for the people who have it in abundance as they cannot be defeated easily by others in every field of life in which they deploy knowledge. If you do not hone your knowledge by reading, you will not be able to implement the required knowledge.

Knowledge Is Power Essay

Combination of knowledge and power

The combination of knowledge and power are good enough, and it would help you to deal with any situation and come out of any negative phase of your life. It is further said the knowledge gives rise to power and vice versa. Even if you are going through a depressed phase of your life, by utilizing both knowledge and power, you would be able to overcome the situation smoothly, and you need to depend on any other individual who would help you. By having proper power and knowledge is like well-equipped to deal with the hurdles and tough circumstances of livelihood. It also gives confidence to an individual to come out of his or her darker phase of life.

Knowing about the usage of technology

If a person has less knowledge, then he or she might lack the required confidence to cope up with the situation. In addition to this, the individual would also feel low amidst others. With the progressive nature of our nation, it is becoming increasingly important for every individual to enlighten themselves about the surroundings and be aware of what is happening around them. Since technology has become part and parcel of each of our lives, it is also essential to learn about the usage of technology in every field. It brings a host of benefits in every work done making it easy and less time-consuming at the same time.

How knowing would help to make use of technology?

By having adequate knowledge about the usage of technology, it would be easier for you to complete any task such as booking through easy flights ticket booking, railway ticket booking, movie ticket booking and other from the comfort of your home. Adding to this, starting from bill payment, online monetary transactions to online shopping and selling of goods can be done via the technology. It is, therefore, essential to know about the proper use of technology in order to accomplish all these activities easily. It would make life easier both for the rural and urban dwellers. In regard to this, several schemes have been initiated by the Indian government in various districts and states that would look after the proper implementation of the technology-based scheme among the people. For the improvement of the condition of employment throughout the country, various schemes have been introduced and training periods have also been decided such that the youth of the generation are made aware about the effective use of technology. The digital form of a classroom has also been introduced that would help to make the students more knowledgeable, and plans are being made such that the facilities of the same can be extended to the rural regions as well.

Knowledge is essential in order to achieve success in life and help to make a prominent position in the crowd. Having knowledge is definitely an asset, and thus it is considered to be more important than the traditional form of an asset such as real estate, equipment or building. In addition, it is required that each organization should become a knowledgeable one and the employees should have enough knowledge and implement the same in the smooth working of the organization.

Knowledge may not be powerful 

All knowledge need not be powerful and they can be messy as well. It is often believed that if knowledge is not used for a long time, it tends to fade away. Also, if knowledge is not shared, it has no power. Thus, if your knowledge lacks the required power, then you would fail to accomplish the required task. In this regard, it can be said that cognitive intelligence is important since it is the result of a strategic view of situations or things and it ultimately gives knowledge plenty of power.

How knowledge helped man to come out of their uncivilized era?

There was a time when man lived in the uncivilized era and lacks the required knowledge. At that time, a man used to live in caves and lived their livelihood on some basic needs. Gradually with the time, civilization came into being and it helped human society to progress and gain knowledge that is required to maintain a proper standard of living. As of now, knowledge has helped man to become the ruler of nature and with the use of various forces of nature, he is making his needs and in this way, no such things would be left that is required for livelihood unknown to common man.

Quotes On Knowledge 

  1. Kafi Annan is of the words that education should help to bring progress in the society and thus it is important to have to knowledge.
  2. Since knowledge is the main source of power, one should continue to gain the same. In addition, people should indulge themselves more into reading book as has been stated by David Bailey.
  3. Hiding the depth of your knowledge can be considered as a sign of tranny that is covered under humility in human nature as has been commented by Robin Morgan.
  4. Tom Clancy is of the opinion that control of information is the habit of the elite and if you have enough knowledge, then you can control information and people.
  5. According to Miranda Kerr, it can be said that if you are able to know how to take care of yourself, you would be able to have a better insight about yourself and it can be achieved by the paths of knowledge that surely makes an individual powerful.

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